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How to do yoga back in the treatment of herniated discs


Yoga when herniated – real treatment for the back. But, like any other method, this treatment includes a number of contraindications, and recommendations. So take your time: let the first step of your recovery will be information training.

yoga with a hernia of the spine

What is yoga if she could tutor?

Yoga is the correction tool body. According to experts, balance and harmony are the key to health and yoga restores these initial quality.

However, the inept conduct of the practice could cause irreparable damage to the health of your back. To use such an unconventional method of treatment of the vertebral disease should be wary and, of course, not without the help of a specialist. At least at first street classes are not recommended.

Yoga and disease prevention of the back

It is not only good Treatment of vertebral hernia, but also a way of prevention of diseases of the back. It is useful for moms-to-be, worried about their health and the health of your child. As is known, spinal hernia in pregnant women is common and dangerous.

whatever the purpose is treatment or prevention of diseases of the back– yoga has to be regular, but without fatigue. Consult a doctor, his word will be decisive whether you can do yoga or not.

yoga treatment herniated disc

How effective is yoga at a vertebral hernia?

Yoga for back when the hernia can be as efficient as if to prove its correction power. The basic yogic principle of treatment of spine – Ahimsa. Yogic exercises called asana.

It is Important to understand that yoga is physical exercise. Their effectiveness is based on the inclusion of the spine in active work, but to overwork it. It is fraught with complication of the disease.

Principles of yoga exercises for people with disc hernia:

  1. Treatment of vertebral hernia should not cause pain in the affected area of the spine. If not, the exercise is suitable for you. For minor pain careful the valid exercise;
  2. avoid jumps, bumps, shocks in the back;
  3. At the initial stage, beware of exercises on twisting of the spine;
  4. exercises should be done daily;
  5. Initially the asana should give minimum load on your body, but gradually the load will increase. The key word is gradually. This is the treatment of spinal disease;
  6. Each exercise be sure to perform smoothly, you should breathe slowly;
  7. in one day you do not cure the spine, it will take time and patience;
  8. Practice should end with Savasana.

When not to do yoga?

The Main obstacle to practice yoga, in addition to the warnings of the doctor, – pain attack. After two days, when the pain completely subsides, you can resume treatment. You should stop exercising if your back or leg occur:

  • Weakness
  • Immobility
  • Tingling
  • Shooting pain.

Bharadvajasana on the chair

The sideways Position, sitting on a chair. The thigh adjacent to the back of the chair. The buttocks must be on the seat. You must pull the torso up, take your shoulders back and keep your knees and feet together. This is the starting position.

Exhale, twist the entire body towards the back of the chair. Her legs immobile. Hands holding the back of a chair, they will participate in the process of twisting. Avoid any sudden movements.

Crunches are done on the exhale, your back should be relaxed. The head rotates together with the body. End position – turn right and look over your shoulder. In this pose should be held for 20-30 seconds. Free your breath, exhale to return to starting position.

Now sit down the left thigh to the back of the chair and repeat the exercise in the opposite direction.

the Ardha Svanasana

To Stand against the wall, three feet from her. Tilt forward, placing a hand on the wall shoulder width apart, at chest level. Head and neck are in line with the torso. Inhale-exhale, tilt forward from the hips. The hands move down the wall. Legs should be straight, parallel to the wall. Torso perpendicular to the floor.

The Breath and the more straightening of hands. Now they're parallel to the floor. Exhale, the hips are drawn back, pulling the spine (it is important to keep it smooth). Inhale, lifting up, exhale – retraction of the spine. In the lumbar region forms a trough. When you feel pressure on lower back bend your knees.

End position: the torso relative to the legs forms an obtuse angle (90 degrees). Without surge. On the inhale return to standing position.

Savasana (corpse pose)

The supine Position. Hands and feet slightly separated (approximately 45 degrees). Head online with the spine. Breathing slowly and deeply, without strain. It is important to try to relax. Exhaling, the body is "released", you need to feel it spread across the floor. When the correct position will feel that you breathe through your belly – it is a natural breath. And this means that the body began to recover energy.

Relax even more, try not to think, just keep breathing. Should be carried out in Savasana for at least five minutes. By the way, experienced yoga almost able to replace a two-hour night's sleep.

Treatment of vertebral hernia includes and other exercises, but they will tell you the expert.