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Therapeutic exercises for the back with a hernia of the spine


The Classic exercises with a hernia of the spine are directed on strengthening of muscular-ligamentous structures of the back, activating the blood supply in the spinal column, posture correction. To be effective, you should follow the recommendations of specialists and the regularity of procedures.

Charging with a hernia of the spine

Common types of charging when herniated

The Complex charge when intervertebral hernia is divided into the following types:

  1. gymnastics in the hernia;
  2. for Complex spinal diseases (osteochondrosis, radiculitis);
  3. the Technique of "qigong";
  4. recreational activities
  5. Tibetan exercises;
  6. Rehabilitation procedures after surgery.

Herniated disc cause severe pain gradually. Usually from the time of its formation until the onset of acute symptoms is quite a lot of time. If in this interval the person involved in the prevention of diseases of the back, do daily exercises for the spine, swims in the pool, you can prevent severe complications.

There is a risk of exacerbation of the pathology, if the person does not comply with certain requirements in physical therapy. In this situation, the healing properties of gymnastic exercises is being lost, and charging more harm than beneficial.

The Principles that must be followed when charging:

  • Exercise should not cause of strong pain syndrome. If this happens, you should postpone it for "better" times. Gymnastics with a hernia should cause slight tenderness;
  • to Start charging for the back should be the minimum frequency and power loads. Regularly doing exercise, gradually build up rhythm workouts;
  • Twisting of the torso in the initial stages is contraindicated, as with blows;
  • Each exercise with a hernia is repeated not less than 2 times, and the entire complex is better to perform separate daily 1-3 exercises at different times.
  • When the warp and deformation of the back is not much load space of protrusions and depressions. In the daily practice the pressure on them is gradually increasing.

Gymnastic exercises with a hernia of the spine have special features. They are slowly, consistently and with a certain orientation on the affected area (neck, thoracic, lumbar).

Useful exercises for the back

charging for a back hernia

Exercises for back exercise machines

back when the hernia of the spine we recommend the following set:

  1. Sit on a chair. Take a deep breath and try an effort to draw the belly in the navel to the back. Fix the condition for a couple of minutes and then re-take the starting position as you exhale;
  2. In horizontal position on the back bend in the knee joints of the leg. Upper limb cross your chest and squeeze the lower back to the floor. Carefully lift the shoulders and head up and then slowly turn to the side. Rising up, stay in this position for a few seconds, then stoop down;
  3. Position your hands along the body, lying on his back. Slowly make 10 tilts in the right and left sides;
  4. Turn on the abdomen. Lock the forearm to the floor. Bring your head up and continue with gymnastics as long until you get tired. The duration of repetitions to 10 times.
  5. Effectively and walking around the room on his haunches. Exercise helps to strengthen muscle corset of the spine. Back during walking should be aligned.

The Above exercises for the back is only effective if you do it regularly and correctly. Better to carry it out in the morning, but if you don't have time in the morning, do training in the evening. Just remember that before you sleep the body much impossible to overload.

TOOOherapeutic exercises for stretching the spinal column

charging when herniated

Exercises for herniated disc in lower back

For the partial restoration of the spine at a local pain syndromes in the back, the spine specialists prescribe exercises to stretch the spine. Let us cite an indicative list of exercises:

  • incline Board stretching for 20 minutes daily helps to eliminate the syndrome of nerve compression. Attach to the top of the Board fixing webbing width of 50 cm shall be affixed exercising for 20 minutes. To increase efforts, change the angle of inclination of the Board. Be placed on a trainer as his back and belly. When you run a load it is better to relax the muscles. Each exercise should be performed only until you feel slight discomfort;
  • Tilts to the side with the exhaust run in a horizontal position on the stomach. Perform fluid and small bends first right and then left. Record each position for a few seconds. For the besteffect it is necessary to fix exercises to the swimming-pool;
  • When pain one side is better to stay on the healthy side. If pain occurs with two parties, that in the process of implementing exercise therapy gradually change sides.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that training with simulators with a bad back should be very careful. With proper training they will benefit, and in violation of the above recommendations will do much harm only.