How massage helps with posture

Massage in violation of posture is a preparatory procedure before performing therapeutic exercises and helps to normalize the blood supply in the spine, improve the supply of nutrients and prepare the skeletal muscles by gymnastic exercises.

When you perform the massage movements to activate the reflex points, which improves the functionality of internal organs. If the person diseases of the pancreas, intestine, liver, heart and kidneys should be selective in the choice of massage treatments.

Procedure of massage in violation of posture

Principles and types of massage in the treatment of curvatures of the back

For the treatment of the spine there are 3 types of massage:

  • Medical (classic);
  • Point;
  • Segment.

Therapeutic and segmental types are used in specialized orthopedic rehabilitation centers. Point view – Eastern schools Wellness or physiotherapy centres.

The Effect of massage treatments on the body:

  • Activate the blood circulation and the Central nervous system;
  • Eliminate nerve impulses in pathological lesions;
  • Normalize the metabolism;
  • Reflex stimulate the activity of internal organs.

Massage in violation of posture is carried out individually based on pathogenetic links of the pathological process in each person.

Massage techniques:

  1. Superficial and deep stroking;
  2. Tapping
  3. Rubbing
  4. Kneading
  5. Vibration.

Superficial stroking is done to relieve the pain syndrome and the formation of the sedative effect.

Deep stroking improves nervous activity, therefore, in the presence of significant pain syndrome and muscle spasms in diseases of the spine is not applicable.

Grinding is intended to improve blood flow to a certain area. It is very effective in case of pain syndrome in the neck area.

Shallow kneading for violation of posture can eliminate pain. When the pain in chest intermittent vibration is applied, allowing to identify and eliminate the source of pain impulsation.

classic massage, applied when violations posture


when a patient with impaired posture in most cases, the plan applies the following massage treatments:

  1. Neck area;
  2. Back;
  3. Chest;
  4. Lumbar region
  5. Upper limb
  6. Brush
  7. Forearm
  8. the Shoulder
  9. Lower limb
  10. Feet;
  11. Leg;
  12. Thigh
  13. Joints.

The following sequence of procedures is important, as there is some relationship between the anatomic features of blood supply of different parts of the spinal column. To change the sequence or to retain only certain types can only consultation with a professional podiatrist and a massage therapist.

Special attention should be paid to the procedures for manipulation in the neck area, because there are major vessels and nerves supplying blood to the brain. When they held stroking and kneading in the area between the 1st and 7th cervical vertebra (C1-C7).

plan massage the chest


The Technique of back massage involves the use of surface stroking on special lines (see figure). Then proceed to the spiral rubbing. When will be eliminated muscle "clips" (local infiltration of muscles) it is necessary puncturing the paravertebral region with your fingers. The procedure begins with the underlying segments and ends in a cervical Department. When it is necessary to gently put pressure on spinous processes of the vertebrae.

Comb-like rubbing of intercostal spaces allows to eliminate the inflammatory changes and to remove pathological impulses arising from the infringement of the nerve root in the thoracic region. RUB should also colonopathy area, trapezoidal and the widest muscles of the back.

In the presence of the tunnel and myofascial syndromes (compression of the nerve roots spazmirovannah muscles) it is possible to apply segmental analogue for local impact on the area of damage.

diagram of surface stroking along the lines

What is segmental massage

Segmental massage is indicated for the relief of reflex syndromes occurring in the presence of the pathological focus. His techniques:

  • Kneading
  • Vibration (direct and indirect);
  • Felting
  • Rubbing.

There is also a direct correlation between the pathological condition and the segmental techniques of massage procedures:

  1. In case of(long muscle contraction) – a gentle and indirect vibration from surface drilling;
  2. Weakness and atrophy of muscles – effect on the subscapularis muscle dense vibration
  3. Swelling and swelling of the tissues – sawing, stretching, shaking the area between the spinous processes;
  4. inflammation of the periosteum (marginal bone) is a circular rubbing.

Gentle vibration is used to reduce muscle tone and implies a weak short blows with the edge of the hand skin. With a deep vibration shocks somewhat stronger and more penetrating. Indirect vibration is performed with a special device.

Drilling involves the impact of the elevation of the thumb on point areas of the muscles. When you perform a movement is the displacement of the skin.

Rules implementation segmental massage:

  1. When defining areas of the spine, the impact should begin in the area of exit of the nerve root from corrupted segments (paravertebral zone);
  2. Deep impact is only possible after the removal of superficial spasms of the muscles;
  3. Initially the surface tension is eliminated, and then proceed to the deep procedures;
  4. impact on the segment in a direction from the periphery to the spine.

segmentary massage of the pelvis

Practical examples

For clarity, we describe the methods of drilling in the supine position:

  • Massage is becoming left massage therapist, and puts his right hand on the sacrum
  • the Therapist produces a circular motion to the right of the spine the fingers 2-5;
  • In the procedures of the fingers are flush against the skin;
  • avoid superficial stroking of skin;
  • Elevation of the thumb and the proximal phalanx of the massage the spine from top to bottom;
  • the Other fingers should only support function.

Drilling in the sitting position:

  • the Patient sits on a stool with his back to the masseur
  • the Therapist places the fingers on the right and left of the spine;
  • Produces a helical movement towards the vertebral column;
  • Moving from one segment to the other, performing pressing movements on the skin surface;
  • Other fingers are placed on the iliac crest and serve as a support;
  • Move your fingers down the spine should be accompanied by the jerky and oscillatory movements.

The Drilling has a good effect at influence on muscle tissue spasms. In the presence of conduction abnormalities of nerve impulses to muscles the effectiveness of the procedure is very low, therefore used in this pathology, kneading.

for Example, a kneading effect on the subscapularis muscle:

  • Left hand fixed blade in the shoulder belt
  • Second hand lies between the thorax and the shoulder;
  • Is the effect on the subscapularis muscle by kneading and stroking;
  • When performing the procedure can also affect the intercostal muscles.

Kneading the iliopsoas muscle:

  • Place your hand on the area of the iliopsoas muscle (above iliac crest);
  • Massage tissue kneading and circular stroking;
  • drag your finger square on the muscle (in the lower third of the crest of the Ilium);
  • try to touch her kneading.

Massage subscapular and iliac-lumbar muscles requires the masseur a good sense of touch. If not, do not use.

In conclusion let us note that acupressure massage in violation of posture is carried out by specially trained specialists who possess medical knowledge about the effects of exposure on specific points of the human body.