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Therapeutic exercises for correcting posture problems

Physiotherapy for violation of posture in children is one of the leading methods of correction of pathology. With its help, specialists have been able to strengthen the muscle corset, which will keep the axis of your spine in the correct position for a long time, until there is active growth and formation. This exercise improves the flow of nutrients to skeletal muscle and the intervertebral discs, which improves their functionality.

Therapeutic exercises for violation of posture

Main features physical therapy

For the correction of curvatures of the back in children the use of physiotherapy (physical therapy) is possible only after a thorough diagnosis of the condition of the child. This helps the physician to select the optimal set of exercises in each individual case.

There are General principles that must be met when performing gymnastic exercises:

  • Clothes should not hamper the movements and squeeze the body;
  • exercises for a Long period of difficult breathing in children, so it must be combined with complex breathing exercises;
  • Physical activity should be increased gradually and start with easier exercises;
  • In the charging process it is necessary to control the heart rate. It reflects the activity of the cardiovascular system and suggests the extent to which it "downloads";
  • it is Impossible to do sharp movements, not to create cracks and ruptures in the muscles and ligaments
  • Maximum range of motion is permissible only after a long period of "sway".

Contraindications to remedial gymnastics classes for kids

In violation of posture in children physiotherapy is not performed if there are contraindications:

  1. severe muscle tension with the curvature of the vertical axis of the body;
  2. Compression syndrome (pinching the nerve root), which should be treated promptly;
  3. Signs of circulatory disorders in the vertebrobasilar basin (accumulation of vertebral and cerebral arteries);
  4. Strong pain.

Before practice physiotherapist determines the amplitude of painless movements and conducting follow-up exercise, allowing to identify the main parts of the pathological process in the muscle system and joints of the child.

The Main tasks assigned to physiotherapy for violation of posture:

  • enhanced the Removal of impulses from spazmirovannah or muscle of the affected segment of the spine;
  • Improve blood circulation in the damaged areas;
  • Strengthening of the affected intervertebral disc;
  • Increasing joint mobility
  • prevent the development of adhesions (contractures) between the bodies;
  • Restore coordination and reducing the pain.

Preparation for performance physical education

To improve the degree of correction changes in the spine in professional rehabilitation centres (Dikul, Bubnovsky, Bragg) is the set of preparatory procedures. The most effective is the contactless massage, which is based on the following principles:

  • Before treatment are removed metal objects and jewelry;
  • a Man lies on a special table with a belly, and the therapist holds the palm of the hand along the axis of the spine at a distance of 5-7 cm from it;
  • the specialist must feel places where the muscular "tube";
  • To eliminate them the hand turns palm up, and slowly moves towards the neck. If you just fix the tube fails, you must repeat the procedure;
  • Massage ends when the spine does not exist muscle tension.

Touchless massage does not cause children pain and is well tolerated.

Exercises for cervical spine

When the curvatures of the cervical vertebral column uses the following list of exercises to correct the condition are:

  • Tilts and head turns in different directions. Lower your arms down, sitting on a chair. Slowly make the movements in different directions. The whole process of the exercises should be divided into 3 stages. First, the front sight is fixed, then on the side point, and the third stage – back;
  • Slowly perform exercises sternocleidomastoid. First, lift the chin up, eyes fix the eyes on the ceiling. Put your head down and look at the floor. Repeat this procedure 15-20 times;
  • Useful for children with violation of posture, the torso twists to the side. They must be implemented very slowly and not to the maximum level of flexion. The number of repetitions to 20 for each side
  • Move the chin in a horizontal plane and pull his head back and forth flowing movements;
  • inhale lift your shoulders up and exhale lower them down.

Therapeutic exercises to correct pathology of the cervical spine is indicated for violation of posture, to prevent disturbances in cerebral blood supply.

Therapeutic exercises forcorrection of disorders in the thoracic region:

  • Take a vertical position, put his hands behind his back and lock your fingers together. During inhalation, press down on the vertebrae. Relax the pressure on exhalation. Repeat the exercise 5 times, gradually moving towards the lower part of the spinal column;
  • Take your left hand behind your back. Grab the brush with your right hand and maintain pressure on the vertebrae. Gradually moving to the lower part of the spine, good back massage
  • Position behind the fists. They put pressure on the spinal column. During inhalation, press the hands on segments of the spine, chest forward. On the exhale return to the starting position.

Exercises for correction of the cervical and thoracic spine is difficult for children, so parents or exercise physiologist performs it first with the child. It should be noted that the thoracic ribs are strongly fixed, so the deformation of the spine at this level is very rare. If violations at an early stage therapeutic exercises allows them to quickly and effectively eliminate.

Correcting lumbar

The Largest part of the pathological changes in humans occurs in the lumbar spine. In violation of posture on the lumbar spine accounts for depreciation maximum load. Without timely correction, it will contribute to the emergence of compression syndrome (pinched nerves) and pain syndrome in the lower back. To correct such disorders in children of one physical therapy is not enough. You must at the same time as medical drugs.

There are special exercises for correction of defects in the lumbar spine:

  • Stand up straight and relax your shoulders. Place hands on both sides of the spine. Inhale and lean your torso backwards. When you resist this movement with your hands;
  • Place the fingers at the level of 1 lumbar vertebra. Twist your torso to the left on inspiration. In this case put your fingers on the area of the vertebra. Exhale and return to start position. In the process of exercise you move your fingers down. Exhale and return to start position;
  • Do vigorous pressure on each individual vertebra when moving from top to bottom. Complete the procedure on the sacral region. This therapeutic exercise is designed for the correction of a stoop.

There is another physical therapy for the correction of violations of posture in children, but a significant advantage of the above exercises – the possibility of their implementation at home.