Chest x-ray: what pathology can be determined by the study

Chest X-ray is used not only for diagnosis of lung diseases. Chest radiography is often used to identify rib fractures. X-ray of chest organs allows to study the cardiovascular system and the lungs.

x-ray of the breast definitely is assigned to all patients with pathology of hematopoiesis. When it is necessary to make two projections: direct and side.

Before you perform the procedure requires no special preparation. Only need to visit the procedural x-ray Department where the x-ray technician will set the patient for the exposure and talk about other details of the study.

chest x-ray

Diagnosis of diseases of the spine

X-rays of her chest in diseases of the spine is required, although it may seem that the procedure is not necessary. However, it provides a lot of information to the physician for diagnosis and treatment of disease.

There is concern about radiation exposure when performing the exposure. But we should not be afraid of it if the procedure prescribed by a doctor. For example, say that the dose of radiation when performing radiography of the lungs is equal to hop on a plane at a distance of 5 000 kilometers. Benefit from the implementation of the study significantly more than harm.

The Neurologist appoints a chest x-ray to examine the condition of the ribs. For scoliosis of the thoracic and cervical spine is formed by the curvature of the ribs of the corset. Against this background, there may be deformity of the ribs and intercostal spaces change.

Chest x-ray, when used properly, provides considerable assistance to the physician in the choice of tactics of treatment of the disease.

Absolute contraindications for performing x-ray studies do not exist, except pregnancy and lactation. Nevertheless, even under these conditions sometimes x-ray examination is carried out. In such a situation, the principle of use more harm.

So, if there is a risk to the life of the pregnant because aneurysm of aorta or major formation of the lungs, the feasibility of x-ray diagnosis is not questioned.