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How to treat and how dangerous hypertonia in babies (newborns and infants)?

Hypertonia in infants is such a common phenomenon that parents of the baby, hearing about him, are not surprised. Such diagnosis is every second child. But this does not mean that the disease does not deserve proper attention.The fact that hypertonicity in newborns leads to worse consequences by the months or year of baby's life.

the Problem of hypertonia in infants

The nature of the illness

Hypertonicity in a child is like a strong muscle tension in the body. It can be the whole body and its individual parts, such as arms, legs or back. Baby's muscles, exposed to the disease, is so overstressed that similar to spring. There is even an opinion that the hypertonia in the newborn is a normal phenomenon, because while he was growing in the womb, was in a very constricted and unable to relax their muscles. But the fact is that this disease is accompanied by other symptoms not associated with fetal position. About them and will continue to be discussed.

Symptoms of hypertonia in children

The Main signs of the disease:

Therapeutic massage and gymnastics in treatment of hypertonia in children

  1. One of the obvious signs of hypertonicity in a child is severe stiffness of the muscles of the body. How is this determined? For example, he resists the extension of the handles or legs, and is often accompanied by weeping.
  2. As a symptom in this case is short or restless sleep. There are cases that at birth the baby is sleeping for 3-4 hours, which is normal at his age, and a month later wakes up every 40-50 minutes.
  3. Another symptom, indicating to strain muscles of the body in the newborn (with the newborn), is “holding” the head. Kids can not from the first day to hold the head, and in case they are so tense the neck muscles that little head held forcibly.
  4. This attribute is typical for children has just seen the light, menstruation, and for kids aged 4 months. It is frequent vomiting, and in large numbers, that is, the child can spit up almost everything he ate.
  5. Also in the symptomatology of this disease includes the adoption of such a position – lying down with crossed legs and hands and his head thrown back. If it's seen the baby, he can even sleep in this position, you should show concern.
  6. Another symptom is a painful response to external stimuli. For example, the light, the baby can blink, and the sound frightened and becomes rigid.
  7. the Final symptom can be called walking or taking the Chicks. If the baby stands up or tries to walk on the toes, it is not that other, as hypertonicity of the gastrocnemius muscles. As a consequence of this it can be concluded that even if at the first stage of life the child Express signs of the disease were not, or parents and doctors have noticed, that in 7 months they can manifest in this way.

Causes and consequences

The Reasons for the emergence of infants ' muscle tone can be a huge set. This birth trauma, and hypertonicity of the mother of the child during his gestation, and RH conflict, incompatibility of blood parents. In addition to these direct factors, there are also indirect, for example, living in a region with extremely harsh environmental conditions.It would seem nothing special, and besides, at least one of these (not all) of the factors is necessarily subject to any expectant mother or family. Yes, it's all so. But reducing these factors to a minimum will help to preserve baby's health and rights in the future, as any children the disease would leave its mark, if not on time to give it proper attention and is not treated.

Bad environmental situation - the cause of hypertonia in infants

What is so dangerous hypertonicity of the baby? If there is a mistake or the parents just did not attach importance to obvious symptoms, then later to fix something it will be harder when time passes and the child reaches the age of 2-3 years, is almost impossible. These kids damage the brain tissue, which leads to poor coordination of movements, formation of incorrect posture and gait, stunted growth skills and even speech impairment. The worst thing is that advanced stage can lead to cerebral palsy. Most often it is the stress of the lower limbs. If time does not apply to specialists, the small child very late start to crawl and walk.

first of all, if the neurologist in a month the baby didn't suspect anything, and just a week later the parents noticed any of the above changes in the behavior of their child, it is necessary to immediately consult a specialist. No matter what the parents of the child, in any case, life with him is strange and new, and sometimes very difficult to understand that the norm and the deviation from it. So you simply need to follow the development of their child.

If the child remains a stepping reflex at firstglance seem that it was good, but really if a child after two 2 months of life trying to make a move in the standing position, it indicates it is on the presence of abnormalities in the development of the baby. And in 3 months should not persist tonic reflex (the child is lying on his back to straighten limbs and on the abdomen – bending.

How to treat pathology?

How to remove tension from the muscles?

Treatment of hypertonic child may be different – from swimming before applying the medication.

Very good massage, medical gymnastics and electrophoresis. For each patient, his method of treatment and it may appoint an expert.

Drug treatment of hypertonia

If you choose swimming, then it is necessary to know what exercises will help relax the muscles, and how old are they fit. In addition, an Excellent means to relieve stress, are the baths. We all know how it relaxes the body. But in this case, you must be very careful. First, water should not be hot, and, second, the procedure should not take more than 20 minutes. Make herbal baths, for example with Valerian root, sage, and motherwort. Do they take turns with breaks. The session can be up to 10-15 procedures.

If the treatment will be the massage course, it is not surprising, if the specialist will show parents some relaxing movement for additional home exercises. It should be remembered that the movement should be smooth and relaxing, and in any case no patting. The session can be up to 20 procedures and will begin with 20 minutes, reaching up to 1 hour. Do not despair, if after passing such a large course hypertonicity preserved. The effect will be noticeable at once, and will repeat in a month. This will depend on the degree of muscle tension.

And medicines can go together with any of the above methods. Mostly they are aimed at muscle relaxation effect. What is the path to follow will tell the specialist, and the choice of a particular path is for the parent of infants.

But the main thing in the treatment of any disease (and this is no exception) is on time and as early as possible to start. And though some experts say that massage, for example, can only be used with 2 or 3 months, and medication is not required, this is not entirely true. Massage, if necessary, prescribed even month old baby, and the drugs often save lives. Most importantly, it is the result.