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How to improve posture in children and adults – practical tips and exercises

Correction of posture in children should be undertaken from an early age. Knows every parent, but for some reason the stats only shows the progression of spinal curvature each year.

If the incorrect posture is joined the deformity of the spine requires regular and long-term treatment at home. Not everyone has enough willpower.

Timely Correction of posture important for the health of the whole body

Hinder deliverance from the pathology of the hard working life that requires physical activity. As a consequence, a violation of posture without pain in the lower back adults rarely pay attention.

When detected violations of posture in children, parents first willing to do everything possible to correct the pathology. However, this process lasts several years and requires daily exercise.

Types of posture

Curvature of the back in humans occur in sagittal (side) and frontal (anterior-posterior) planes. In the sagittal plane, there are the following types of posture:

  1. Slouch – reducing lumbar lordosis (internal physiological curvature of the spine in the lumbar) and the excessive severity of thoracic kyphosis (physiological protrusion in the thoracic spine);
  2. Krugovorota back – increasing the severity of the bends of the vertebral column;
  3. Round back is the lack of lumbar lordosis when the severity of thoracic kyphosis;
  4. Flat back – reducing the severity of lumbar lordosis and thoracic kyphosis;
  5. spin-Concave – slight increase in lumbar lordosis with reduced kyphosis in the thoracic region.

In the frontal plane observed asymmetric posture (scoliotic arc). When it shows irregular arrangement of anatomical structures, left and right side of the body.


How to restore the physiological condition of the spine

Correction of posture requires the use of the following principles:

  • Proper organization bed;
  • Precise selection of shoes under the feet of the child;
  • Elimination of immobility;
  • Waiver of pathological stereotypes of the walk
  • Continuous monitoring of the load on the spine;
  • Daily physiotherapy at home.

Proper organization bed for children must include a hard mattress or an orthopedic pillow. A firm mattress prevents the relaxation of the muscular system of the back during sleep. However, it cannot be used in the presence of spinal deformities with pain in the lower back.

The Width of the pillow should be equal to the size of the shoulder girdle. It is advisable to purchase a special orthopedic pillow under the child's age. It will ensure proper functioning of the cervical spine.

Correction shoes involves not only the selection of the correct size, but the shortening of the limb in children. This condition occurs when the flat feet and kosolapiy. To correct posture under these pathological conditions, it is necessary to align the height of the lower limbs.

A Sedentary way contributes to the stagnation of blood in the vessels and inflammatory changes in the musculo-ligamentous apparatus. Include the treatment of incorrect posture in children, a daily walk of 1-2 hours.

Kids love to stand on one leg, while sitting take a wrong position (hunched back and a different arrangement of the shoulder girdle). Teach your child how to properly sit on a chair at a Desk.

The Violation of posture contributes to carrying backpacks at school age on one shoulder. You should also consider the impact on the deformity of the spine the weight of the portfolio.

Corrective exercise

To Restore the vertical axis of the back at home help medical exercise. They are appointed individually after analysis of the pathology of the orthopaedist-traumatologist.

The Basic principles of complex gymnastics in violation of posture in children:

— With a flat back to restore the normal condition will help exercises designed to improve spinal mobility, strengthen the muscular system. Avoid complex exercises, actively affecting the lumbar muscles;

— To fix-concave back, you need a complex with a decrease in lordosis and pelvic tilt. Such exercises building abdominal muscles and the extensors of the thigh;

— to resolve round your back, you need to reduce thoracic kyphosis. Gymnastics in this case should be directed at strengthening the shoulder girdle, muscles of the abdomen, the chest expands. Good effect in the treatment of spins round have asanas of yoga ("the grasshopper", "Snake", "Onions");

— Recover the posture when krugovorote back can exercises to reduce lumbar lordosis and thoracic kyphosis. The complex is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the abdomen.

An Indicative list of exercises forrecovery posture:

  1. Several times a day get up near the wall. When you do this, lean against her back with his arms by his side. Heel gluteal region, chest and the back of the head must be flush with the vertical plane. This procedure helps the subconscious memorization of correct pose;
  2. In a standing position (as in paragraph 1) draw inside the abdomen on the exhale. After inhalation, sit on the heels (see drawing point "a"). In the next breath get on your knees and put your hands down;
  3. Sit on the floor (see figure b). Take hands behind your back and bend. Fold your palms together. Fix the position for 30 seconds, and then return to the starting position. Repeated 6-12 times;
  4. Connect the fingers together (see figure "b"). Change hand positions every 10 seconds. At lateral curvature should be possible to do the exercise for the other side, which is directed curvature
  5. Sit on the Mat (see figure, item "g"). Breathe deeply and evenly for 2 minutes. Exercise helps to strengthen the tonic muscles of the back and abdominal muscles.
  6. Follow on deep inspiration 2 steps. On the exhale should also take 2 steps and stomach in. Exercise can be done while walking to work or home. It is desirable to repeat it 2 times a day. The complex is also useful for persons suffering from bowel diseases.

Exercises for the correction and changing posture
Correction of posture in children and adults – a long but effective procedure. To change the position of the back you can only rely upon the regularity of the implementation of the recommendations of the doctor and of the complex of medical gymnastics.