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How to develop the habit of keeping correct posture

To learn how to learn how to hold your posture correctly, you should consider the reasons for the formation of an abnormal curvature of the back. Weakness and muscular asymmetry, curvature of the spine, metabolic disorders – the most common factors leading to spinal deformity.

According to official statistics around 95% of people have some degree curvature of the spine. While vertebral changes occur not only under the influence of strong physical exertion or carrying heavy loads, but also due to a sedentary lifestyle. In modern conditions to learn to keep your posture is very important to prevent disorders in the functioning of internal organs.

how to learn to keep a straight posture

Causes of bad posture

The Violation of posture in children is a major factor in serious problems in the future. If they are from an early age do not keep back straight, over the years, we can expect scoliosis (lateral curvature of the spine), spondylosis (formation of bone fusion between the vertebrae), and osteochondrosis (decrease height drives).

The Main reasons for the curvature of the back in children:

  • Incorrect landing behind a school Desk, computer;
  • Wearing heavy backpacks on one shoulder;
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • metabolic disorders (shortage of vitamin D).

It Should be noted that the natural destiny of man – the stay in its natural state. Prepared all systems of the body. In the modern image of the muscular aponeurosis of the trunk and the vertebral column "used" by the person for carrying cargo and heavy lifting, although according to inner instincts it needs to "apply" for the movement.

What state unnatural for the spine:

  1. Prolonged flexion and extension;
  2. Long stay in an upright position;
  3. Unnatural stooping posture
  4. Excessive stress (when carrying weights);
  5. Offset of the center of gravity of the body (for example, when walking on high heels);
  6. Excessive compression pressure (for obesity).

Any of these factors leads to asynchronous development of skeletal muscle, in which the position of the body shifts toward the maximum number of shortened muscle groups.

If this condition persists for a long time, there is a curvature of the spine and compression segments. To pathological factors affecting the vertebral column, you should add overweight, walking with high heels and other "achievements" of modern civilization.

The Result of pathology natural – back curve, chronic diseases and atrophy of skeletal muscle at an early age.

How to learn to keep your back in correct position

Answering the question of how to learn to keep your posture girls and men correctly, you should take into account not only the influence of pathological factors, but also individual characteristics (nature of metabolism, diet, rest time and labor).

With age, the muscle tissue loses functionality, the muscles become flabby, gradually "dry out". Without physiotherapy and daily exercises hard to learn to hold your posture correctly after 50 years, so the body is not adapted to heavy loads in this age period.

To develop the right approaches to the development of the spine should consider some important advice:

  • to Constantly monitor the condition of the back and keep it straight (at home, at work, while standing, and mobility). Over time correct posture will become the norm and will be automatically maintained by the body;
  • Often go on foot to improve the blood supply to the spine and prevent muscle spasms
  • do Not wear shoes with heels more than 4 cm. It breaks resistance and moves the center of gravity of the trunk from the lower limbs to the spine;
  • Sleep on semi-rigid mattress. For children it is better to choose a tough model. Sagging beds and featherbeds are preventing to keep your posture and lead to excessive relaxation of muscles, "sagging" of the spine;
  • Put soft toys and cushions under the lower back and head. Sleep more on right side;
  • When sitting at the table maintain the vertical position of the back, pick up the chair with a hard seat. Use the armrests to prevent displacement of the shoulder girdle;
  • In a sitting position the feet should be at right angle. They should not freely hanging or "cling" to the leg. Do not lay one leg over the other – this position displaces the pelvic structures;
  • When working at the computer should develop the correct posture and to not strain the muscles of the back;

How to develop your posture at the computer

  • do Not sit or stand in one position for more than 30 minutes. When you feel that the back gets tired and stiff, make some bends to the sides;
  • to relax tense back muscles, perform the slopes to the side. If possible, preferably several times a week to swim breaststroke;
  • do Not lift objectsweighing more than 5 kg When you carry heavy bags should evenly distribute the weight between both hands. After performing exercises on the spine it is necessary to walk on all fours. Thus during the movement lift your feet above the level of the body. Relax for about 15 minutes in this situation;
  • Performing physical exercise, don't do jerk movements. Lift weights with your knees bent and keeping your back straight. Remember that it experiences the maximum load during the lifting of weights when is in the folded state;
  • When cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner and a MOP with a long handle. They will not strain your back. When performing garden work should use tools with long handle;
  • Set the mirror so that it was convenient to reach. This would eliminate the tension of the muscles, which often work out when making sharp jerk movements;
  • In the diet include a large number of products that are good for the bones with calcium and b vitamins
  • Receive eggshell in the crushed condition, and fish oil will increase the content of calcium and vitamin D, which is important for strengthening bone tissue structure;
  • Children in a period of rapid growth it is necessary to include in the diet more boiled legs, jelly, jelly and other products that will contribute to optimal cartilage formation.

Thus, it is not enough to learn the principles, how to develop the right posture. Many rehabilitation centers have to teach an adult to keep your back straight, walk, sit and even lie. Without data, the physiological bases it is impossible to eliminate defective condition in the spine and back.

Need to constantly watch diet and regular physical exercise. The only way you can buy "king back", which will optimally affect your health. If a person decided or "the life he was forced to" learn to keep your back straight have to prepare for a long and constant exercise.