That may show an ultrasound of the chest

Chest ultrasonography is used to determine the level of fluid in the pleural cavity. With pneumonia outside fluid may accumulate. On plain x-ray to identify the liquid contents is not possible if the number does not exceed 150 ml. In this situation, the exudate in the picture is not shown. However, if left untreated, possible compression of the lung.

ultrasound of the thorax

What to scan by ultrasound

ultrasonography of the thoracic cavity allows you to scan intercostal space over the entire surface. In the projection of the heart observed the same pattern. It can be divided into 3 components:

  • soft fabric
  • skeleton
  • air lung tissue.

Drill sonographic pattern in the study of light requires the use of high frequency sensors with high resolution. In this situation you can clearly visualize all of the above anatomical structures.

When using scanners with a high resolution you can see the additional shadow resulting from the presence of tumors, other soft tissue structures.

In private medical centers that provide services to people with diseases of the respiratory system, use of expert equipment with touch sensor clock frequency 3.5 MHz.

When a longitudinal scan of the chest with the use of this type of instrument can be used to detect hyperechoic foci at the expense of subcutaneous fat. Its thickness may be subject to significant fluctuations in different people, so echographic picture is somewhat different.

fiber is the muscular layer, which gives ultrasound a hypoechoic signal, but with a long longitudinal striation lines. Using ultrasound can accurately track the boundary between these formations.