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As a quick fix (to fix) posture of a child, teenager and adult

Posture is a medical term reflecting the peculiarities of the biomechanical parameters of the body, combining muscle balance, condition of the skeletal system and motor stereotype. You can define this term in simple language – relaxed vertical posture of man, which exist without coercion. In order to fix it takes a long time.

Correcting human posture is important for health

What causes the deformity of the human spine

To properly explain how the curvature of the back, doctors divide the whole body into separate sections (segments). They are special units that are United by a common functional scheme. Just the body, there are 8 segments.

back On the deformation affects mainly the lumbar, cervical and thoracic segments, as well as the spine, which is the link. He builds in a single chain the head, upper body, abdomen, and pelvis.

what is the perfect posture:

  • Slight curve of the cervical forward;
  • Deviation of the thoracic back;
  • Lumbar forward rejected;
  • Pelvis tilted back.

The Corners of the curvature data of the spine is estimated from the results of x-rays. If they become more acute than normal, appears hyperlordosis (lumbar and cervical segments) or Hyper-kyphosis. On the background of this pathology there is a "limp posture". It is caused by excessive hyperextension of the muscle corset back.

To describe the nature of the deformations in medicine introduced the terms: "motion segment", "segment offset". In the first case the normal position of the vertebrae, but in the vertical plane segments interact with a deviation from normal functionality.

The segment Offset can occur when the vertebrae are displaced in a horizontal plane. On the radiograph there is instability of the vertebrae. It is revealed by functional radiographs in flexion and extension. Correct the pathology at home impossible. Its treatment requires surgical intervention.

to quickly correct your posture properly you need to keep your back

changes the posture in adults and children

Changes happen not only at a pathology of the vertebral column. The main reasons of violations :

  • Genetic weakness musculo-ligamentous apparatus;
  • pathology of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Long spasms of the muscles;
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Weakened body in children;
  • Poor physical development.

depending on the offset of the anatomic segments of a certain type of violation:

  • Kyphotic posture
  • - Concave;
  • Legationsrat;
  • Normal.

The type of the Kyphotic deformation is accompanied by hyperextension of the thoracic kyphosis, the pelvic tilt and shift the head forward.

spin-Concave in children is accompanied by an excessive severity of lumbar lordosis by tilting the pelvis forward. In adults, more frequently the condition is combined with the changes in her spine and not her background, there may be additional bends.

Legationsrat posture accompanied by the presence of lumbar lordosis and excessive kyphosis in the thoracic region. This pathology is mostly typical for teenagers, when puberty occurs quickly. Weak muscular frame does not allow the teenager to maintain the axis of the spine in the correct position.

Posture can change in 2 planes:

  • Sagittal
  • Front.

Of Curvature in the sagittal plane with increasing curves:

  • Krugovorota back;
  • Round the back
  • Slouch.

With the decrease in the curves of the spine:

  • - Concave back;
  • Flat back.

In the frontal plane appear asymmetric disturbances.

Typical pathological changes

Pathological types of posture in children and adults without proper treatment quickly progressing.

  1. Slouch accompanied by a decrease lordosis in the lumbar spine and increased thoracic convexity.
  2. Round back (continuous or total kyphosis): this posture is characterized by an increase of kyphosis of the thoracic in the complete disappearance of lordosis in the lumbar spine. With this change a person accepts a position with bent knees for the correction of the offset center of gravity.
  3. Krugovorota spin is characterized by a uniform increase in all curves of spinal column and increased inclination of the pelvis.
  4. - Concave back is accompanied by a decrease of kyphosis with normal lordosis.
  5. Flat posture combined with a flattening of the lordosis, wherein the reduced size of the pelvis, and the thoracic kyphosis is pronounced. In the pathology of the thorax is shifted forward, and the lower part of the stomach protrudes.
5 types of postural

5 types of postural

Defects associated with a decrease in the physiological curves of the spine, are a manifestation of the functional inadequacy of the musculoskeletal system. When this deformation of the vertebral column are combined with a strong asymmetry between the left and right halves of the body.

In children, doctors often put the diagnosis “scoliosis” (the offset of the vertebral column in the lateral plane) upon detection of the asymmetrical localization of the shoulder girdle, shoulder blades, hip joints. Asymmetry of the individual parts of the body are not always caused by a deformation in the spine. These changes are more characteristic for asymmetric posture in children.

Identify the type of pathology and its causes allow doctors to decide how to correct posture in children and adults effectively. Her treatment is based on gymnastic exercises, medicamental methods, as well as some recommendations that must be done regularly and for a long time.

Effective exercises for correct posture

Treatment of curvatures of the back in children are somewhat different from those applied to adults. Because of the elasticity of the ligamentous-muscular apparatus at a young age to correct posture apply therapeutic exercise of the power type.

Before you correct your posture the child should learn to hold it right back. So did the man, his body must not be constrained. However, in the initial stages of performing gymnastic exercises people with bad posture will feel the stiffness.

Posture Correction exercises:

  • Lying on your back, position the torso, head and lower extremities in the same plane. Squeeze the lower back to the floor and support yourself with your palms on the floor. Pripodnimaet up, fix the position for 15 seconds and scroll down. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times;
  • Lie on the floor and rest one hand on a horizontal surface. Pripodnimaet up and fix this position for 15 seconds. Scroll down and repeat for the other side. The number of sets – 15-20;
  • In a standing position lift the head so that the chin and forehead were on the same line. Then relax your shoulders and then raise them up again. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times;
  • In the sitting position, place your hands on thighs, knee joints bend at a right angle. Lift legs and "navisite" on the buttocks in 20 seconds. Then stoop down. The number of repetitions of 20-25.

exercise lying on your side to correct posture

Correction of posture in adults and children is not only exercises. There are other ways of treating the disease, preventing the progression of the disease.

Daily prevention of curvature of the back

Before you learn how to correct poor posture in children and adults at home should study the principles of correct behavior in the deformations of the spine:

  • In a standing position put your weight fully on both feet. This creates a uniform load on the spine and posture is not disturbed. Make sure that the stomach has always been retracted, and shoulders back;
  • When walking, keep upright neck, and head in the raised position;
  • When you carry heavy items in the hands distribute the load evenly on both sides of the spine;
  • In children when carrying the briefcase over her shoulder is observed the lowering of the shoulder girdle. Explain to your child the need to always outweigh the bag from one shoulder to another;
  • When talking on the phone, do not place it between shoulder and ear;
  • avoid high-heeled shoes.

Correction of the curvature also requires the proper organization of the workplace. Adjust the seat so that the plane of the hips parallel to the floor. Make sure you buy a chair with armrests that will prevent slippage of the shoulder girdle.

In General, methods of how to correct stooped posture and other types of deformation of the back, there are many, but they must be applied in combination and over a long period of time.