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Does the treatment of intervertebral hernias by the method of electrophoresis


The Pain in the spine and back is one of the most common reasons for which our contemporaries are turning to doctors. It is a signal that a serious pathological processes, such as hernia.

Treatment for herniated disks involves in advanced hospitalization, lengthy and difficult rehabilitation period. In some cases, the condition requires surgery and, as a result – long-term disability of the patient. Effective and more gentle method of treatment of pathology of the plan today is electrophoresis.

Electrophoresis with a hernia of the spine

Thanks to modern advances in the world many neuro-degenerative spine disease effectively treated using minimally invasive techniques. Such methods are carried out using microsurgical instruments and a special optics. As a result, it eliminates the aggravation and also to relieve symptoms and significantly improve the quality of life of patients.

One such minimally invasive technique is the electrophoresis with a hernia of the spine. He is assigned concurrently with the treatment drugs and significantly reduces the severity of pain.

Electrophoresis and its scope today

This method is based on the kinetic ability of an external electric field to migrate the dispersed particles of protein and colloidal solutions within a gaseous or liquid medium. For the first time the phenomenon of electrophoresis was observed and described by professors F. F. Reiss, and P. I. Strahovy in the early 19th century in Moscow.

The Effect of this phenomenon is that small particles of the solution appears able to penetrate into the smallest cracks and small dents the surface, even in the smallest pores. The body itself, thus, can be charged not only positively (anaphoresis), or negatively (cataphoresis). The method allows to separate the various substances into its components for further analysis.

This ability to help infiltrate the particles of the fluids in the pores is used in the process:

  • physical therapy;
  • paint all kinds of surfaces
  • in modern chemical industry;
  • when the dispersion of fog or smoke, and many other processes.

Application of electrophoresis in the treatment of the spine

Many highly qualified specialists from different countries recommend to use this method for hernia repair. During this procedure, a physician using a magnetic field in the intervertebral disc injected with various medicines.

Effective and popular today, for example, a technique in which electrophoresis is prescribed with medicines called “Calpain” and “karipazim”. These represent proteolytic enzyme preparations have a direct effect and is characterized by plant origin. In combination with electrophoresis, these drugs are recognized as highly effective for the treatment of various pathologies of the spine.

Assigned to this treatment for 20-30 treatments over 1 to 3 courses. The exact number is determined by the attending physician. The interval between courses should be between 30 to 60 days. When intervertebral hernia, which have size more than 5 mm, experts recommend having 3 courses.

At the end of treatment engage in a special physical therapy or to perform a full range of exercise for maintaining normal tone of the muscle corset.