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Causes of and treatment exercises from “widow's hump”

Widow's hump is accumulation of fat in the projection of C7 (seventh cervical vertebra). External protrusion of the cervical spine posteriorly accompanied by not only a cosmetic defect. In the transverse processes of the vertebrae of the neck passes the vertebral artery. It nourishes the blood third of the brain structures. The vessel is being crushed when excess fat accumulation in the cervical spine.

It is Obvious that widow's hump should be treated at initial stages of occurrence. This should remove the cause that provokes the disease.

widow's hump

The Name of the disease originated in the middle ages. In those days most of the women who survived until the period of menopause, there was a specific convexity of the posterior neck below the seventh vertebra. As a rule, these women were not men, as in the Middle ages men rarely live up to 50 years.


Widow's hump is mostly formed due to deposits of fat cells due to the high accumulation of estrogens (female sex hormones). They have an anabolic effect on metabolism (increase the deposition of fat cells). If a woman lives an active sexual life, estrogens are spent on the functioning of the reproductive system.

At the onset of menopause increase estrogen occurs within 1-2 years, and then the concentration sharply decreases. However, the level of testosterone in the body are representative of the beautiful half of humanity remains constant. As a result, within 2-3 years after menopause, the fat begins to Deposit on the male. Primarily it can be observed in the upper back, neck and upper extremities.

Dating fat cushion and in men older than 25 years. Even those representatives of the strong half who are not obese. However, this pathology is difficult to call a widow's hump, as it does not match the status of men.

Rare causes widow's hump:

  1. Genetic conditioning. If someone of your relatives is a fatty Deposit under the seventh cervical vertebra, high probability of occurrence of the disease in you;
  2. Osteoporosis (lack of calcium in bone tissue). The disease is accompanied by leaching of calcium salts from bone tissue. While suffering all bone-articular system. Its result is the deformation of the cervical and thoracic spine. If this diagnosis is necessary to eat foods rich in calcium (milk), to come often in the sun and take vitamin D3
  3. degenerative disc disease neck with the deposition of salts. Clinically the pathology is accompanied by a crunching in the cervical spine, aching. Over time, the deformation of the spine exacerbated under C7 and deposited fat cells;
  4. Seal skeletal muscles of the upper back (miogeleza) – a rare cause of widow's diverticulum. The disease appears when excessive physical exertion. To fix it, you need to review the exercises that you perform daily or eliminate daily physical activity. Pathology occurs most commonly in people who "disappear" in the gym
  5. Long stay at the computer – the reason fat deposits under C7 young people. The condition leads to the tension of skeletal muscle, tear of articular-ligamentous apparatus. If you sit at the computer for more than 45 minutes, you need to take a break for 15 minutes for walking;
  6. the Disease is Cushing's (adrenal insufficiency) leads to a "widow". The disease is caused by insufficient synthesis of glucocorticoid hormones. For its treatment substitution therapy is used. Pathology can be determined by looking at a person: he has thin legs and thickens the upper body. This disease is popularly known as "Buffalo hump";

spine care

how to get rid of widow's hump

To remove a bulging cervical back observe the following recommendations:

  • Sleep on a hard bed;
  • Pick up the pillow wide shoulders and no thicker than 10 centimeters.
  • Should get rid of down mattresses and blankets. They are a relic of the past and bring health except that princesses;
  • Several times a year to spend massage courses; neck
  • do Not give up on daily gymnastics
  • physical Therapy and massage are important procedures when treating pathology. They are held in conjunction with other methods of combination therapy;
  • Follow the diet to reduce the size of formation should not exceed the calorie intake recommended for your weight;
  • move More and walk in the fresh air.

The Above procedures can be performed at home, but we recommend you to consult the doctor.

Treatment of climacteric hump

The widow hump Treatment of medical devices in women after menopause is performed substitution therapy. It reduces levels of estrogen immediately afterthe cessation of the menstrual cycle, and normalize the concentration of testosterone in 2-3 years after the cessation of ovulation.

Menopausal hump can be treated with medicines after performing clinical research on the content of sex hormones. In addition to conservative treatment antimirova diet. If the applied methods do not bring efficiency, can be surgery liposuction to remove excess fat.

When degenerative disc disease is assigned a number of drugs to increase the content of calcium in the blood: calcium D3-Nycomed, calcemin.

Menopausal hump can be treated by high-frequency ultrasound or pulsed current. For efficiency, you can spend 10-15 procedures. The disease does not progress, is assigned to a course of physiotherapy. It helps to normalize the blood supply in the area of the lesion and to improve the inflow of drugs to the area of damage.

To combat the disease effectively massage the neck area. The positive result is already visible after a couple of sessions, but it should be understood that the procedure should be carried out by a qualified technician. Complete a massage course should be at least 10 sessions.

Beneficial exercises

Widow's hump can be treated with exercises. They should be performed at least 2 times a day. Approximate set of exercises:

  • Lying on back, inhale and press firmly back to the floor. Keep the position for 15 seconds, and then relax. Repeat 2-3 times
  • Laying on your stomach, put your forearms forward, hands spread to the sides at right angles. Without changing position, remove the forearm from the floor and concentrate on the bringing together of the blades. Hold the pose for 5 seconds;
  • Exercise on the forearms, with emphasis on the toes and forearms. Pinch shoulder blades together and lower the forehead down. The number of repetitions 3-4.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies against widow's humps are used in combination with conservative drugs.

To relieve inflammation of the neck apply daily on the area of the protrusion, a compress of chamomile. Take baths with anti-inflammatory herbs: sage, St. John's wort, aloe Vera.

Widow's hump is treatable, so you should not worry about their appearance. With adequate treatment it can be eliminated in a few months.