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Appeared multiple lipomas all over the body – what to do?

It is Quite possible that a person has lipomas all over his body what to do in this case? First you need to find out the cause of this phenomenon, and then to determine methods of its treatment. There can not do without the advice of a competent professional.

lipoma on the back

Causes of lip

Lipoma (or fatty tumor) is a tumor of adipose tissue located under the skin. TOOOhe Word tumor there should lead you to despair, because in this case this is purely a benign tumor. Only in rare cases the lipoma may mutate into a malignant tumor. It happens to those lipomas that appeared long ago and were not removed. In this case, the lipoma may appear on any area of the body where there is at least minimal body fat. Also there may be internal and talc.

This lesion is almost always enclosed in a capsule that consists of connective tissue. Capsule mobile, what distinguishes a fatty tumor from other neoplasms. The Wen is a small seal, rather soft to the touch, which is located directly under the skin. This seal has a shape, but when pressed it is able to shift a little.

Diagram of lipomas

The Causes of lipoma on body doctors tend to believe a violation of the innervations of a particular stretch, which starts reproducing out of control fat cells, and form fatty tumor. And this happens regardless of the weight of the person. For example, even if a person suffers from anorexia, and he's underweight, it still may be a lipoma.

The Formation of multiple lipomas on the body is called lipomatosis. According to medicine, this phenomenon is hereditary. So, if your family were such cases, then you are at risk. Additional causes of lipomas all over my body:

  • hormonal disorders
  • blockage of the ducts of the sebaceous glands;
  • liver disease;
  • endocrine diseases
  • incorrectly performed surgery to remove such tumors.

what is the diagnosis?

Most Often suffering multiple lipoma female half of humanity. In this age of women, typically older than 35 years. To diagnose this disease there is no difficulty. An experienced surgeon can easily put this diagnosis just by feeling.


This tumor is always active, it has clear boundaries. When pressed it shows the structure of an orange peel (cellulite), this is due to the special structure of adipose tissue. To confirm the diagnosis, doctors may prescribe additional methods of examination:

  1. x-ray examination, it is necessary for the diagnosis of lipomas located deep. This type of research bears some danger, as it is related to radiation. It is not recommended for pregnant women and children.
  2. Ultrasound Wen – unlike x-ray this method is completely safe and very informative.
  3. Biopsy. With a thin needle to pierce your education and take a tissue sample from Wen. Then taken the material sent for histological examination. This method of research allows you to make sure that education is benign.

treatment Methods

What if lipomas have appeared all over the body? The answer is simple – remove. And only surgically. No folk remedies will not help you to get rid of these entities. Very rarely, a lipoma may disappear on their own, but it is better not to wait.

Surgery can be done in several ways:

  1. Through an incision made over the tumor, together with the capsule removed. This method has one drawback – the scar will be quite noticeable, its value will depend on the size of the Wen.
  2. Mini-operation. The surgeon will make a small incision under endoscopic control and destroys and removes education. As a result, the scar is invisible, but possible relapse.
  3. Liposuction. This method involves piercing the skin and sucking out fat from the capsules. However, experienced physicians do not recommend to perform this surgery, because after it, very often there are relapses.

How to remove a fatty tumor should be decided by the doctor. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, so the question of the choice of treatment is decided in each particular case.

If the Wen is small , and does not cause trouble to man, it is not removed.

But with the growth of a lipoma, multiple formations, recommend removal of these tumors. Self-medication in this case is strictly prohibited. After all, you can take for Wen to other, more dangerous tumor. Besides, incorrect treatment can lead to the appearance of new lesions. So if you found yourself in a similar phenomenon, it is bestto contact an experienced doctor.