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Exercises to improve posture and habit to keep your back straight

Studying how to improve your posture, people are faced with a large complex of literature that is difficult to systematize. However, curvature of spine dangerous deformation, which leads to severe complications, therefore treat it in its early stages.

Particularly noteworthy is the curvature of the spine resulting in pinching of the spinal cord. Thus there is a pain in the lower back, the chest, head (depending on the level of infringement of a nerve), it disrupts the functioning of internal organs.

How to improve your posture with exercise

How to improve your posture at home

Improve your posture at home is possible but should be done under the supervision of specialists. List of procedures to correct the curvature of the back at home:

  • Proper organization bed;
  • Precise selection of shoes in children size feet;
  • Elimination of a sedentary lifestyle;
  • Failure from prolonged sitting, standing on one leg;
  • a Daily walk in the fresh air;
  • uniform load on the vertebral column;
  • to strengthen the muscle corset back.

To return a correct posture, you should choose an orthopaedic mattress and best pillow for your back. Usually for children and people under the age of 50 years, doctors recommend a mattress of medium or high hardness. Pillow size should match the width of the shoulder girdle of the person. It should bend under the cervical lordosis, but not "fall".

Wide shoes in children contributes to the development of flatfoot. It is accompanied by the displacement of the center of gravity of the body, therefore increasing the depreciation loading on the spine. Against this background we can not exclude the loss of intervertebral discs and impairment of the nerve roots in the spine.

A Sedentary lifestyle worsens the blood supply of the vertebral column, muscular-ligamentous aponeurosis. Similar properties prolonged sitting and standing. To avoid congestion, it is necessary to take a daily walk in the fresh air in 1-2 hours.

When you carry bags and briefcases make sure that they are not to squeeze the shoulder belt and does not lead to asymmetric reduction in skeletal musculature: change hands when wearing bags, do not load the schoolbag lots of books.

Exercises for treatment of curvatures of the back

For the correct formation of muscular system exercise to improve posture:

  1. to remember the correct daily posture stand back against the wall. Keep your heels, knee joints, buttocks, upper third of the back and the back of the head tightly to the vertical plane. Try to delete the space between the lower back and the wall. To do this draw the stomach inside. Wait in this position for about 2 minutes, allowing subconsciously form an understanding of the correct positioning of the vertical axis of the body;
  2. to Return a correct posture help exercises to strengthen back muscles and abdominals. Take a standing position, inhale and sit on your heels put your hands behind your back as high up as possible. On the exhale lower the knees, and in the next breath, pull your stomach. On the exhale return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 6-10 times;
  3. Sit on your knees and fold his hands behind his back. Stay in this pose for 30 seconds and then stand up. Repeat the exercise 6-12 times, depending on health;
  4. Standing connect the fingers together behind her back. Fix the position for 10 seconds and then change hands. Repeat the exercise 6-10 times. This exercise helps to eliminate curvature of the spine in the lateral plane.

Improved posture can be achieved and methods of kinesitherapy, rehabilitation complex Dikul and physiotherapy Bragg. Choosing the right gymnastics best left to trained physicians. The above exercises suitable for most people with curvatures of the back and can be performed at home.

the Importance of gait for the correction of deformities of the spine

For the correction of deformities of the spine insufficient therapeutic exercises. Its functionality has been strongly influenced by human gait and the condition of the joints of the lower limbs.

During walking the maximum straining muscles of the back and abdominals. If an incorrect gait is disturbed, the synchronous contraction of muscles that distorts posture. Causes improper gait:

  • Flat feet
  • Clubfoot
  • Deformity of the toes;
  • poor development of the muscles of the lower limbs.

Improve your posture cannot be achieved without the research of a condition of the feet. If necessary, order the arch supports or other devices to adjust the arch of the foot. Only after the restoration of a correct gait is possible to start correction of the curvature of the back.

One of the significant factors that prevents return to normalposture in children, is clubfoot. Even a slight inclination of the heel when walking (at an angle of 5 degrees) leads to asynchronous contraction of the muscles of the lower limbs and back. Such changes are detrimental to the organism but do not manifest immediately, and at the age of 35-40 years. Initially, there is a heaviness in the legs, then attaches deformity of the ankle, knee and hip joints. Increase the veins on the leg, occurs varicose veins (varicose veins with the formation of nodes). The last phase of the process – a curvature of the back.

To prevent changes sufficiently to fill a strip of rubber or leather on the sole of the Shoe. The action will prevent the angular inclination of the foot when walking. Some people also tips assigned and even orthopaedic shoes.

How to stand still

The Way of standing of a person influences the correctness of the vertical axis of the body. In this case it is not so much about anatomical disorders, how about the energy sector.

It's No secret that humans have an energy field that psychics call the aura, homeopaths electromagnetic oscillations organs. At even place stop the energy field is evenly distributed around the body. If a man throws his socks to the side, the aura is in front of the abdomen. Thus, there is "leakage energy", so the person feels fatigue and decreased performance.

The Classic way of standing of a teenager: the support on one leg, and the second is bent in the knee and not fully resting on a horizontal surface. After a time bearing is changing to the opposite leg, so the muscles supporting the legs get tired.

because of this behavior there is asymmetry of the muscles of the neck, shoulder blades are lowered, and the level of the shoulder girdle out of horizontal plane. For proper muscle fixation the person lacks energy. As a result the intervertebral discs begin to crack. Over time, hair loss occurs in the cavity of the spinal canal, the appearance of compression and myotonic syndromes (pinched nerves and persistent spasmodic contraction of the muscles).

How to sit

Improve your posture without proper fit impossible. How to sit correctly:

  • Keep your back straight;
  • Buttocks must be on the back of the hard seat;
  • lower Back should adjoin densely to the back of the chair;
  • position the Shoulders at the same level in the horizontal plane;
  • Pull your stomach and relax your shoulders;
  • Height of chair pick up is equal to the distance from hip to floor;
  • Get up and sit on a chair smoothly and gently;
  • do Not help the hands when landing on a chair;
  • don't put one foot to the other.

finally it should be noted, to return the posture in physiological position it is necessary to try. Have every hour to monitor the position of the back and the location of the lower extremities. Unfortunately, the simplest ways to repair deformation of the back does not exist.