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Beautiful, perfect posture with easy exercises – it is real!

Ideal posture allows a person not only look Royal, but also to maintain health for many years. To form a "proud to be" enough to raise his head and rotate his shoulders. Correct posture is coherent physiological mechanism of interaction of the muscular and skeletal systems of the body. To view further details.

good posture will help develop a mental attitude and exercise

Dignity smooth back

Beautiful posture allows a person to feel energetic and confident. It creates the preconditions for the proper functioning of the spine and internal organs.

When her skeletal muscles are not strained, and the authorities work as a single mechanism of self-regulation.

every person Has a unique biochemical metabolism, affecting the condition and features of development of anatomical structures of the body. As a consequence, it is impossible to create an absolutely perfect signs of a beautiful posture, which would fit everyone at once.

doctors distinguish the pathogenetic link 3 offset the vertical axis of the body:

  1. muscular imbalance;
  2. pathology of the musculoskeletal system;
  3. alter the metabolism and blood supply of the vertebral column.

There is also a direct dependence between nervous system and posture. So confident person is always keeping your back straight, and head raised. Shuffling gait, hunched back and look askance characteristic of an insecure person.

Over the years, muscular strength and flexibility decreases, so the position of older people unattractive: curved back, exposed chin, bent at the knees.

In the aging process softens the structure of bone tissue, loss of elasticity of tendons, intervertebral discs crack. Against this background, to hold back is difficult.

The Process can be prevented if the person regularly does exercises for a beautiful posture. They strengthen the muscles of the back, stimulates the blood circulation in the spine and prevent pain.

Test of correct posture

To learn how to achieve proper posture, you should consider the principles of its evaluation. Common test for curvature of spine:

  • the Torso and head are located on the same vertical line;
  • Shoulders are on one line;
  • Symmetric relief of the neck on both sides (from the shoulders to the tragus of the ear)
  • Blades are not offset;
  • Stomach;
  • Knee and hip joints without deformations and are located in the same horizontal plane.

When assessing the location of the vertebral axis specialists pay attention to the following indicators:

  1. the Angle of physiological curves of the spine;
  2. decreased height of the intervertebral discs and the presence or absence of the curvatures of the vertebral column;
  3. the Mobility of the spine;
  4. Endurance of the back muscles.

At the lower corners of the physiological lordosis and Koposov in the spinal column there is a slouch, flat or round back.

Damage and bulging intervertebral discs are accompanied by displacement of the vertical axis of the vertebral column.

The Mobility of the spine – value, reflecting the spare capacity of the musculoskeletal system, skeletal muscles to maintain ideal posture. It is estimated in a vertical position. It measured the distance to the floor from the ends of the third fingers. To do this, the person is asked to touch the hands of sex. If he can't do it, the distance is measured, which remains to a horizontal surface.

The Ability of the spine to the curve estimated after maximum tilt back of 7 cervical vertebrae to the buttock crease.

Deciding how to achieve the ideal posture, the doctor and assess the strength endurance of the muscles of the back. To do this, the patient takes a pose "swallows" (see picture) and keeps as many as you can. Usually children up to 11 years hold the position for 2 minutes, Teens up to 2.5 minutes, adults – up to 3 minutes. If the time is reduced, then strength endurance of back muscles reduced. In this situation, beautiful posture can be formed only after a course of gymnastic exercises to strengthen the muscle corset back.

How to create beautiful posture

The First means to correct the stoop, flat or round back is the subconscious remembering the correct position of the body. To achieve this we should regularly perform the following exercise:

  • Stand to the wall, straighten your shoulders and tap her head;
  • Take the book in a glossy cover and put it on his head;
  • Hold as much as you can;
  • If it turns out to hold it, try to go to the opposite wall;
  • Build in the room a maze of chairs and try to pass through it.

Thus, one can form an idea about the correct posture and keep correct posture while walking.

There are also special exercises to improve strength endurance of the muscles of the neck and lower back:

  • Sit on the floor and hug his knees. Straighten your back,to the blades as close. Tilt your head back to straighten the neck;
  • Sit cross-legged (having laid one foot on top of the other) and straighten the back. Vigorously rotate the head first to the left. Try carefully to achieve the maximum position, then return to the starting position. Repeat 4 times
  • Lie on your stomach and place your hands on your head. Lift the elbows and take them back. Prop your forehead on the floor. Raise your head and inhale fold it back. Hands create resistance to motion;
  • straightening your back lie on your stomach, arms bend at the elbow joints. Lay one hand over the other, they rest against the forehead. Arms out to the sides and lift the chest up. Repeat the exercise 6-10 times;
  • Lie on your back and bend your knees, and hands spread to the sides and uprites palms into the floor. Lignite chest, resting his head and hands. The duration of 5-8 repetitions.

To achieve perfect posture have to do them. Back ugly and uncertain gait not hide behind a layer of makeup. A hunched back is visible for kilometer, and the lowering of the head "will ruin any appearance." To be the king, you should do them.