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How to permanently defeat the 6 main causes of pain in the back muscles

Sore muscles

Everyone at least once in his life complained that he had sore back muscles. This problem can be faced and elderly man, and a trained guy, and a very young girl. The causes of this pain can be completely different, and therefore treatment differs greatly.

Many sources are trying to offer versatile ways of dealing with this type of pain. Someone is actively promoting the infusions and decoctions of herbs, and someone offers to work out more. Counselors engage each other in debate, forgetting about the sufferers.

not to be in a wheelchair or in a hospital ward, should more attention to their health. If you for a long time concerned about severe pain in the muscles of the back, consult a specialist. Only an experienced doctor will be able to accurately diagnose and choose appropriate treatment, and experiments with their health almost always end badly.

For correct behavior one must know the causes of painful symptoms. Because of this, will be able to define the severity of changes in the body. And it will be easier to make a decision about visiting the right specialist.

Kinds of pain in the muscles of the back

Muscle Pain may be of a different degree of intensity and frequency. It is recommended to pay attention to the localization of unpleasant sensations – this will allow you to quickly make a diagnosis.

Pain in time of occurrence are:

  1. one-time
  2. Periodic
  3. Constant.


  1. Weak (aching);
  2. Strong (sharp).


  1. the Pain associated with diseases of the spine;
  2. Pain unrelated to vertebral pathology.

Weak are aching pain, constant in nature, so some people gradually get used to them. They do not notice the discomfort, and the disease develops. In such cases, the true cause of pain found during a random routine inspection and treatment is stretched on for months or years.


The Whole back of a man covered with muscles, which may decrease or increase in size. It all depends on the level of development of the muscular frame. The more a person cares about their own health, the less it is disturbed by muscle pain and discomfort in the back.

The Reasons for muscle pain are divided into several categories:

  1. Pain caused by diseases of the spine

Most Often muscles ache in osteochondrosis and scoliosis, as the changes in the spine lead to muscle compression. First there is a slight discomfort, which quickly passes. However, each time the pain becomes more intense, and periods of latency are shorter. At some point life turns into a continuous pain that accompanies the person every day.

  1. Pain caused by diseases of internal organs

If a person has a sick stomach or have problems with the pancreas, the pain experienced in the lower back. Gynecological diseases and problems with the urinary system it seems that a sore lower back. If you are sick of back muscles under the shoulder blades, chances of respiratory diseases.

Even the doctors in the presence of muscle back pain are not always aware of the need for full examination. If there is even the slightest suspicion of the disease of internal organs, should insist on additional tests and procedures. Any delay is a serious danger, so do not hesitate to defend his point of view.

  1. Inflammation

If the person warmed up after the space left on the cold streets in light clothing, the next day appear muscular back pain. This problem often appears in the summer, when people are saved from the heat by using drafts. All this may cause myositis, to struggle with which is quite difficult. But timely treatment can recover in a short time.

If you hope to win myositis independently, have to disappoint you. Its cause may be not only hypothermia, but also the presence of infection. To destroy her would be antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, which are selected individually. Also required physical therapy determined by the attending physician taking into account existing contraindications.

  1. Mechanical damage

When playing sports or active movements muscle is injured, resulting in severe pain. Athletes often have a latissimus dorsi, which is experiencing the greatest stress in athletes. If the injury is small, the muscles need to warm up, but when the severe damage of much-needed rest.

Mechanical injuries happen not only in athletes but also in children. Because of strong mobility, many kids get injuries of varying severity that must consider parents. Even in mild complaints is to take the child for examination to rule out ligament tears and fractures.

  1. Pain from overexertionmuscles

People who lead a sedentary lifestyle, constantly suffer from the strain. It becomes a perpetual companion of office workers who sit in front of computer in an uncomfortable position.

If you have sore back muscles after sleeping, often muscular discomfort – it is time to reconsider your lifestyle. These pains occur because of an uncomfortable bed, which should be hard. Change the pillow on the cushion. At first, such innovations may seem strange to the body, but after a short time the muscles will come to normal.

  1. Congenital abnormalities

Some of them are not amenable to correction, and others are successfully treated, so it is important to listen to the complaints of young children.

especially dangerous is the syndrome of the shortened legs, when one leg for 3-5 mm shorter than the other. Under the influence of this incorrectly formed spine, scoliosis and other debilitating diseases. There could also be deformity of the pelvis, which further worsens the condition of the baby.

Treating pain in the back muscles

How to treat a sore back muscles

The Universal advice on this do not happen. In order to feel better about your own carelessness, you should consult with a certified physician. Only in this case, the treatment of pain in the back muscles will be effective and safe.

If the pain attack has caught you off guard, it is necessary to use anesthetic ointment. They will remove the attack, will ease the position of the patient and will calmly get to a doctor. Also help heat ointments and gels, which include red pepper flakes.

  • When the pain caused by diseases of the internal organs, doctor are special drugs. They are aimed at treatment of the underlying disease, after the victory over the discomfort in the back disappear. It takes time, but with reasonable behaviour such pain is almost never returned.
  • When you exercise the pain can be reduced through the use of warming ointments, special woolen belt and drinking enough liquids.

Before training you should have a good warm up, and during class, neglect the exercises. Weak muscle pain in the beginning, sports are the norm, but strong attacks should be a cause of visits to physicians.

  • Infectious and inflammatory diseases require complex treatment with special drugs, which is selected by the doctor. It takes into account the General condition of the patient, presence of other diseases and many additional factors. Also important is the role of individual susceptibility to drugs, what if no one thinks self-treatment.

Remember the most important rule is, treatment should begin only after examination. A single attack can be defeated on their own, but the constant discomfort cannot be tolerated. If timely treatment to the doctors can make their life easier and to keep from developing chronic diseases.

In Any case, do not use decoctions and infusions that actively offer medical forums. No one knows how your body will behave, so it's best not to risk it. Use the available exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back, follow the recommendations of the experts and all will be fine.

Prevention is the key to health

Better than any treatment helps prevention available to any person. What is required to protect the muscles of the back issues?

  • exercise stress.

Daily exercises allow you to train your back muscles, make them more hardy. They are not so susceptible to external influences, which makes human life more pleasant.

  • the Use of vitamin complexes.

If the pain is caused by lack of vitamins and minerals, to the aid of various drugs. It helps to determine which substances are lacking, take a few courses – and about pain attacks can be forgotten.

  • Avoid overloads.

Many people believe that intense sport benefit, but it is not. It is necessary to consider the individual capabilities that are very different. If you are not able to withstand a strong load, it should reduce it.

  • Wear clothes for the weather.

In pursuit of fashion people choose light clothes that do not protect the back. From hypothermia the muscles become inflamed, so it's best to take care of oneself. On cold days one should wear a warm sweater or to insulate the zone from wool.

  • Take breaks when monotonous sedentary work.

knowledge Workers should take short breaks of ten minutes, leaving the familiar chair. At this time is to go, and if space allows, do a little workout. The body will be grateful for this holiday.

Often people don't know what to do if you are sick of back muscles. He panics or is in a state of indifference, which is equally hazardous. You must act quickly and clearly to get back to normal.

If the cause of pain is known, the entire complex of medical and rehabilitation measures aimed at eliminating the cause of discomfort. When the cause is unknown, for temporary relief use pain medication, and then immediately go todoctors.

Take care of your health now – and then you don't have to fight with many neglected diseases.