MRI of the chest – that shows how bad the research

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the chest is a safe non-invasive method of diagnosis. In medicine, it is one of the most accurate methods. Widespread research has been due to the fine images and the possibility of a 3D simulation.

Magnetic resonance imaging is expensive, so not every state hospital has the opportunity to purchase it. This limits the medical use of magnetic resonance.

nevertheless, every Oncology center is equipped with these settings. Without them it is impossible to accurately establish the localization of the tumor in the lung and the mediastinum. In Oncology, the MRI shows the zone of operational steps, which you must remove the tumor tissue. Consider the study in detail.

MRI of the thorax

Use of diagnostic methods in medicine

MRI of the chest in medicine is applied in the following areas:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging for the assessment of pathological lesions in lungs, heart and mediastinum.
  • define the size of the tumor and condition of surrounding tissues.
  • the Study of anatomy of the mediastinum and pulmonary system.
  • to explore the dynamics of blood flow in the chambers and blood vessels of the heart.
  • Obtaining images of the lymph nodes and venous vessels.
  • Evaluation of the musculoskeletal system and spine.
  • the Study of the pericardium.
  • Definition of lesions pleural sheets.

With the help of MRI we can identify serious pathology – aneurysm of heart vessels. A bulging wall is dangerous rupture of the vessel and the death of a man. If the patient has been able to identify this pathology and operative treatment, to save his life. Without an MRI to diagnose the disease almost impossible.


Preparation for MRI of the thoracic cavity does not cause serious problems. Only need to remove metal objects and to wear a special shirt that will be provided by the x-ray Cabinet employees.

during the day the patient should take fluids and food in normal mode. It is also desirable to follow the normal routine that the authorities worked in a regular mode. If the doctor will prescribe medications, you need to take them.

In some cases, you may be assigned a contrast scan of the chest cavity. In this case, the preparation is assigned a nurse, or a radiologist. Before the contrast enhanced MRI scanning will be a test for iodine and other contrast medium that will be used for the procedure.

At the present time for carrying out magnetic resonance imaging iodine is rarely used, and gets the greatest popularity gadolinium.

The Radiologist should know of any diseases that the patient suffers. They can lead to distortion of results. For example, the problems with the introduction of contrast can occur in patient with kidney disease.