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The use of acupuncture in herniation of the spine


The Pain in my back feels today, almost everyone. This pain can be caused by various diseases of the spine, one of which is a herniated disc. This pathology is characterized by a shift of nucleus pulposus of intervertebral disc in conjunction with the deformation of the annulus fibrosus. With timely treatment, the disease does not require surgical intervention. One of the effective methods of therapy in this case is considered to be acupuncture in herniation of the spine.

Acupuncture in herniation of the spine as an effective method of therapy

Acupuncture – an effective method of modern medicine

Acupuncture (acupuncture) is considered the most ancient method of traditional Chinese medicine. This method is now widely used worldwide for the prevention and treatment of diseases, caused by metabolism disorders and decreased immune function.

The Essence of the method lies in the impact of specially designed needles on biologically active points of the person, resulting in effectively eliminating pain syndrome of different etiology and other unpleasant symptoms. Acupuncture with a hernia, restores the normal blood circulation in all parts of the spine that, in turn, leads to a successful recovery.

The Main feature of acupuncture is that the method has no contraindications and side effects. This gives the opportunity to use it for people who are contraindicated for certain medications.

Chinese doctors believe that the point at which the impact occurs the needles are on the way of the circulation of vital energy. Thus, this method of treatment in diseases of the spine allows a technician to restore it to its normal flow, which favorably affect the overall condition of the body.

Indications for use of acupuncture in herniation of the spine

Indications for acupuncture

The Indications for carrying out acupuncture in diseases of the spine are: severe pain, stiffness in the movements and other unpleasant sensations.

Practice shows that acupuncture in herniation of the spine helps to alleviate the patient's condition in the following problems:

  • acute pain
  • pinched nerve endings
  • inflammatory process.

Experienced during the session by exposure of the needles annoys biologically active points, responsible for the operation of a spine.

The fact that the severe pain caused by intervertebral hernia, leads to the formation of spasm of the paravertebral muscles. Acupuncture is able to remove this spasm, and restore normal circulation. Such exposure, in turn, enables the body's defenses, which start to work on fixing the existing problems.

the Effectiveness of the procedure

In the treatment of herniated discs in the various divisions of the spine acupuncture method, usually used in combination with massages and other physiotherapeutic procedures. This method of treatment, primarily directed at eliminating severe pain, which usually occurs after the pinched nerve endings.

As a result of the acupuncture restores the circulation, which contributes to the fact that the nidus start to receive all necessary substances. This restores the original functions of the intervertebral discs and accelerated recovery.

Today there are different opinions about the effectiveness of this therapy method. Some experts effect improvement after the sessions of acupuncture is associated with the so-called placebo effect. This means that the method is as sure by the patient.

However, the positive practice of use acupuncture on children and animals that placebo effect can not be explained, completely refutes this opinion.

Today, a large number of cases where the combined use of acupuncture and other conservative methods of treatment of hernias of the spinal column allowed the patient to avoid surgical intervention.

It Should be noted that sessions of acupuncture are completely painless. If unpleasant sensations arise, according to the degree of their intensity can be compared only to the mosquito bite. The number of sessions required depends on the severity of the disease, and determine it can only highly skilled only in the process of conducting the necessary studies.

During the treatment it is very important that the acupuncturist had sufficient experience and the necessary knowledge – the incorrect adjustment of the passagelife energy through the body, according to Chinese experts, may lead to negative results. The effect of the conduct may be totally unpredictable and give the result opposite to the expected.

Today, acupuncture is effectively used for relieving pain and improving blood circulation for various diseases of the spine such as sciatica, myositis, osteochondrosis, and various types of neuralgia. If the sessions are conducted by an experienced technician, the benefits are difficult to overestimate – the pain disappears, eliminates the pinching of nerves, inflammation is significantly reduced. Amid all these improvements, the recovery of the normal functions of the spine is much faster.