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How to make straight posture, what exercises to do

An upright posture is important not only for the purpose of forming a visually magnificent feeling when you look at its possessor. Smooth back prevents diseases of the internal organs, pathological changes in the spine and lower back pain.

an upright posture - it's beautiful!

Effect of correct posture to health

even back maintaining physiological curves of the projections and recesses of the spine – the basis of health. It keeps in the right position all the internal organs, as well as adapt the functionality of the muscles during the action of physical activity. Other functions the line of the back:

  • Prevents rapid wear of the joints, as it evenly distributes the weight of the body and performs a shock-absorbing function when weight lifting, walking and other stress;
  • Evenly redistributed power efforts on the ligaments of the vertebral column;
  • Prevents fixation of the spine in a pathological state;
  • Improves recovery of skeletal muscle after exercise due to the normalization of blood supply;
  • Contributes to the prevention of infringement of the nerve roots in the spine.

To keep your posture straight in a long time, you need several important conditions:

  • the Absence of violations in knee, ankle, hip and other joints;
  • High elasticity of muscles and absence of edema (occurs when the tendon ruptures);
  • Balance the muscular frame on both sides of the spine;
  • Constant awareness of the importance of correct posture and the adjustment of the position of the body.

To always forever to make your posture straight, you should remember its proper state. For that daily come to the wall and stand next to her so that the body is pressed against the vertical surface of the heels, calves, buttocks, shoulders and head. Wait in this position for a few minutes to fix a pose in mind. Learn how to maintain it constantly, wherever located.

How to get a straight posture

A Regal look disappears when person loses the straight back. In this situation, again to make the bearing smooth apply gymnastic exercises:

  • Find a calm and quiet place where nobody will disturb you. Lay on the floor, books in soft covers. Get away from them on the length of your body;
  • Stand with feet on width of shoulders and lower hands along a trunk. Turn around in the opposite direction. Fix the attention on the wall in front of him. Thus the human mind must be at ease;
  • Think about the mechanisms to move the head up and forward. In this case, the body has to deal and to stretch out full length. Breathe and notice what occurs around you. Listen to the sounds, but at the same time try to completely relax the body;
  • list one leg forward, bending it at the knee joint. Sit on the floor so that the body rests on the hands allotted posteriorly;
  • Accept the position in which the feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. The breathing should be quiet and easy;
  • If the head from the relaxed state to sink to the chest, you need to make sure that it was slow. Otherwise clamped to the cervical musculature, and the head leans back with a sharp movement;
  • the Following exercise to make your posture straight runs on the floor. Take a ride on it "ball" and head down to books;
  • Stay in the pose above 20 minutes to get the maximum effect from the procedure. It stretches the muscles of the back and ligaments become more elastic
  • Climb off the floor in about 20 minutes and stand on all fours with backbone on one knee. Only then can you stand up;
  • In a standing position, try to relax for a few minutes. When you do this, feel your feet standing firmly on the floor, and their length increases gradually;
  • When you stand, keep your head straight and the chin point in front of him. Do not tilt the head backward, forward, and side to side. Straighten your shoulders and keep shoulder blades together.

exercise with an arched back to a straight posture

The Above exercises are one of the techniques of yoga, used to do the posture right. They are included in Eastern philosophy and gymnastics, but not every person is ideal to combine both a psychological and physical impact.

There are also medical exercise, included in the complex therapeutic exercises for the curvature of the back:

Exercise 1. Stand with one foot on a crossbeam of the Swedish wall and the other on the gymnastic Board. Instead of walls, you can also use chairs or stools. Sit down in that position about 6 times, and then change the position.

Exercise 2. To become the gym wall face. Lower your arms down and take socks. With this, raise your extended arms up and connect them back the parts together above his head. Take a breath and return to the starting position. The number of repetitions – 3-4.

Activity 3. On the 3rd or 4th barSwedish wall become both feet. Straight arms bring the bar over your head and lower your legs.

Exercise 4. Lie down on the gymnastic Board, tilted at an angle of 30 degrees (to do this, place one end on the 3rd or 4th slat wall).

Put yourself in the blanket. Bending your shoulder, elbow and wrist joints begin to stretch upwards. In the beginning it will be enough 3-4 pulling, but over time bring their number to 20. This exercise improves the blood supply of the upper body and increases mobility of the thoracic spine.

Activity 5. Start to catch up, as in the previous exercise, but at the second pulling grip over the crossbar. Then straighten your arms and lower yourself in the gym Board down. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times.

In conclusion, it should be noted that to make the posture erect quickly fail. Back will become smooth only through consistent, regular and prolonged exercise.