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Physical exercises to align and strengthen posture in children and adults

Gymnastics exercises for posture aimed at strengthening the muscle corset back, increase the elasticity of ligaments, improve blood circulation and prevent deformities of the spine, the acceleration of the formation of the stability of the vertebrae with deformity.

In each case, the set of exercises is chosen by the doctor individually for each patient. The article will consider the principles of treatment of curvature of the back by the method dikulja Bubnovsky and Bragg.

exercises for posture equally well for kids or adults

There are 3 major schools of treatment of disorders of posture in children used in domestic rehabilitation centres: according to Dikul, Bubnovsky, Bragg. Each school applies its own exercises for good posture, but the essence of the pathology is not in the form of gymnastics, and in her direction. Consider this question in more detail.

a set of classes for the formation of posture in Dikul

According to V. I. dikulja exercise length correction curve of the back should only be done after a warm-up. Academician VI Dikul advises to start with mental relaxation:

  • sit in the chair and relax. Imagine how perfectly works the spine, muscles, limbs. At the same time try to fixate on the behavior of individual groups of skeletal muscles that want to "pump up";
  • Mentally follow the transition from vertical position to sitting position. Imagine how you will perform each movement. Evaluate the functionality of each individual of the group;
  • Try to establish a strong correlation between the brain and skeletal muscles. To do this, give yourself domestic orders UPS of hands and feet, twists of the spine.

The Complex should be conducted in a peaceful atmosphere, allow "to establish a strong contact with him". These exercises are quite simple, but very effective, so can easily be used in the correction of posture in children.

physical therapy for children and adults by Bragg

Paul Bragg offers on the stage of the warm up to perform a specific set of exercises. It includes 8 types of exercises to align the vertical axis:

  1. Stretching the neck and upper third of the back: In the standing position your feet at a distance of 20 cm from one another. Place your hands behind your head and tilt it forward. Try to return the head to its original position, but resist with the hands;
  2. stretching the feet helps to relax muscles. Rest in the cover of the table and lift the feet up. Fix the position for 5 seconds and then change direction. The exercise need to mild fatigue;
  3. To strengthen the muscles of the upper back should be turning your head to the ear touched the shoulder, chin and chest. Make about 20 slopes to each side;
  4. the Alignment of the spine: stand with feet shoulder width apart, lower your arms down and rotate the body in different directions. Try to look over your shoulder, as far as possible;
  5. flexibility Training performed in a standing position with feet together. Bend forward and touch the fingers of the lower extremity. Return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 20 times.
  6. spinal Rotation: rotate torso to the right and to the left with hands raised to shoulder level and feet placed shoulder-width apart. The number of repetitions – 15-25;
  7. endurance Training the lower back involves fixing the legs at the top when lying down. To do this, lie on the floor, raise your feet at an angle of 30-45 degrees and hold this position for about 60 seconds. Repeat the exercise for 5 minutes;
  8. Gain the lower third of the spine: lie on your back, arms out to the side. First vertically lift the right leg, pull the sock. A few seconds hold the position and lower your leg to the floor. Repeat for the second leg.

Programs of physical therapy to strengthen the back

The Exercises used in the violation of posture in children orthopedic rehabilitation centers are collected in a special program, depending on the characteristics of the curvature of the back. Describe the most popular systems.

Treatment program "Life without fatigue back"

A Gymnastic exercise on the program "Life without back fatigue" are held for the purpose of relieving mental and physical exhaustion. They are appointed mainly by adults round the back with a pronounced thoracic kyphosis and involve the use of cargo bound to the limbs. To enhance the effect, you can also use dumbbells in the hands.

Some types of exercises on the program "Life without fatigue":

  1. Go from the standing position to horizontal position smoothly. In this situation, you will be actively training your abdominal muscles. The effect of the complex of gymnastics will improve if the limbto bind the load or to pick up a simple dumbbell;
  2. Try to sit up, counting the stairs rope ladders in the supine position. In the process of exercise strengthens the muscles;
  3. will Include the work of back muscles. Lower the dumbbells to chest level and pull their tops for 5 minutes;
  4. Make work the calf muscles, taking his socks and swigging from it. Instead of the cable when performing exercises it is possible to use an elastic bandage or rubber tourniquet
  5. Smooth movements forward and back are performed with the fixing support.

Apart from relieving mental stress, this complex can be used at the onset of fatigue in the muscles of the lower back and chest.

Treatment program "Culture spinal"

The Complex gymnastics "Culture spine" must be performed systematically. It is designed to care for your spine throughout life. When exercising this program it is necessary to buy prophylactic Evminova (gym slant Board with a ribbed surface).

The Goal of the training is maintaining growth at the same level and preventing the curvature of the back. The duration of gymnastics "Culture spine" should not exceed 15 minutes, but usually takes 5 minutes for each exercise.

A sample list of exercises:

  • Simulate a squat on gymnastics cart with support legs;
  • Sit on the truck and straighten up completely relying on the back;
  • Repeat the motion of a cyclist with a load on my feet;
  • Take the legs and follow their flexion;
  • Gradually increase the weight with the alternate bending and straightening of the legs;
  • Straighten and bend the legs with a gradual decrease in weight;
  • Lift the legs at an angle of 45 degrees with counterweight
  • Follow the mixing and dilution of feet in the parties with dumbbells
  • Build and move your feet, lying on a Mat
  • Straighten the legs in the supine position;
  • Raise and lower the legs with tied weights.

The Program is "Strength endurance" is used in the pathology of the spinal column and is an active training of the back muscles at the same time with dumbbells and stretching the spine. In violation of posture it is not applied, because it influences the formation of the spine in children.

The "Increase flexibility in children" involves the development of mobility and flexibility in the spine. It includes a daily workout lasting about 20 minutes. All exercises are performed smoothly.

On Bubnovsky Kinesiotherapy involves physical exercises performed with gymnastic equipment. To repeat it in home conditions it is practically impossible. However, the smooth formation of the back and alignment of the curvatures on the methodology of kinesitherapy is achieved as quickly as possible.