Lipoma removal by surgery and laser

Lipoma is a benign tumor. It usually grows slowly. But there are cases where because of size or for cosmetic effect requires the removal of lipomas. Do not be afraid of the operation. It is often simple and secure.


causes of tumors

Lipoma, or fatty tumor, is a benign tumor that grows in fatty tissue.

Lipomas do not grow through tissues and organs, usually do not transform into malignant tumors. They rarely get sick. Slowly grow.

Wen formed:

  • adipose tissue near the internal organs;
  • in the subcutaneous epidermis on the face, neck, head;
  • in the breast
  • in the retroperitoneal fat;
  • in the chest near the heart.

Headache in the presence of a lipoma in the occipital region

The reasons for the formation of scientist Wen unknown until the end. They arise as the full and thin, both adults and children. The most susceptible to this disease people from 30 to 50 years.

The Alleged reasons for the formation of lipomas:

  1. Hereditary factor.
  2. Injury of adipose tissue.
  3. metabolism.
  4. Neurotrophic disorders.

Lipomas on the face and head

On the face of lipomas occur:

  1. White talc (Whitehead). Are formed in the clogged sebaceous gland due to excessive secretion.
  2. Xanthoma. Grow on the eyelids, around the eyes.

Structure lipomas

White talc on the face can be placed directly under the skin. Lipomas appear as small white bumps.

Xanthomas appear as yellowish, yellow-brown shapeless blotches. These tumors usually make the face, just behind the forehead, near the eyebrows. Can be accommodated in the deeper layers of subcutaneous fat.

Lipomas on the head surface are formed in places where a lot of subcutaneous fat. Usually grow on the forehead, less on the scalp, on the neck. Soft, at a palpation do not hurt.

The Most dangerous location – occipital region, particularly in the cervical vertebrae.

The Growth of lipomas in this area have the potential to create:

  • headaches
  • weakness, fatigue;
  • malnutrition of brain cells;
  • hypertension.

The Head is particularly vulnerable place, as not every method of treatment the Wen ideal.


Neoplasms in children

Lipoma develops in children as in adults. Appears asymptomatic, grows slowly. Especially it often happens in newborns. They often grow a xanthoma, which affects the subcutaneous layer of fat in the face or on the head. Looks like a shapeless ugly yellow spots around the eyes, nose, eyebrows.

A Characteristic feature of this tumor in kids is that xanthomas appear and then disappear. Not much grow. Of tumor these tumors are usually not operated as disappear by themselves to five years. Face and head is clean.

In cases where the seal was formed and there was a fatty tumor in the other locations on the body of the child, no need to rush to remove it. Especially if it is slowly increasing.

To Remove a lipoma in children is possible only after five years, and in extreme cases – years after, as the anesthesia may be detrimental to the health and development of infants.

Tumor removed necessarily when they are positioned in places of injury: groin, neck area, on the belt. Mechanical friction, scratching or any other damage to the lipoma may cause bleeding.

Problem lipomas in children

Diagnosis and treatment

Lipoma is usually diagnosed by visual inspection and palpation. For more confidence before the final diagnosis, the doctor prescribes further research.

depending on the location for the study of Wen appointed:

  • ultrasound
  • computed tomography
  • x-rays.

When lipoma struck head, particularly suitable method is a computer tomography, as it is absolutely harmless.

Small lipomas, especially on the face, in the head primarily treated with medicaments, as well as locally – special absorbable cream.

Multiple Minor white talc on your face are removed with the help of beauty treatments: face cleansing, peeling, laser resurfacing.

In some cases give the effect of physiotherapeutic methods. In cases where treatment has yielded positive results, resort to removal by surgery.

surgical removal of lipoma

Methods of surgical removal

Many doctors believe that the tumor must be removed. She, however slowly it grew, still has a tendency to sprawl. Although a lipoma is not usually develops inmalignant tumor, it does not dissolve. Often prevents, unaesthetic looks. Being located on the internal organs, can cause pain and serious violations of the body.

be Sure to remove the tumor on her leg, as well as those that are located on the face or neck. For example, talc that had formed on the neck, may compress the soft tissue of the larynx and cause difficulty breathing.

To Prepare for surgery in advance. Can inform the surgeon and anesthesiologist, what chronic diseases you suffer, what medical drugs are allergic. To prepare for the surgery, you should consult your doctor. Usually operations are carried out as standard, under local or General anaesthesia.

Lipomas are removed in these ways:

  1. Surgically. This is the most radical way, does not imply repeated occurrence of the tumor, the incision of the skin is directly in front of Wen. Is cut out completely along with the shell. Surgery has a major drawback: leaves scars. Surgically removed lipomas that are in hard to reach places on internal organs, on the surface of the head.
  2. Liposuction. Is the destruction and extraction of lipomas with the use of lipoaspirate. Leaves no scars. The disadvantage is that sometimes pieces of the tumor remains under the skin after removal. The tumor is growing again.
  3. Endoscopic removal is to remove the fatty tumor with endoscopes, special tubes. In the epidermal tissue inserted tube, in which are placed the necessary tools. The tumor is removed. The operation has several advantages. First of all, does not imply recurrence. Secondly, do not leave scars.
  4. Electrocoagulation is used to remove small tumors, which are located under the skin. The operation is done with the use of the electrode. Tungsten filament the skin are cut, inserted an electrode through which electric current is passed. The tumor is broken.
  5. Laser lipoma removal is bloodless and less traumatic method. This method can have recurrent consequences.
  6. Radiowave surgery is only used for small lipomas. The tumor is destroyed by exposure to electrical current.

How to lipoma removal by laser, scalpel or other means? It is up to the doctor.

The Choice of method of removal of lipomas depends on their size, condition and localization.


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