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How you treat a slouch in adults

The Stoop in adults more difficult to correct than in children. This is due to the conversion of cartilage in bone structure of the vertebrae after 20-22 years. Bad posture should be corrected in childhood to prevent serious consequences. However, not always has the opportunity to do so. Only when there is aching pain in the lower back that are not resolved by painkillers, people go to the doctor. To cure a running slouch difficult, but with sufficient motivation and proper selection of therapy.

the slouch in the adult

Basic principles of treatment

slouch adult girls

Adult fix posture it is possible to use combined treatment. For this purpose you can use the whole Arsenal of medical procedures and drugs:

  • physiotherapy
  • Corsetteria;
  • Massage
  • Manual therapy
  • anti-Inflammatory treatment;
  • Pain relievers.

All of the above activities aims to eliminate curvature of the spine, are therefore used in a certain combination. The duration and tactics of application of therapeutic exercises in combination with orthopedic corsets and bandages can be prescribed only by a doctor.

For destination therapy specialist assesses the degree of symmetry of the shoulders, spine, head position, muscle tone. External examination supplemented by clinical and instrumental methods of diagnosis. Only after a full examination of a patient's back, you can assign treatments. In the treatment process, they are periodically adjusted.

Medicine and physical therapy

To correct your posture in an adult in which there is pain in the lower back, apply medication and physical therapy.

With the help of drugs experts can eliminate muscle spasm, leading to pinched nerves. For these purposes, use muscle relaxants, but the effect is observed only while using drugs.

If an adult pain syndrome, caused by infringement of the nerve roots in thicker muscle tissue, you must first make the patient, and then assign the exercise therapy. If skeletal muscle is in a state of hypertonicity, correct this condition can not only by tablets but also physical therapy.

Inflammatory changes in the tissues when stooping. eliminates the thermal, electrical and magnetic action with the help of special medical devices. To improve blood flow and normalize muscle tone it is possible to apply the hydrodynamic procedure. Good effect against the stoop has a power shower, but its use must be agreed with the doctor. The action of strong jets of water on your back can cause further curvature of the spine.

Massage and chiropractic

Correction slouching adult massage

Fix slouching massage and manual therapy requires careful training of specialists. At mechanical influence on area of the spine to normalize blood circulation and eliminate the imbalance.

Increase range of motion in the spinal column leads to the mobility of the articular-ligamentous connections in the background pathology. To correct subluxations of the vertebrae is applied manual therapy. In front of her to prepare the muscular frame to subsequent loads efficiently to perform massage.

Massage and manual therapy in adults is not included in the list of free medical procedures performed by government agencies. Consequently, it is necessary to prepare a decent amount for the services of a private chiropractor. However, when stooping. Costs of manual therapy justified a subsequent effect.

Corneotherapy and orthotics

Corneotherapy in the initial stages incorrect posture is to maintain the spine in physiological position. In the later stages of the disease it is more rational to apply the orthopedic corset or bandage only when preparing for surgical treatment.

When using the corset keeps the spine in physiological position, but the muscles gradually atrophy. To avoid this, experts advise to combine the product with orthopedic gymnastics (corsets are worn in between the courses, gymnastics).

There are special types of orthoses to support different parts of the spine: lumbar, thoracic, cervical. However, every posture corrector must perform the following functions:

  • Unload the spine and relieve muscle tension;
  • to Eliminate muscle imbalances;
  • to Keep the body in correct position
  • to Stimulate the back muscles;
  • to Eliminate movement patterns.

side effects cannot be considered corneotherapy the only method of repair of stoop. It is used only in combination withother treatments.


Physiotherapy at the stoop is the leading treatment for the disease. With proper selection of exercises a marked positive effect of treatment can be noticed after 2-3 months. Therapeutic exercise should be prescribed by a doctor, but as an example, the principles of using practical activities in violation of posture on the methodology of Lana Fields.

  1. the First complex– strengthening the middle back. Such exercises should take no less than 70% of the exercises during the treatment session;
  2. Second set is the normalization of tone of the gluteal muscles (about 10% exercises);
  3. Third set is a relaxation of the muscles of the lower back. To complete this unit, you should spend 3 to 5 minutes during a 30 minute session of gymnastics
  4. Fourth complex – stretching the chest muscles. Used to correct posture in people with pumped up chest muscles. Hypertonicity the front of the torso pulls the spine, therefore, muscles should be stretched;
  5. Fifth complex breathing exercises. She is given daily for about 5 minutes.

A Specialized physiotherapy in each of these complexes you will find in the sections of our website. Again, exercises should be agreed with the doctor!