Causes, symptoms and treatment medicamentosa myalgia

The Cause of back pain may be myalgia, symptoms of which are varied. Back pain come to every adult person often enough. They are often intense and painful. Pain can occur suddenly or gradually increase over a period of hours or even days. Any gardener is familiar with the situation, when after a few hours of work on the site, you receive the muscle pain in my arm, back or in the neck.

Myalgia after exercise

This pain familiar to athletes. In addition to physical activity to cause muscle pain can inflammation or emotional stress. But not always pain syndromes arise due to myalgia. Causes of pain in the back a lot. Manifested as myalgia and how to get rid of it?

What is myalgia?

Myalgia is muscle pain. Code according to ICD-10 (international classification of diseases revision 10) m-79.1. The pain varies in intensity and character: sharp, shooting and tearing, or dull and aching.

Muscular pain may be localized in the neck, thorax, lumbar region or in the extremities, but may cover the whole body. The most common disease is myalgia of the neck.

degenerative disc disease as a result of myalgiaIf muscle pain resulted from hypothermia in the muscle tissue can be detected painful compression – GENETIChESKIE plaques (gelose). They usually appear in the neck, chest and in the legs. Gelosi may reflect pain syndromes occurring in the internal organs. For this reason, a possible erroneous diagnosis of “myalgia”. Gelosi can move through the tissues of the joints, ligaments and tendons. These changes cause a person severe pain.

If left untreated the disease, it will cause serious pathology. May eventually develop osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease or herniated discs.

The Nature of the origin of species is different. Depending on the causes of the disease vary and symptoms.

causes of muscle aches

Causes of muscle pain can be different. Myalgia may occur after sudden or awkward movement, after a long stay in an uncomfortable position, due to hypothermia or injury, due to intoxication, for example, due to excessive alcohol consumption.

a Stressful situation is one of the reasons myalgia

The Cause of muscle pain may be acute viral respiratory disease or infection by parasites and stress.

Myalgia often cause systemic inflammatory connective tissue diseases and metabolic diseases. For example, gout or diabetes.

The Illness can cause drugs. Myalgia can be a result of taking medication, normalizing the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Often the cause of myalgia is becoming a sedentary lifestyle.

There are several types of myalgia.

Symptom fibromyalgia

  1. Fibromyalgia. This type of myalgia is the most common. It is characterized by symmetrical pain syndrome that often affects, in addition to muscles, ligaments and tendons. The debilitating pain is aching in nature. Fibromyalgia is often accompanied by fatigue. Most often pain occurs in the occipital lobe, in the lumbar and shoulder area, in addition, in the neck. The most likely causes of fibromyalgia is considered hormonal and immune disorders. The vast majority of cases of fibromyalgia are women. Most often this disease affects women during menopause.
  2. Myositis or inflammatory myalgia (code according to ICD-10 M60). Myositis is inflammatory nature. The symptoms of myositis appear, as a rule, suddenly and brightly, but may have growing character. The inflammation occurs in muscle cells due to vascular damage or impaired blood flow in the muscles. Myositis can appear during influenza or other infectious disease, due to infection by parasites or because of draught. Sometimes its appearance is associated with stress. Acute pain cover the whole body with the slightest movements. Sometimes the pain is not appeased, even at complete rest. Pain may be given to neighboring tissues and organs. Purulent form of the disease occurs by ingestion of muscle tissue pathogens. Purulent myositis is a disease in which develops cellulitis or abscesses. It may be accompanied by tissue death.
  3. Polymyositis (code according to ICD-10 М33.2). This is an autoimmune disease. When polymyositis pain can migrate through the body. This systemic inflammatory lesions of muscle tissue that causes weakness and degeneration of the affected muscles. Polymyositis dangerous risk of pathological changes in the lungs and heart. The illness begins generally with the fieldneck and shoulder girdle. Over time, the pain extends to the pelvic region and extremities.
  4. nature epidemic Myalgia or Bornholm disease (code ICD-10 В33.0). The causative agent of this disease is a virus Corsac. The disease is accompanied by acute paroxysmal pain syndrome, which is usually localized in the arms, chest, back and neck. The patient temperature rises, there is a fever and vomiting. The disease usually lasts from 3 days to 1 week.

creatine kinase-a marker of damage

there are different types of immunity depending on, there has been damage to muscular tissue or not.

Aching pain in the tissues in myalgia

Tissue damage muscle enzyme creatine phosphokinase (CPK) out of the cells and its level in the blood increases. The muscle tissue damage occurs, as a rule, in inflammatory myositis due to trauma or due to intoxication.

Myalgia, which found increased activity of CPK, it is acute or chronic. Chronic myalgia develops on the background of chronic diseases of the muscles, as a result of infectious or parasitic lesions of the muscular tissue, or due to endocrine diseases. The symptoms of chronic myalgia are often not pronounced. Aching, pressure, dull pain binds body. The disease may be accompanied by nausea. The affected tissue are sore on palpation.

Methods of diagnosis and treatment

It is Important to diagnose the disease.

The Symptoms are similar to symptoms of neuritis, neuralgia or sciatica. After all, pain when pressing on muscle tissue can occur not only due to the affection of muscles, and peripheral nerves.

If you are experiencing myalgia symptoms you must see a doctor. If you were diagnosed with myalgias, treatment should appoint a doctor. He will recommend the patient complete quiet and bed rest. Useful heat in any form. The affected area can be covered with warm dressings – wool scarf or belt. They will provide a "dry heat".

to consult a doctor in myalgiaDoctor find out the causes of disease. If caused the disease pathogens or parasites, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics or deworming medications. In cases where the disease appeared due to autoimmune disorders, the doctor will prescribe hormone drugs and immunosuppressive agents. Immunosuppressants – drugs that act depressing on the immune system.

To help with uncontrollable pain it is recommended to take painkillers. They will help you to choose the doctor. It will also determine the medication and the duration of the course. In the case of very strong pain syndrome the doctor may prescribe intravenous injection. The medication treatment should be done under medical supervision.

With the development of purulent myositis necessary assistance to the surgeon. The medication treatment of this myositis is mandatory for opening the source of infection, removal of pus and draining the imposition of bandages. Any delay in the treatment of purulent myositis dangerous to human health.

In the treatment of myalgia of effective physiotherapy. The doctor may recommend ultraviolet radiation of the affected zones, electrophoresis with novocaine or histamine.

Fastum gel myalgia

To get Rid of geneticheskih plaque helps massage. In the diagnosis of purulent myositis massage is absolutely contraindicated. Any massages when myalgia is left to a professional. Improper rubbing the affected places can cause increased disease, cause damage to other tissues.

At home you can use warming creams and gels. Such means are of Fastum gel, and Finalgon or Menovazin. Before using them you need to read the instructions carefully and complete all the steps strictly according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Folk remedies

To Facilitate the patient's condition will help folk remedies. For example, fat. Unsalted lard is necessary to grind and add the crushed dried horsetail. 3 parts fat take 1 part horsetail. The mixture is thoroughly triturated until smooth and gently rubbed into the affected area.

Cabbage is famous for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. A sheet of white cabbage have generously lather soap and sprinkle baking soda. After the sheet is applied to the affected area. On top of the warm compress tied a woolen scarf or headband.

Pain and relaxes tense muscles Laurel oil. For preparation of a solution of 10 drops of oil added to 1 liter of warm water. In the solution was dipped a cotton towel, wring it, fold the cable and put on the sore spot.

On the night you can make a compress out of potato. Some potatoes boiled in their skins, mash and apply to the body. If puree is too hot, you need to get between the potato and the body tissue. The compress should not be hot. Tie the top with warm dressing.

Laurel Essential oil in myalgia

Summer will help burdock leaves. Large fleshyleaves should pour boiling water and apply layers to the affected area. Is applied on top of flannel or woolen headband.

Prevention of pain

Some people suffer from myalgia regularly. It is enough to walk in windy weather without a scarf or sit in the draft, as the very next day there is a myalgia of the neck. Such people need to pay more attention to the prevention of this disease.

You need to dress for the weather. As to provoke muscle pain can temperature and not after physical exertion to run outside in cold weather or in cold room.

At risk are also people who, by their professional activity for a long time are in the same position and repeat monotonous movements.

This drivers, office workers and musicians. Such people need to regularly take breaks at work, during which it is recommended to walk and stretch your muscles. While sitting is necessary to watch your posture, as incorrect posture, the muscles are subjected to unnatural static loads.

People with diseases of the musculoskeletal system need to cure their ailments. This will reduce the probability of myalgia.

You Should regularly do physical exercises. Moderate exercise will strengthen the muscles and reduce the influence of various negative factors. Very useful swimming in open water in the summer or in the pool in the cold season. Swimming also has a tempering effect and helps to strengthen the body's immune system.

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