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If visible on x-ray of a hernia of the spine, what type of shots best for diagnosis?


Indicates whether the x-ray of a hernia of the spine? – on x-ray images are clearly visible bones. Using this method you can set the curvature of the spine, fractures. X-rays show some tumors of the bone, presence of osteoporosis, is sometimes herniated disc.

X-ray picture of the spinal hernia

Indirect symptom of herniated disk

is it Worth it to take a picture with pain in the spinal column

Sometimes, when a patient comes to the doctor complaining of back pain, it can be assigned a snapshot of the vertebral column. If it is not detected any pathology, other surveys are conducted.

In recent years, more doctors believes that in the absence of suspicion of pronounced degenerative disc disease, displacement of the vertebral body or the cancer with radiation is better not to hurry.

Because the cause of pain is often a lesion of the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, nerves, discs) that are on the tape are not visible, the information content of the survey method low. The person thus groundlessly receives unnecessary radiation exposure.

What is visible on the radiograph of the spine


the CT can be seen hernia

The Vertebra is rectangular in shape, slightly concave at sides, rounded corners. In the lateral projection of the visible arc and spines, straight, spinous processes. Intervertebral disks are the spaces between individual vertebrae.

The images are compared On the left and right halves of vertebrae are normal they are the same. Parsed:

  • the Distance between a number of underlying vertebrae
  • contours
  • the Nature and intensity of the bone structure;
  • the Availability of additional outgrowths (osteophytes).

To identify scoliosis, kyphosis, dislocations, subluxations, fractures and other diseases of the spine (tumor, disc herniation) take pictures in two projections. Using functional x-rays determine the instability (increased mobility) of the vertebrae, or blockade of the motor segment.

A More informative picture of the bones, disks, and visualization of the spinal column, the anatomical structures of the spinal cord obtained with the help of computer tomography. This method is available through a layer-by-layer study of all structures in a short time.

Advanced x-ray technology

In the 21st century receives the spread digital x-rays. The difference from conventional analogue is the possibility of information storage on digital media and transfer it over the Internet.

A Detailed picture of the condition of the spine and the presence of a hernia will show an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). With its help it is possible to see the location of the pinched nerve root, ruptures of fibers of fibrous cartilage, even swelling and inflammation.

In conclusion, to sum up: on a simple x-ray of a hernia of the spine is difficult to determine and can only in rare cases on circumstantial evidence (complete disappearance of the gap between adjacent vertebrae). Help today comes a new generation of this type of diagnostics is computer tomography. Although more rational to detect a hernia of the spine using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).