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The exercises to correct posture in children and adults

Charging for posture used to strengthen the skeletal musculature and restore the axis of the spine. If you apply it daily and regularly, you can ensure the prevention of further curvature axis of the spinal column. The list of exercises should be prescribed by a doctor depending on the pathology features.

charging for your posture is an interesting and pleasant experience

Why charging is so useful

Charging for posture in children is aimed at:

  • Improve power endurance
  • Strengthening the muscular system;
  • improved balance
  • Improve coordination of movements;
  • Removing emotional load;
  • Restore the axis of the vertebral column.

In children strength endurance is not developed. In some kindergartens operate special medical groups for physical culture for the prevention of curvature of the back. They help from early years to form a strong-willed character traits and strengthen skeletal muscles.

Due to the training of the muscular system of the lower limb and adaptation of the vestibular center to increased physical activity, the children created a stereotype of stable equilibrium, increasing the accuracy of coordination of movements.

Daily exercises in the rehabilitation groups of children allows you to remove the increased psycho-emotional load. As a result of increased resilience to the effect of nervous stress and soreness.

Through the vertebral cracks out the spinal nerves, which Innervate the other organs and tissues. Even with a slight shift of the spine there is a likelihood of infringement and the occurrence of pain. Straight posture prevents compression syndrome, but it is necessary to form from an early age.

sample list of exercises

To strengthen your back you need to choose exercises according to anatomical features of the structure of the human body. The pathological changes in the spine and in violation of functionality of the muscular frame of the back arise the individual characteristics of pathology that must be considered in the selection of gymnastic exercises.

Choosing gymnastics for correct posture in children, it is necessary to consider some important features of the pathological process:

  • the Functionality of the weaker muscles is always compensated by the muscles - synergists. In this situation when you try to "pump" the weak fiber, more power will increase the load on the muscle-antagonist
  • the Effect of substitution of some groups of skeletal muscles during exercise other occurs if some part of the muscular frame is in a spasmodic state. To prevent it, before charging you should spend relaxation (warm bath, massage);
  • Weakening of the gluteal muscles occurs when executing after a back-and-forth kicking. When you perform these exercises primarily work join the extensors of the spine. Children these exercises should be performed short-term rates to prevent further curvature of posture
  • Increased lumbar lordosis (an excessive concavity of the lumbar spine) with increasing angle of inclination of the pelvis demands the strengthening of the extensor muscles of the back. If the lordosis is straightened, charging is required to strengthen the gluteal muscles and abdominals;
  • Symmetrical exercises used to align the spins on both sides.

On the basis of the above examples of charging for the posture of the reader should be aware of the importance of individual selection of the exercises in each specific case.

Some gymnastic lessons

Exercises for posture should be carried out at home. There is a certain list of exercises, which can do every person, regardless of the particular curvature of the spine. Describe the most common exercises:

  • Find a quiet place in the room. Position on the floor, books in a stack and move away from them by the length of the body;
  • Adopt the original position with your feet apart at shoulder width. Turn around to the books back and fix the gaze point on the opposite side of the wall;
  • Subconsciously imagine that move the head up and forward. In the process of pulling the body up and flatten your back. Breathe deeply and freely. Listen to what is happening around you, and completely relax the body;
  • Set the forward leg and bend it at the knee and get down on the floor. Lean on hands, elongated posteriorly;
  • Next bend your back and drive on the floor, his head resting on stack of books;
  • Stay in this position for about 20 minutes, and then stand up on your feet.

This exercise for posture refers to a number of yoga, so children presents some difficulties, but she has excellent therapeutic effect to correct the curvature of the back.

For small children offer more convenient and simple exercises:

  • to teach them to keep the posture correct way to raise the shoulder belt up and keep the blade as close as possible.The position is fixed for 30 seconds, and then return to the starting position;
  • the Second exercise will teach the child how to hold the head. Adopt sitting position with palms in the castle, around the neck. Pull your head up, imagine that attached to her balloon. Smoothly nods forward and back;
  • the Following exercises is designed to relax the shoulder girdle and neck. Interlock the fingers on the neck in a standing or sitting position. Pull the elbows back as far as possible and keep the position for 10 seconds. Then the elbows move forward and secure the position for 5 seconds;
  • For the formation of equilibrium put on the head of the book and walk with her around the room, trying to not fall;
  • Exercises for a correct posture: stand back to the wall. Touch heels, buttocks, shoulder girdle and head. Let the child stay in this position for a few minutes. It will help to remember the correct posture.

Exercises for posture helps prevent terrible diseases of all internal organs. It should be done regularly and continuously throughout life. It's hard but rewarding work!