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Symptoms, treatment, preventative exercises for the back krugovorote

Krugovorota back is one of the categories of incorrect posture is characterized by an increase in all curves of the vertebral column (thoracic and sacral kyphosis, lumbar and cervical lordosis). Pathology is observed the shift of the center of gravity of the body, therefore it changes the stereotype of the gait of a person. When standing the patient with this deformity flexes the knee joints.

krugovorota spin is characterized by an increase of physiological curves of the spine

How to build krugovorota back

Physiologically, the spinal column of an adult has the form of a spring. This structure allows you to evenly distribute the physical load on the body. Due to the lordosis and Koposov mitigated external pressure that occurs when weight lifting, walking and jumping.

If all decreasing the lordosis and kyphosis of the spinal column, the center of gravity. Because of this increased pressure on the pelvis and the joints of the lower extremities. Krugovorota spin leads to arthritis, displacement of internal organs, changing walking stereotype.

The severity of symptoms of the pathology depends on which spine changes are expressed most clearly. For example, expressed increased thoracic kyphosis leads to:

  • Difficulty breathing;
  • chest Deformation;
  • the disturbance of the heart;
  • Pain in upper limb
  • Numbness of the skin in the upper part of the body.

disorders of posture disappearing in a horizontal position, as they are not caused by the deformation of the vertebrae. For maintaining the spine in physiological position is responsible muscular system. If the skeletal muscles of the torso are well trained, it fixes the spine in the correct position.

photo of the girl with krugovorote back

photo of the girl with krugovorote back

How to fix pathology

The Main task in the treatment of diseases is the reduction of the curvature of the thoracic. Applied physiotherapy and orthopaedic corsets.

The Gymnastic exercises are prescribed to reduce and develop muscles ("polyethnic", "snake"), eliminate spasms of skeletal muscles.

Exercises to correct hyperkyphosis:

  1. Several times a day stand with your back to the wall so that the shoulders, neck, buttocks tightly adjoined to it. Try to draw the belly as possible, to shorten the distance between the wall and your back. This exercise teaches the skills of correct posture, so need to do it as often as possible. The duration of its run from 60 seconds to 3 minutes. After standing against the wall or walk around, but try to keep your back straight;
  2. Stand up vertically. On the inhale draw the belly inward, and on the exhale sit down on your heels. In the next breath get on your knees and the palms of the hands rest against the floor. The number of repetitions:8
  3. Sit on the floor with bent legs. Cross your arms behind and keep the position for 30 seconds. Then stand up and walk across the floor. The number of repetitions: 8-12;
  4. In a standing position, connect the fingers behind the back. Change hand positions every 10 seconds. Exercise is used to correct lateral curvature of the spine. It should be used 4-6 times;
  5. Sit on a Mat and bend your legs. When you do this, fold the foot together (neck vertically, legs bent, chin rejected in advance). Breathe arbitrarily and superficially. Exercise is used for strengthening the tone of the skeletal muscles of the back. First, the duration of its execution shall not exceed 20 seconds because muscles are not used to physical activity;
  6. Exercise to workout abdominal muscles: take a shallow breath and slightly pull forward the abdomen. The output pull your stomach inside. The number of repetitions: 4-6 time.

exercises at krugovorote back
When you perform gymnastics to correct posture problems it is necessary to observe the following principles:

  • Increase the strength and range of motion should gradually from lesson to lesson;
  • If you are performing the movements there is pain, you should stop exercises and perform relaxing complex;
  • most of the exercises are indirectly trained not only muscle groups that are designed for, but also skeletal muscles, which are located nearby
  • With a large belly significant effort will be expended to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Care must be taken that the exercise does not "pump" the muscles of the lower back.

Prevention of curvature of the spine

Prevention of spinal curvature based on the presence of precipitating illness. Depending on this, we distinguish the following types of prevention:

  • Health
  • Individual;
  • Social.

General prevention involves measures to reduce the loads in the area of damageof the spine, correction of movement patterns, eliminate decompensation changes in the body in diseases.

Individual prevention of violations of posture aimed at improving the organism resistance to the action of precipitating factors that can cause distortion. It involves regular medical gymnastics, hardening, a high intake of vegetables and fruits.

The Above activities are assigned to persons in whom muscle strength in the range of $ 2.60 to 3,09 points (assessed by dynamometer) in the stage of stress adaptation (the initial phase of posture). With reduced backup capabilities with the power to 3,10-of 3.60 points, it is recommended to beware of any sudden movements when performing gymnastic exercises. Physical effort better to apply after swimming or Jogging, to prepare the muscles for physical activities.

Prevention of Social pathology is aimed at improvement of labor conditions. When krugovorote back it is important to create an optimum mode of work and rest, With poor hygienic conditions in the production of people with curvatures of the back need to improve the conditions of professional activity.

Thus, krugovorota back is a serious condition that requires timely treatment. Prevention of the disease aimed not prevent terrible health problems.