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The experience collected for centuries in the treatment of herniated spinal folk remedies


Spinal disc herniation is a protrusion of nucleus pulposus in the fracture of fibrous tissue in the disk located between the bones of the spinal column. The prolonged strain, wear and tear and inadequate nutrition of the fibrous ring is manifested in deformation and damage to the tissue structure. In place of the damaged intervertebral disc is formed of the hernial SAC, which, when the pressure on the nerve roots extending from the spinal column, causing pain.

Effective methods of treatment of intervertebral hernia folk remedies

In the structure of the hernia SAC is dominated jellylike fluid that forms the core of the intervertebral disc, which accumulates in the area surrounding tissues and is not destroyed by the immune system. As a result of crushing from released gelatinous substances, begins the inflammatory process, accompanied by edema of surrounding tissues. Because of herniation decreases the mobility of the vertebrae, the detachment of the intervertebral ligaments. If a large hernia is the compression of blood vessels, disturbance of tissue trophism.

depending on localization of hernia, pressure on the spinal canal, the body can respond to irritation pain in various parts of the body, despite the fact that the problem is in the spine. This is because disturbed perception of strong fibers of the nervous system through the spine. The patient may feel pain and numbness in the extremities, are violations of the excretory system, gastrointestinal tract.

In case of compression of the nerve roots in the spine occurs, the pain can be localized exclusively in the back, or not to Express themselves. For accurate diagnosis using magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography of the spine.

Surgical treatment of intervertebral hernias is indicated only in acute conditions, associated with paresis, excruciating pain, loss of mobility of limbs.

because of the tendency of the disease to relapse, medicine refers to therapeutic methods of treatment, including the distinguished and traditional medicine. Usually, herbal medicine is used in combination with manual therapy, relaxation procedures on the background of painkillers and anti-inflammatory agents.

Medicinal fruits and herbs for the treatment of herniated spinal folk methods

Folk treatment of herniated disc herbs and fruits

based phytotherapeutic treatment are taking a General tonic with a high content of minerals and vitamins. In the diet included:

  • extracts of chamomile and rose hips in the ratio of one to one, soaked in boiling water;
  • dried apricots with raisins and walnuts, abundantly moistened with lemon juice;
  • bran with honey;
  • boiled rosehips as tea;
  • dried flowers of lilac, nastavljena in the dark during the week;
  • viburnum berries and ginseng
  • roots of cinquefoil, elecampane, and clover on alcohol.

All infusions and invigorating mixture are taken usually before meals. Herbs and fruits of plants have a beneficial effect on the immune system, trace elements fall into the problem area and help the body fight disorders in the structure of tissues.

Boiled infusions of chamomile and rose, lilac it is recommended to RUB into the skin is pre-cooled.

In Any case you should not heat the site of herniation, as this can amplify inflammatory processes in the hernial SAC.

Oil, ointment for rubbing into the skin and bath

In ancient times for the treatment used by almost all available means, including the products of fermentation of milk, cabbage leaves and clean the potatoes. But some folk remedies for treating herniated discs, which have reached our times, really help to relieve the pain and even reverse the disease back.

These features include oil solutions:

  • honey with pine oil;
  • oil of birch leaves, St. John's wort, comfrey roots

The Oil is rubbed into the skin or applied inside, while necessarily filtered before the disappearance of the precipitate.

The Peculiarity of these treatments can be temporary growing pains, mainly in the treatment of pine oil. As fir honey has an irritant effect. Special care to such means of treatment should be treated for Allergy sufferers.

hernia successfully treated pine oil

For treatment, you can use red, blue and white clay, which is applied to painful areas one to two hours. In conjunction with the use of clay solavista grass. However, they add, if the cause of the herniation was not injury, and low back pain.

a Wonderful recipe for healing ointmentrubbing to the location of herniation:

usually the main component in the ointment is oleoresin. Interacting with most plants, it enhances their properties, being a good drug. Folk medicine recommends to overlay them afterwards.

You will need 500 grams of the dried root okopnika, seventy grams of pine resin, three hundred and fifty grams of pork fat and three hundred grams of alcohol or vodka. In a blender grind the root to a paste, over medium heat, melt lard, add the comfrey root. Do not remove from heat for half an hour, then add the melted resin and stir, turning off the fire after 10 minutes, add the prepared vodka. After you add the vodka after 10 minutes to remove the resulting “mush” from the fire.

The best time rubbing medicated oils and ointments after a hot and wet Russian bath, which reveals the smallest skin pores.

However, that rise in temperature can affect the inflammatory process negatively, this procedure is not recommended often, no more than two times a week for three months.

For relieving pain in warm water add soothing herbs body. After baths compresses applied.

Horse fat, copper, bees...

  1. Another well-known folk treatment of spinal hernia is the horse fat, which unfortunately is not so easy to obtain at the present time.

Horse fat is rubbed into small chips, wrapped in a thin cloth, or polyethylene, is applied over the hernia. A compress brings relief within a few hours, and keep it is recommended from one day to two. The peculiarity of this treatment is the effect on the salt content in the body, saturation of the backbone trace elements and amino acids.

  1. Apitherapy – a common treatment method in which an intervertebral hernia disappears from the bite of bees.

Bee venom, getting into the area of herniation promotes the resorption. Apitherapy conducted by an experienced person, because you want to not only be able to work with the bees, but also know the places where you must guide the bee sting.

  1. Traditional treatment of herniated discs has been actively applied to the copper.

Copper coin or wire assembled into strands attached to the spine. The main influence is the passage of copper ions in physiological fluid of organism representing the electrolytes. Copper affects the acid-base reaction, which is reduced in the location of herniation and stabilize, returning to a normal homeostasis.

traditional methods and exercises

Treatment of herniated spinal folk remedies also imply the use of small loads on the body. By the way, doctors such methods not only do not refute, but also can see a direct relationship with recovery.

Training and sports lifestyle strengthen the immune system of the body. Due to the increased amount of blood flowing to the tissues, which contributes to nutrition and oxygenation of cells. Long walks in the fresh air, exercise and activity contribute to the disappearance of the congestive processes in the problem area.

As of the exercise offer is:

  1. Active walk for a long distance;
  2. Pendulum tilting;
  3. Birch
  4. Rotational motion of the body;
  5. Squats with hands stretching forward.

As the prevention of disease must rationally and to eat regularly, every day to drink 1.5-2 liters of fluid, move more. To visit a massage therapist, not to make sudden movements when lifting.

In all cases, the use of folk remedies from various herniated discs in the spine, it is mandatory to consult a doctor. After all, some plants can have a negative affect on the body with concomitant diseases. For example, garlic paste, applied as a compress to the back, can greatly affect the cardiovascular system, especially in the presence of related diseases.