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Examples physical therapy for children with violation of posture

Physical therapy for children with posture plays a very important role. If you regularly conduct this sort of exercise the results are already noticeable after a few months. In addition, therapeutic physical culture firming effect on the entire body.

the Use of exercise therapy for children with violation of posture

Causes of bad posture

Normal posture implies the symmetry of the whole body, the correct position of the spine. Increasingly, however, children suffer from poor posture. The reasons for this phenomenon lie in the fact that today's children spend a lot of time in front of televisions, games consoles, computers and very little moving.

This state cannot be called a disease in the full sense of the word. However, poor posture greatly increases the risk of various pathologies of the skeleton. Such a child more likely diseases of the digestive tract, the respiratory system, the tendency to nervousness. This is because lung capacity is reduced, all internal organs are shifted slightly.


There are several types of such States:

  1. Kyphosis. A condition in which physiological curves of the spine, outward, magnified, and directed inwards – smoothed.
  2. Scoliosis. Asymmetrical posture, which is marked displacement of the spinal column to one side. When you notice that your child's shoulders are asymmetrical (one higher than the other).
  3. Flat back. With such a pathology, all the physiological curves of the spinal column is mitigated somewhat.

exercise therapy for posture is almost a panacea for these children. Because children's bodies are only being formed, it is malleable, and all the flaws could be easily corrected. If the condition to run, in adulthood a person to avoid serious problems with the spinal column.

Features exercises with various violations of posture

in order to correctly adjust the posture, it is important to choose the right exercises. Best of all it will make the podiatrist, who must show the child. Indeed, in advanced cases, one only exercises will not do. Your doctor may recommend wearing a special corset or another orthesis, or even surgical treatment.

Corset to correct posture

speaking directly about the physical therapy exercises, then there are those which are suitable for all. It is, as a rule, restorative exercises, breathing exercises, exercises on development of coordination.

When the kyphosis of the thoracic shown exercises to strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle, stretching the chest muscles

The Complex exercise therapy for flat uniform back aimed at strengthening the muscles of the legs, shoulder girdle, lumbar.

When asymmetric posture (scoliosis) exercises aimed at increasing spinal mobility, stretching, improving coordination of movements. It is important to observe the symmetry of the parts of the body, so it is better to practice in front of a mirror.

A Very important point is the frequency of the physiotherapy sessions. They need to be done daily until complete recovery. If you do the exercises 1-2 times a week no effect.

exercises with the book training for posture

Complexes for children

The Complex therapy for preschoolers:

  1. Walking on the toes, high lifting of knees – 30 sec.
  2. Mahi. I. P. O. S. To Wave his hands up through the sides, rise on the toes – inhale, take to I. P. - breath.
  3. Mahi gymnastic stick. I. P. O. S., the stick at the bottom. Gymnastics to lift a stick upwards, reaching out for her – inhale, lower – exhale.
  4. leg swings. I. P. – lying on his stomach. Raise your legs and torso must not be detached from the floor.
  5. 'Swallow'. I. P. Is the same. Raise your upper body while your pelvis off the floor.
  6. “the Swimmer”. I. P. O. S. Polyprint, bending his knees to take his hands back, inhale, take to I. P. – breath. To ensure that the child's back was smooth.
  7. Alternately stand on one leg with extended hands. To monitor the posture.
  8. to Stand against a wall with your back and the wall must be at least 2 points of contact.

the Use of exercise ball for posture

The Complex therapy for school-age children:

  1. to Raise and lower the hands with the ball. Your elbows should be dissolved in the parties.
  2. to Lower the ball behind your head and raise it over your head. Back flat.
  3. to Have your hands behind your back – one from above, another from below. To close them in the lock.
  4. to Make inclinations in the parties with divorced hands.
  5. Lying on your back to bend the back in the lumbar spine. The pelvis is thus not detached from the floor.
  6. Standing in the emphasis on the knees and hands to bend and arch your back.
  7. In the same position at the same time to raise first the right arm and leg, then left.
  8. Lying onbelly simultaneously lift your shoulders and legs. To stay so for several seconds.
  9. to Simulate the Cycling lying on your back.

It is Very important to constantly monitor the correct position of the back of such children during the period of therapeutic exercise. Be sure to properly, take a deep breath. After performing physical therapy should be safe to walk around and catch my breath.

In Addition, remarkably corrects the posture such sport as swimming. It gives a uniform load on all the muscles, and thus develops them. Still these children with a useful pulling up, hovering on the bar and just walk, at which gymnastic stick held with his hands behind his back.

It is Important to remember that this pathology is quite correctable phenomenon. Just need time to seek expert help. The specialist will select the required complex physical therapy for children with impaired posture, and then your baby will be healthy!