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Symptoms, causes, treatment of fibromyalgia in the home folk remedies

Fibromyalgia (musculoskeletal pain) is a pathological disease that occurs in 4% of people. The main symptoms of the disease are due to symmetrical muscle pain over large areas of the body. In addition to muscle pain sensation in these patients show signs of neurological disorders (depression, poor sleep).

some of the patients also found the pathology of gastrointestinal tract: irritable bowel syndrome, signs of impaired digestion, pain in the stomach. With the defeat of large amounts of skeletal muscle are observed secondary changes in all organs that is due to increased innervation from the Central nervous system.

the fibromyalgia syndrome in women

To Eliminate these symptoms will help folk remedies used at home.

Fibromyalgia is manifested:

  • restless leg Syndrome
  • Increased sensitivity of lower extremities
  • Stiffness and spastic contractions of the calf muscles.

Not all doctors confirm this diagnosis, as abnormal changes in skeletal muscles with the use of modern methods of diagnosis, scientists not found.

To establish the presence of the disease, experts use the process of elimination. Only after exclusion of secondary diseases that can cause pain, can likely speak about the existence of General diseases of the musculoskeletal system with pain syndrome.

Causes of syndrome of

The fibromyalgia Syndrome occurs for unknown reasons. Among predisposing factors to the emergence of a pathology leads to the violation of one of the phases of deep sleep. In clinical studies in patients with symptoms of the disease occur depression and pathology of brain waves on the backdrop of decreasing growth hormone. However, similar symptoms are often observed in healthy people with nervous feelings.

Fibromyalgia is accompanied by changes in many organs and systems on the background of enhanced innervation, so you can't "write off" its causes are only on the pathology of the brain. The syndrome consists of many symptoms, which are represented by complex biochemical, morphological and clinical disorders.

The Symptoms of the disease manifested by disorders of Central and peripheral mechanisms, and not only muscle pain. Against this background, we can assume the violation of transmission of nerve impulses along nerve fibres, but this information is not confirmed by clinical studies.

the study of the fibromyalgia syndrome

The fibromyalgia Syndrome includes a range of symptoms. Most often it is observed a phenomenon called "Central sensitization". It appears after prolonged stimulation of nerve receptors in the neurons of the brain. In this section "conceived" pain that is transmitted to muscle synapses.

Central sensitization can occur as primary disease or other diseases. She accompanies Parkinson's syndrome, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease and other pathological conditions of the nervous system.

While numerous studies revealed that this pathology occurs without the presence of peripheral damage. Fibromyalgia is considered to be the result of changes in the Central parts of the brain without peripheral disturbances. As a consequence of such pathological disorders, doctors believe patients with muscular pain simulators.

These diagnostic methods do not allow to identify pathological disorders of the skeletal muscles and internal organs.

The fibromyalgia Syndrome is not accompanied by organic disorders, but it at desire it is possible to identify psychosomatic disorders. For this purpose it is necessary to consult a psychiatrist, therapists and neurologists prescribe rare.

After the results of numerous clinical trials, it became clear that the cause of the disease is hiding in the changes in the Central nervous system in people with a genetic predisposition to the effects of the mental and stress factors.

As a result of experiments established that the threshold of muscle pain clearly associated with the degree of distress. Psychological factors such as suspiciousness, phobias, catastrophization play a precipitating role in causing the disease.

Fibromyalgia is accompanied by a decrease in the number of serotonin serum. As a consequence, the use of drugs, accompanied by increased levels of this substance leads to muscle pain relief. The effect of treatment is maintained only for the duration of the maintenance in the blood the dose of accumulation of the drug.

Symptoms and diagnosis

main tender points in fibromyalgia

The Symptoms of muscle pain when the disease can be divided into mandatory and secondary. To establish the diagnosis, the doctor focuses on the primarysymptoms. Secondary signs of pathology are detected not in every patient, but are common.

essential criteria of the disease:

  • the Absence of diseases: endocrine, rheumatology, Oncology. Their absence is confirmed by all existing clinical and laboratory methods;
  • Morning pain and stiffness of skeletal muscles;
  • of Local pain sensitivity, which is determined at 12 points out of 18 possible (according to the tactics of the Eastern school of acupuncture). For its determination the patient should lift the weight 4 kg. With the tense muscle fibers, and the doctor fingers examines the state of deep muscles;
  • it Should be understood that in the study the patient must not identify the impaired sensibility of the extremities, and the occurrence of pain.

The Presence of one or more symptoms of the above criteria can establish the diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

Relative criteria:

  • Psychological and functional disorders in history;
  • Morning muscle stiffness, and sleep disturbance.

The Symptoms of fibromyalgia are characterized by hereditary conditionality. It is important to distinguish them from primary symptoms of stroke, as when the cerebral blood supply may also receive muscle pain.

Treatment methods

To Cure fibromyalgia folk remedies is possible in the initial stages of the disease. Drug treatment is intended only to exclude pain. Etiologic therapy is difficult weak medical knowledge about the pathogenesis of the disease. To prevent pain, depression, sleep disorders, you can apply anti-inflammatories, but they have a negative impact on gastrointestinal tract, their use is therefore not secure.

mostly the treatment is based on elimination of symptoms, and the causes of disease remain. sleep Disorders, depression, neurological changes require an integrated approach.

Medical treatment is required to remove spasmodic contractions of skeletal muscles.

Example of medical treatment of fibromyalgia:

  • the Use of selective inhibitors of reuptake of serotonin (prozac, paroxetine). These drugs are used for 200 mg in the morning. DULOXETINE (inhibitor of the reuptake of norepinephrine and serotonin) – 60 mg 2 times a day. Tricyclic antidepressants – amitriptyline 10-25 mg 1 time per day;
  • Antiepileptic drugs (Lyrics) – they are inferior to the antidepressant activity, but also can effectively eliminate the symptoms of the disease;
  • non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen, diclofenac, paracetamol) is used for the relief of pain and relieving inflammation;
  • fibromyalgia Disease with the ineffectiveness of the above recommendations is treated with botulinum toxins and hormones (Androsterone, progesterone), activators of phosphorylase (antioxidants, preparations of Apple acid).

What are folk remedies you can apply at home

 the fibromyalgia treatment folk remedies

fibromyalgia Treatment of folk remedies at home can be carried out by the following methods:

  • physiotherapy
  • Therapy
  • Natural therapy
  • stone therapy
  • Art therapy.

To eliminate muscle pain effectively swimming in warm water and a light massage.

To relieve the syndrome of sensitization is applied psychotherapy, anti-stress training, autogenic training. Sunbathing and Spa treatment allows you to facilitate the attack muscle pain for 3-5 months.

Clinical studies show that behavioral therapy and therapeutic exercise leads to adaptations of muscle fibres to the influence of the threshold of pain.

In specialized centers is a comprehensive treatment of the disease, based on 4 principles:

  • a Reduction in peripheral pain impulses
  • Prevention of Central sensitization;
  • Recovery phase of deep sleep;
  • Treatment of depressive disorders.

fibromyalgia Treatment folk remedies performed using medicines to remedy nervous disorders, relaxation and calm. The most popular tool used for these purposes, is an extract of Valeriana officinalis. If you drink 3 spoons of infusion pharmacy during the day, the muscle pain will diminish due to the normalization of brain activity.

If the tool has no therapeutic effect, you can add ginseng or rosehip. These funds will stimulate the immune system while reducing the nervous impulses.

In conclusion, note that to establish the diagnosis of the disease is not easy. Impossible also the etiological therapy of the disease. Patients with this pathology should be tested daily to monitor symptoms and to effectively eliminate them.