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The basics of straightening of posture at home with exercise and simple rules

The Physician before deciding how to straighten your posture, evaluates the human condition. The curvature of the back is affected by several factors: diseases of the spine, condition of the skeletal muscles, diseases of internal organs. Depending on the causes of disease is assigned treatment of her.

how to straighten your posture quickly and easily

Principles of correct posture

On the formation of posture influence the way of life and our behaviour. To prevent curvature of the spine and to provide the physiological formation of the muscular corset back experts recommend to respect the following principles:

  • While sitting on the chair should work out the right fit and constantly observe her. To do this, make sure that the seat was shorter thighs and flat. It is necessary that the edge of the chair peredavlivali artery and vein under the knee joints. Chair height should be equal to the distance from hip to floor;
  • to Stand up and sit down on the armchair and the stool should be soft and smooth. If these steps to perform fast, high probability of damage to the muscles, ligaments and ruptures of the annulus fibrosus of the intervertebral disc (hernia);
  • When landing on a chair the head should be directed upwards and forward. The neck should relax and the spine to straighten;
  • to Sit in the chair for a long period of time is not recommended. It promotes relaxation of the skeletal musculature. In this case, the entire burden must fall on the intervertebral discs. Under pressure they flattens. If this condition exists for a long time, the lower back starts to hurt;
  • do Not place one leg over the other in a sitting position. This leads to overlapping of the pelvic canals. This habit will help to straighten the spine. Over time it will lead to backache.

to Correct your posture will help understanding how to sit on the chair

There are also other principles, such as straightening the posture right organization bed:

  • During sleep, the spine should not SAG, so the mattress should be selected with a stiffness sufficient to maintain the physiological tone of the muscular system;
  • Too hard mattress exerts pressure on the vertebrae, so people with diseases of the spine pain in the back;
  • there are No recommendations about the best way to sleep (stomach, back or side) to straighten the spine. Everyone should choose the position that gives him less discomfort;
  • For rest and relaxation, the bed should be moderate hardness. It should not put pressure on the natural curves of the spine;
  • Cushion width should not exceed the distance between the shoulders
  • During sleep, it is impossible to prevent compression of parts of the body (for example, to enclose a hand under a head), because such a state would contribute to the disruption of the blood supply;
  • In the cold season to warm up the face, body and lower limbs. To do this before bed you should take a bath;
  • to the elderly with spinal problems should sleep on a mattress of medium hardness.

Exercises to straighten posture

Straighten your back will help gymnastic exercises. In their implementation should meet the following conditions:

  • Do the exercises, combining physical ability with the intensity of the load;
  • do Not make sudden movements. They contribute to the formation of cracks and ligaments
  • Maximum range of motion should be achieved gradually. First performed kneading and swinging exercises, and then gradually increasing their amplitude.

high-Quality straightening of posture at home with the help of physical therapy only under the supervision of a physician.

A Classic exercise for rectifying posture:

  1. "the Rifts". In a sitting position and grasp the hands of feet near the ankles, and keep feet together. Join together the fingers of both hands, and put his chin on his knees. In this position, back and neck should be in the same plane. Tilt your head back and return to the starting position. Perform 5-10 repetitions, and then move on to the Cobra;
  2. Exercise "Cobra" is performed in the prone position face down. Raise your torso up, leaning on hands. Head fold back maximum. Return to the starting position and turn right, then follow the maximum slope to the left. Arch your back and up and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise for the other side;
  3. "Anchor". Bend your knees in the prone position, grip hands on the ankles, take a breath. With an abrupt movement, raise your torso off the floor and position your feet above your head. Do 4-5 swings back and forth, holding the breath;
  4. Exercise "Triangle". Take your hands and push the palms down. Slowly lean to the right, to feel strong tension in your side. The right hand should stay in the region of the right foot. To feel tension, hold the position for 5-7 minutes
  5. "Golden fish". This exercise is performed in the supine position on the Mat.Stretch your legs, press your thigh and calf to the floor. Place your feet perpendicular to the leg. Stretch yourself a few times in different directions with separate hands. In this hands beneath the cervical vertebrae that connect the toes together;
  6. Exercise "vibration". Tear off the heels off the floor 1 cm in the supine position on the Mat. Perform exercises for 5-20 seconds. When performing this exercise, the body is cleaned of toxins.

Despite the fact that we told readers how to straighten your posture with the help of physiotherapy, you should understand that it will need regular and long-term. Any break in the classroom discards previous efforts at the initial level.

The Above principles for correction of deformities of the back is done at home, but high-quality straightening posture is possible only under the supervision of a physician. Adult easier every day to do gymnastics, but children should be taught to her from an early age. Thus, it is possible to prevent not only deformation of the back, but the terrible spinal disease.