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Features the symptoms and treatment of rupture of the distal tibiofibular of syndesmosis tibia and ankle

The Tibiofibular syndesmosis is called a fibrous Union of the distal epiphysis of Shin bones, supported by ligaments. In rare cases, between them is fixed a synovial joint. It is called the tibiofibular. Under the influence of some loads is not excluded damage to the syndesmosis.

the Problem of the tibiofibular syndesmosis

General information about the tibiofibular syndesmosis

On the basis of lies syndesmosis interosseous membrane, and lateral, front and rear ligaments. Damage is widespread, in most cases it is caused by injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Almost 12% of all ruptures involved the tibiofibular syndesmosis ligaments.

The Main cause of trauma – a strong impact to the joint. It may be lateral and straight. The imposition of a certain strength breaks. Injury of this type is often fixed in athletes. Get losing can ordinary people, due to fall or direct blow.

Rupture of the syndesmosis of the ankle cartilage is characterized by a particular etiology. Signs of damage the following:

  • swelling of the affected joint;
  • flushing;
  • acute pain
  • bruising
  • acute inflammatory process;
  • foot deformation.

structure of the tibiofibular joint

In many cases, the gap is combined with fractures and offsets. To determine the degree of damage is only possible by carrying out radiography. This is done in the hospital under the supervision of experts. In no case should not self-medicate and ignore the injury.

Particular traumas

damage to the distal radioulnar joint is accompanied by violation of the integrity of the interosseous membrane between the tibia bones in the lower third. Trauma leads to problems with movement. The injury disrupts the integrity of the joint and the involved bones. Often a gap is observed in people whose activity is connected with the laying huge stress on the limbs. In most cases, the damaged ankle joint is fixed at ballerinas, circus artists and athletes participating in the race.

Looks like isolated stretching, often this process included bone fractures or separation of some fragments of the ligament. All this leads to sharp and excruciating pain. People who suffer an injury of this nature, in need of emergency aid.

Lesions of cranial or vertebral syndesmosis accompanied by serious consequences. In particular, the injury may occur in the newborn during the labor process. It is damaged interosseous membrane of the skull, which leads to the likelihood of hemorrhage. The compression fracture of SYNDESMOS completely torn. There is only partial damage or stretching.

X-rays for the diagnosis of tibiofibular syndesmosis

the Main symptoms of damage

After receiving serious injuries expressed symptoms manifested instantly. The person feels excruciating pain that spans the entire affected area. When you are feeling ankle pain increases, which brings the victim a lot of discomfort. Gradually there is swelling, which increases every minute.

Rupture of the ligament accompanied by an unnatural position of the foot. She often turned outwards, due to severe edema. The damage area hyperemic. On examination revealed foci of hemorrhage.

For an accurate diagnosis is mandatory for radiography. To cope with the trauma encountered by humans. Increasing pain and swelling not resolved by painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Conducted x-ray eliminates the stretching and additional damage. Pictures will indicate specific affected areas. After that, the competent authority can prescribe the right treatment. If in case of an injury or after exercise man felt a sharp pain, should immediately go to the hospital.

Methods of treatment

Uncomplicated partial or complete tear can be eliminated with conservative methods of treatment. To remove severe pain syndrome produce procaine blockade. The main objective of conservative treatment is immobilization of the damaged area and compression tibiofibular gap. The ankle should be in complete peace, for that the foot is put on a special plaster boot. You need to wear it for a month and a half. Then it should be removed and in its place install a tire. At this stage you can carry out physiotherapy and massage. However, conservative treatment is not effective. For six months the person can exasperate the pain, and the functionality of the joint will be reduced.

The Best treatment for distal ankle jointis surgical intervention.

It is used in complicated or advanced cases. The first way to bridge the gap – endoplastic. This intervention is based on replacing part of the broad fascia of the thigh at the place of the torn syndesmosis. Gradually, the ligament begins to viewlets in channels that previously drilled in the tibia bone. Full recovery is fixed in 92% of cases.

The Second method of treatment is the use of a bolt tie. The essence of this method is to install a reliable mechanism, made of a special alloy. Thanks to him, the Shin bone is well defined, but are at some distance from each other.

The Optimal method of treatment selected by the specialist based on the patient's General condition.