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What is myopathy, what are its classification, symptoms and treatment?

A person may be identified, the diagnosis of myopathy: what is it, the symptoms what are and how to deal with it? All of these are quite serious questions, the answers to which should know. Every year it is diagnosed increasingly often and is mostly a genetic predisposition. recently, However, it is noted that this disease may occur because of injury, infection and lack of vitamins.

Symptoms of myopathy

In this disease is atrophy of the nerve endings, causing the muscle fibers to gradually degrade, and the muscles themselves atrophy.


To determine the presence of the disease, you first need to know what symptoms accompany it. This will allow not only to identify the causes and timely treatment. Most often the first symptoms appear in early childhood. However, an acquired disease can develop at any age.

The First symptom of myopathy is muscle weakness and specific sites may be their atrophy. Major violations are considered to be the shoulder muscles and even muscle tissue of the lumbar and extremities. Some muscle atrophy is symmetrical, then the others may begin to increase. This is due to the accumulation of fat and connective tissue. They have a sealed structure, which may cause some inconvenience.

Change muscle in myopathy

Types of myopathy

depending on what muscle fibers were damaged, changing the classification of the disease and how to treat it.

Myopathy Duchesne is one of the most common types and at the same time the most difficult. Basically, this kind refers to an inherited type, which quickly progresses. The main cause is the dysfunction of dystrophin, a protein responsible for the integrity of membranes of muscle fibers.

Mostly this disease affects the male population, since it is active only at them. Women, as a rule, are carriers of this genetic disease.

Progressing myopathy Duchesne starts from a very young age and from the age of 3 has an obvious symptoms that reflect the presence of disease. If in 3 years the child can still move, but constantly falling, to 12 years it often completely loses the ability to move. Particularly affected are the gastrocnemius muscles of the legs, with which they thicken. When this begins to occur scoliosis and other joint damage.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Myopathy Becker often is accompanied by heart failure, which exacerbates the situation. This change can be traced in the initial stages, when the affected myocardium. All of this can be seen on ECG and Echocardiography. If the disease is not treated, heart failure will result in respiratory and severe muscle weakness. These two accompanying symptom of myopathy can be lethal for a sick person.

Diagnosed myopathy Becker in two main ways: by gene diagnostics and in the study of dystrophin in the muscles. As a rule, resort to the second when there is suspicion of the disease and the diagnosis is confirmed or refuted.

The Main method of treatment is essentially preventive in nature: physical therapy helps to reduce the deformation of the muscles, accessory to aid movement. Surgical intervention is resorted to in extreme cases, when the muscle begins to threaten the lives and health of a person.

exercise therapy for myopathy

Today to support the livelihoods of people with myopathy of various kinds appeared many of the most innovative medicines that help prolong the life and maintain the condition progressing without complications.

Myopathy Erba-Rota appears most often in adolescence. The symptoms are exacerbated by the age of 14, it was at this time placed most of the diagnoses of myopathy. In many sources the disease is also called the dryness of the muscles.

The Main cause of this disease is considered genetic abnormalities that occur during fetal development. Another myopathy of ERB may be of a hereditary origin.

The Most obvious symptom is weakness of the muscles, when they not only atrophy, but also cease to obey and develop. So eventually they begin to dry up, hampering the ability to move freely. With all this the person does not feel pain, just very weak. It does not go away even after a long rest, and over time just builds up more.

Disability in myopathy

The Disease begins to spread to the muscles of the legs and pelvis, and then gradually proceeds even at group of the shoulder girdle and others. In this disease the muscles atrophy and become thinner, because ofwhat hands and legs become very thin. Signs of myopathy rather monotonous, and decreased muscle tone is one of the most common symptoms. This leads to problems with the spine and musculoskeletal system. Scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis – the most widespread ailments that accompany myopathy. Unfortunately, these complications do not respond to treatment and gradually begin to progress.

Further health deterioration threatens a person in most cases, death. To this cause complications that accompany myopathy:

  • respiratory failure
  • pneumonia
  • the curvature of the spine, displacement of the intervertebral discs
  • paralysis.

The Main method of containment of the disease is therapeutic exercise and constant supervision of specialists. In addition, it is recommended timely medical treatment, which will be carried out continuously.

physical therapy for myopathy

More often mitochondrial myopathy, which is expressed violations of functions of the mitochondria. All diseases associated with the violation, cause complications in the form of muscle damage.

A Major partner of such myopathies are a variety of neurological manifestations, which make the life of a sick person is just unbearable. If not timely treatment, complications begin to progress. Against the backdrop of rapidly evolving myopathy diabetes mellitus, short stature, and Fanconi syndrome. Because of disorders in the mitochondria, they will begin to change and in muscle layers appears tricolor education.

One of the main method for getting rid of myopathy related to mitochondria, does not exist. Therefore, in order to facilitate the patient's life, worth fighting for with every symptom and manifestation of the disease one by one.

Steroid myopathy to date is beginning to gain momentum. Each year, the level of cases is growing, which is very care physicians. The reasons that trigger the disease are: the adrenal glands work with a vengeance and produce all the substances in excess. This especially happens with the development of corticosteroids. Most often it appears due to the influence of medicines containing this substance as it is poorly excreted from the body.

The Symptom is characteristic of a steroid myopathy, immediately catches the eye. The first is a striking change of appearance, which is constantly compounded and amplified. So on the face, neck appear body fat, which contrast with other areas of the body, as these changes do not appear anywhere else.

Signs of myopathy are frequent and very severe headaches, constant muscle weakness, wounds formed on his body heal too slowly. Children tend to have delayed growth and development, and the disorders of sexual sphere in later life.

Steroid myopathy - striking changes appearance

Myopathy, suffer from landouzy-Dejerine is not as common as other types. Starts to progress, the disease in adolescence and affects mostly the face of the sick. Adolescents with the illness often have everted lips, eyelids neobuxbaumia. The face is almost completely immobilized, and further myopathy extends to the shoulders. However, this stage is rarely complicated by loss of function of other organs.

As stated earlier, myopathy congenital most often found immediately after birth. This disease is quite severe symptoms which are visible with the naked eye. So the child with the disease, the diagnosis of congenital structural myopathy, very sluggish and quite far behind in its development. He is disturbed sucking reflex and he can't eat right, and consequently starts to fall behind in weight and height since it is not receiving enough nutrients.

Congenital myopathy has a different degree of severity, and it depends on the method of recovery and treatment. To make an accurate diagnosis, it is necessary at the first sign of myopathy conduct a detailed examination. If in infancy the muscular atrophy is not so marked, in the period when the child should begin to walk, all becomes clear. Besides, many children are observed to have morphological changes: narrow face, congenital hip dislocation, deformation of the foot.

Some of these signs can be severe, while others are not as noticeable. During examination, it becomes apparent that in the middle of a muscle is a bundle of myofilaments that impedes the development of muscle tissue. If so, it is especially important to promptly begin appropriate treatment and to be registered to control, because these cores are the first cause of malignant hyperthermia.

myopathy Treatment with massage

Main therapies

Myopathy is a disease, which in many cases can lead to death. Therefore, treatment must begin as soon as diagnosed. But not all types of myopathies can be treated, and for this purpose we provide supportive and rehabilitative programs.

The Most common method forretention of control of the disease is therapeutic exercise and massage that should relax the clenched muscles and fix too decompressed. The disease is not always inherited but it is acquired in the process of life. To decreased this myopathy, the treatment should be professional and last for a long period. It is very often used in diet therapy, because it can help to regulate the balance of substances in the body.

Prevention and recovery

Treatment for myopathy is not a major, it is necessary to carry out preventive and rehabilitation measures that not only reduce symptoms, but in some cases suspend its development. The main means of prevention of such complex diseases as myopathy, is the correct management of pregnancy.

Correct management of pregnancy for the prevention of myopathy

Because it is genetic disorders of the fetus are considered the main causes of myopathy and other quite complicated and dangerous diseases. If the woman's history include heritable diseases, inherited, such pregnancy must be monitored with a vengeance. In this case, there are all chances that the baby will be born healthy, or at least, with myopathy, which is not as aggressive.

opinion on the topic

In some cases, despite all taken measures, myopathy continues to progress. This can cause several complications, including respiratory distress, inability to move independently, and congestive pneumonia and even death.

Remember that families in which there were several instances of this disease, you should definitely consult with a geneticist before planning for the child.

Be well!