What do CT chest

MSCT (mnogoserijnaya computed tomography) of the chest allows you to clearly visualize the characteristics of lung tissue, and mediastinum. The mechanism of imaging is that with the passage of the x-ray beam through the chest cavity of a man with a thin slice of 1 mm on the monitor of computer appears the image plane of the image.

The Method involves obtaining multiple slices at a certain level. 3D modeling allows to form a three-dimensional image based on the obtained images and to examine the state of the pulmonary system with a maximum degree of accuracy. Better quality diagnostic studies does not exist.

MDCT of the thorax

The MDCT is a rather qualitative technique, but it is characterized by high radiation radiation. As a result, is assigned mnogoserijnaya computed tomography of the chest cavity only when absolutely necessary.

Indications for

Mnogoserijnaya computed tomography is carried out only on strict conditions:

  • a suspicion of cancer;
  • traumatic injuries of the chest;
  • tumors of the lung and mediastinum;
  • bleeding from the chest cavity.

Radiographic study using x-rays definitely assigned when the suspicion for cancer. It can be used to set the pathology in the early stages and prevent the death of the person.

CT in Oncology it is also used to determine the dynamics of the therapy after chemotherapy or radiation exposure. Diagnostic possibilities of the method help to not only eliminate cancer, but also to provide possible information for quality of surgical treatment.

If necessary, to Supplement the radiological diagnosis can be contrasting methods. When they injected the iodine intravenously. When this substance enters the blood vessels of the heart and the superior Vena cava.

Also MSCT in medical establishments is used to detect stroke or cerebral infarction.

How is the diagnosis