What is the dural SAC?


The Dural SAC is the protective membrane of the spinal cord, which is located around it. And to understand what constitutes this element of the human body, it should be considered only inseparable from the structure of the spine. As you know, the spine is the most important and vital organ in humans that is very difficult to describe and perception structure. It includes a certain number of vertebrae interconnected by intervertebral joints, forming the vertebral column.

Dural bag in the picture

Inside the spinal column is the spinal cord in the so-called dural SAC. The main purpose of this bag is to protect the spinal cord from various kinds of influences on him, and the protection of the dural SAC is the spine. That is why this element cannot be considered separately from the device for the spinal column. Also this shell is not only surrounded by the spinal cord, and separately from the other membranes considered inappropriate. Although some features of the structure of the dural SAC can be described.

Structure of the dural SAC

The Dural SAC is what it is and how it is formed? Around the spinal cord there are 3 shells in the following sequence – solid, arachnoid and soft. is Solid and tight dural sack filled with cerebrospinal fluid – fluid reservoir of the spinal cord. Due to the fact that the length of the spinal canal is greater than the length of the spinal cord, the nerve roots move in the CSF is not constrained. The dural SAC can be called the case for everything that is inside it.

Starts this bag is from the large hole the back and ends around 2 or 3 sacral vertebra. This hard shell is rich in cone-shaped protrusions, which, penetrating into openings between the vertebrae, envelop the roots of nerve endings. A large number of fibrous bundles directed to the posterior longitudinal ligament strengthens the bag. A slit-like subdural space, which starts from the same space in the skull and ending at the sacrum, this separates the hard shell from next (spider) shells.

Structure of the channel of the spine

As you can see, the description of the structure and location of the dural SAC fairly complex, even more complex definition by different membranes of the spinal cord. And to separate them from each other is impossible, as, for example, most of the organs in the body. They are closely intertwined. Another very important point you can select, solid shell has no nerve endings and it can't radiate. But due to the fact that it is closely connected with other shells, when any displacement you may experience severe pain that usually causes its compression.

Compression of the dural SAC

If we consider the picture of the spine and the dural SAC, it is evident that any deformation of the first can affect the second state. In other words, such pathologies of the spine, such as low back pain and herniated disc may be triggered by compression of the dural SAC. These are the diseases in which is compressed the Dura mater of the spinal cord due to deformation of the vertebrae and intervertebral discs. Osteochondrosis is characterized by degenerative-dystrophic lesions of the spine elements. The disease is chronic, and it mainly affects people that:

  • eat properly
  • are overweight
  • don't move
  • lead a sedentary lifestyle (office occupations);
  • often experience stress abuse and Smoking;
  • experience enhanced athletic exercises;
  • have bad posture
  • are uncomfortable or improper footwear (close, high heel).

Herniated disc

eventually, the degenerative disc disease becomes the cause of spinal disc herniation occurs when displacement of the intervertebral discs. This phenomenon often causes komprimirana dural SAC, due to the fact that the biased disk starts to squeeze. The person in this situation experiences very severe pain and his quality of life is reduced. It is believed that the degenerative disc disease is the cause of the herniated discs due to warping. And worst of all, what many people do not attach importance to periodic mild back pain, when it begins to develop osteochondrosis.

How to avoid problems with the spine?

For the health of the spine is necessary to watch since childhood. And the main way to maintain his well being is proper nutrition and an active lifestyle. Moreover, the food must be not only without the use of fried and smoked foods, but with a high content of vitamins and minerals. And this understanding better to instill in children from an early age. After all, if in childhood the child develops poor posture, olderage he will suffer from back pain, which is effortlessly cured simply impossible. So often, osteochondrosis occurs in a more Mature age. Especially in women after pregnancy and childbirth, when the body experiences a greater load on the spine before and after birth.

In the end due to permanent loads there is some deformation of certain elements of the spinal column. For the prevention of diseases of the spine need plenty of rest. And at the same time needs a lot of exercise to maintain balance. Well at least periodically take courses of massage and moderate exercise to strengthen the muscles not only back, but also the whole body. Moreover, there are certain rules for the preservation of spinal health (nutrition, sleep and rest, exercise different degrees of severity). Sleep better on his back, walking from the hips with a straight back and caught a stomach, sit upright, not pulling, and pushing the body forward to get up. These simple tips will help in fighting with many diseases.