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Hernia of the spine – obstacle to pregnancy and childbirth


hernia and pregnancy fit together poorly, but often go hand in hand. Severe back pain – not so bad, deteriorating General condition of the body. If not treated, the disease, the symptoms will only get worse: here it and to no complications far, and they are dangerous to the life of not only mom but also the fetus.

Of Course, to let the illness take its course unwise – the patient with advanced intervertebral hernia may be bedridden for a very long time, even after the childbirth process.

Intervertebral hernia and pregnancy - is there a danger?

Causes of hernia

As the disease develops not every mom, increased pressure on certain areas of the spine – not the main reason. Much more important are pre-existing illnesses, such as low back pain.

The Situation is complicated by the fact that to develop the disease may for many years but forced to run for help only when "absolutely stuck". And a catch, even when the pregnancy is already in the late stages, without being flimsy and "emaciated" discs of the spine are simply not able anymore to cope with the daily load. The development of a hernia of the spine reaches its climax. Then that person and wishes he had sought help earlier when only background began to emerge.

How common is a hernia of the spine?

Previously, the degenerative disc disease and its main complication, hernia of intervertebral disks, met, mainly, the older age group. To date, the disease has become younger – something extraordinary at a young mom is no longer considered.

The reason:

  • sedentary lifestyle
  • poor diet
  • excessive physical activity (rarely).

Why pregnancy accelerates the development of the disease?

Pregnancy is a period when the load on the spine grows permanently: spinal discs suffer from this, too. The closer the birth, the greater the weight and size of the fetus, and therefore, the more compressed spinal nerves.

When the pregnancy comes to an end, the situation becomes worse: all the symptoms inherent in one or another hernia of the intervertebral disk appear in all its glory. The patient's feet are killing her is too painful and difficult.

During pregnancy, especially before birth, the load on the spine increases

Can a hernia before?

In the conditions of constantly growing of the fetus, significantly increasing the load on the body of the mother, hoped that herniated discs go away by itself cannot. Noticing the first symptom of the disease – back pain – definitely contact your doctor. Medical procedures prescribed by a specialist will help if not completely cure, then at least stop the progression of the disease and facilitate the patient's condition. Treatment, chosen correctly, will not have to give birth harmful effects.

Is a disease, a hindrance to motherhood?

Medical point of view is as follows: hernia of the spine: a challenge for pregnancy, but it can be overcome. Special training and the right attitude and a skilled practitioner – this trio is fully able to give competent rebuff impending danger, and to reduce the likelihood that the birth will go wrong. You just need time to go to the clinic with the complaints and to take action.

Diagnostic pathology

Make Sure that Your case is a herniated disc, and not some other problem, will help diagnostic methods. Doctor's prescription is very important to undergo magnetic resonance imaging. High accuracy will allow us to say what you're dealing with. Determining not only the diagnosis but also the severity, the doctor will prescribe a course of treatment that is most effective for patient care that has the least impact on the delivery.

How to treat a herniated disc?

The First thing you need to relieve pain – this period will be delayed, because many drugs cannot be taken while the pregnancy lasts. Alternative will serve all the safe methods, including traditional medicine. Of course, too soon the result is not worth the wait – don't be in Your tummy the little man, the cure would have passed much faster. But once it is, nothing can be done, have to treat ourselves tenderly and patiently.

Treatment will be easier if the herniated disc of the spine began before pregnancy or in its early stages. The development of hernia in the later stages is complicated by medical intervention: in the case enters the whole complexes of non-pharmacological interventions, hurrying to help you and your child.

How to protect yourself from disease?

Pay attention to your health: it depends, your wellbeing, and well being of your unborn child. Arrange regular walks in the fresh air – it will be enough to preventthe development of the disease.

Optional steps:

  • adjust your diet;
  • to include in the routine physical exercises (daily charge)
  • avoid overloads.

Even if the work is sedentary, do not be lazy, make walks and breaks (it is best to pause every hour). During the holiday stand up, walk a little, mash legs. Such simple things not only boost your health but also routine work dilute: to cope with it will become much easier.

tip to future mothers about how to maintain the health of your spine.

Many women try to compensate for the weight of the fetus is not a complex movement: lean back, gently resting on the heels. At this moment the spine collapses an excessive burden, resulting in altered posture and intervertebral discs of the lumbar spine become vulnerable to disease, because the main burden is on them.

  1. Try to maintain a straight posture, at least for the duration of pregnancy;
  2. Stand straight and relax, keep legs parallel, spaced them to the width of the hips
  3. keep your Shoulders relaxed and your knees slightly bent and apart.

The Complex of such events – a good prevention of herniated discs and other spinal ailments.