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Rules and exercises to create a Royal posture

The Royal carriage, causes people to admire the "mill" person, it gives confidence to the lucky owner. It is not innate, but formed in the process of life. The path for its formation is quite challenging, but rewarding. Consider the basic principles of its creation.

the Royal carriage is formed gradually

the Importance of straight back to health

The Human body is a balanced system in which the state of one structural element affects the functionality of all the others.

In maintaining the vertical axis of the body involved several anatomical structures:

  • Balance the skeletal muscles of the back and lower extremities;
  • musculoskeletal system
  • blood supply
  • Proportioned body.

Muscular system provides a certain amount of movements to trunk and extremities. It should be even on both sides and to work synchronously when you exercise. When violations of muscle tone in the Royal carriage to turn into something more imperfect: stooping, the spinal hump, flat or round back (posture).

Bone-joint system directly affects the condition of other organs. Spinal deformity lead to asynchrony of muscle contractions, uneven distribution of the centre of gravity, which creates additional load on the spine and joints of the lower limbs.

The perfusion of the spinal column leads to the appearance of cracks in the intervertebral discs, their flattening and loss with formation of hernia. The result of the process of the deformation axis of the spinal column by type of scoliosis or degenerative disc disease. In the presence of spinal deformity, Royal posture person "does not Shine", and pain in the lumbar region will be a constant companion through life.

The Proportions of the body significantly affect the functionality of all organs. A big belly pulls forward lumbar spine. Against this background, increased curvature in the thoracic region (the"spine hump"). To provide this type of deformation of the back just need to push belly, and a little stoop to srivatsa. It looks somewhat proud posture that can compare with the "Royal camp".

How to assess your posture

The Royal carriage is estimated in a vertical position when the close contact of the vertical of the trunk and lower extremities with the wall.

This should evaluate the following options:

  • Vignette line from the tragus to the neck on both sides;
  • Evenly and level with the shoulders right and left
  • the Distance between blades and their position;
  • the Severity of the curves of the spine.

Imperial posture involves the ideality of the above parameters, at which they are symmetrical and identical on both sides of the body. When her physiological curves of the spine (cervical and lumbar lordosis, thoracic and sacral kyphosis) must be within physiological limits (measured on radiographs).

There are also indirect signs of the correctness of the location of anatomical structures of the body that are evaluated by the appearance of the person:

  • Chest has no protrusions and Zapadni;
  • the Abdomen is symmetrical, and the navel is the centre;
  • Corners of the blades are located on the same horizontal line;
  • of the Ilium are symmetrical
  • Same waist line on both sides.

It is Difficult to meet the perfect person, but when assessing posture, one should focus on the above indicators.

How to develop a “Regal bearing”

Proud attitude (Imperial, Royal) should be formed from early childhood. Vertebral column to 24 years constantly puts the restructuring. Its cartilaginous structure over the years gradually replaced by permanent bone tissue. If during this time it receives sufficient amount of nutrients and not exposed to damage, you can count on its correct form under the following conditions:

  1. Daily exercise and activity;
  2. Sleep on a hard bed;
  3. follow the rules of sitting and prolonged standing;
  4. an Adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D.

Exercise with roller for forming a Regal bearing
Proud posture is constant work on yourself. It is needed because people are already for many centuries does not live in the forest, so his spine is not getting enough physical activity. Despite this nature still supports "extreme" functionality of skeletal muscles in case of occurrence of threat. In modern society, the person does not have to react to the threat according to the principle "fight or escape", but the mechanism of response to a stressful situation prevails in the muscular system. As a result, the accumulated per day of muscle "clips" must be removed the night's sleep.

During sleep, must relax the muscles of the back, because they per dayperform intense physical work. It lost a Regal pose, as skeletal muscles are "resting". To save the vertical axis to the correct position for sleep, needed a hard mattress. On the soft bed, the body will SAG.

There are different recommendations regarding which side one should sleep. It is obvious that he should take the position that the most comfortable for him.

A Small soft pillow top cushion creates an opportunity to hold the thoracic and cervical spine in physiological position.

According to research scientists sleep without a pillow reduces wrinkles on the face. Cannot be allowed to bed in one part of the body was pressed against another. Do not put hands under the pillow.

Daily moderate physical activity provide the muscular system and the spine the required amount of nutrients due to increased blood circulation, strengthen the muscles of the back.

There are special exercises to correct the dislocation of the vertebrae that occur in the morning. It should be performed after waking up.

The Exercise "eight":

  • Lie on your back and move your pelvis in the form of numeral "8";
  • Men perform the exercise clockwise, and women against it;
  • keep your pelvis from bed;
  • performing a slow Rhythm.

Spending a few minutes in the morning to perform this exercise, the Royal carriage will delight you throughout life. If desired, you can perform other exercises that can be found in the specialized literature. Health to you!