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The technique of relaxing massage for newborns and babies with muscular hypertonicity

Massage with hypertonicity newborn is very often prescribed to patients pediatricians. In combination with other types of treatment it gives excellent results and allows in a fairly short period of time to remove this symptom.

the Problem of hypertonia in newborns

What is hypertonicity?

muscle Hypertonicity is a condition in which a newborn child shows an abnormal tension of muscle tone individual muscle groups or whole body. a similar phenomenon Occurs quite often and is manifested immediately after birth. The causes of its development include:

  • hypoxia
  • of the disease suffered by the mother during pregnancy;
  • rapid, or conversely, prolonged labour
  • rhesus-conflict.

hypertonia is Manifested in the fact that the child over 3 months stiff muscles of arms and legs, he is whiny, restless, a poor eater and often spits up. In addition, expressing hypertonia in the infant quivering chin when crying.

the Benefits of massage for hypertonicity

Baby Cams pinches and throws his head back. There is a simple test : when a child is put on a flat surface and slightly tilted forward, he needs to touch his feet as you walk. This is one of the reflexes of newborns. If not, then such a phenomenon speaks of hypertonia in infants.

In mild form, this condition can be left without treatment, it is necessary only that the child was under constant medical supervision. Many babies it goes by itself, without special treatment. However, if this phenomenon is expressed strongly, then no treatment is necessary. Because hypertonicity may adversely affect development of the newborn child in General. Treatment are relaxing exercises and massage, occasionally you may need medical therapy.

Massage in improving muscle tone

A Special relaxing massage will help get rid of the manifestations of hypertonicity.

to consult a doctor in case the newborn

It aims to normalize muscle tone, improve their circulation. Most state child welfare centers have qualified masseurs. However, to achieve good results in the shortest possible time, it is necessary to do such procedures at home.

For of massage for infants with hypertonicity is important to respect the following conditions:

  1. the Child must be fed. A hungry baby will not be able to withstand this procedure.
  2. Well pursue this process after sleep, when the baby comes the time of the activity.
  3. it is Important to maintain a positive attitude – to talk to your baby, sing him a quiet song or play relaxing music. After all, if the child will cry and be nervous, the massage will relax him and not bring him any benefit.
  4. it is Better if the massage will be conducted by both parents. While mom will knead the tight muscles of the baby, dad may divert his attention with a bright toy.

This type of massage with hypertonicity of the muscles should last approximately 15-20 minutes and spend it courses to 15 sessions. Moreover, it is prescribed not only to babies. There are cases where such treatment might need and seven-month babies.

Exercises for the hands and feet with hypertonicity

To begin put on a child's body baby cream or massage oil. Then begin to massage each of the muscle groups. With hypertonicity of the feet the massage starts with fingers legs massaged each finger, draw eights on the soles of the feet, moving to the muscles and massage them, then move on to the muscles of the back, abdomen, hands.

Also Effective crimping movement and shaking of the hands and feet of the baby. Piston friction (grip, or leg of a child come between your palms and rubbing up and down) is also perfectly relieve muscle tension.

At the end of the massage you can perform exercises that relax the whole body of the child, for example, swing. The baby should take the armpits and gently rock from side to side.

The movement of the hands during a massage against tension should be smooth and relaxing. The main thing – do not overdo it so as not to cause the baby discomfort. If the massage is done correctly, after a few sessions you should see improvement in locomotor activity and normalization of the General condition of the child.

the Benefits of walking with a child with hypertonicity

Other treatments

Although treatments such as massage and exercises are the most effective in the overcoming of the muscles of need to use them in combination with other agents:

  1. Hiking. Exposure to fresh air, regardless of weather conditions, has a positive impact on the General condition of the baby. You want the baby stayed on the street for as long as possible, at least 2-3 hours daily. Of course, you shouldmake sure that the trips took place where the air is clean and fresh – in parks, squares.
  2. helps to relax the muscles of the baby swimming. In combination with massage and gymnastics it gives excellent results and enables you to get muscle tone fast.
  3. Should develop the child, to stimulate his motor and mental activity. Sing songs, tell nursery rhymes, rhymes, show toys – all this will positively affect the development of the baby.

Of Course it is better to make the term “hypertonicity” touched your child. And it needs a very responsible attitude to the planning of pregnancy, to cure all infectious diseases before the moment when you decided to have children. It is very important to eat right during pregnancy, consume vitamins, get registered in female consultation and to strictly comply with all instructions of the doctor. After 9 months the expectant mother and the baby are one organism. And then prevention is always better than treatment of the disease.

If it so happened that your child was diagnosed with hypertonicity, then do not despair. Massage for children with hypertonicity will help get rid of this problem.