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Causes, symptoms, treatment and consequences of an arachnoid cyst brain

A Cyst is a disease which in mild form of the development does not demonstrate a long time are no symptoms. Arachnoid cyst of the brain is one of its types, representing a cerebrospinal fluid filled cavity located between the spinal cord and the brain, and the arachnoid membrane covering them. The cyst is a dangerous disease and can cause significant harm if you don't start proper and timely treatment.

the Problem with brain cysts

Neurosurgeons have noted that men exposed to this disease few times more than women. According to medical statistics, quite often, the disease affects children in the first year of life.

Signs and symptoms

A Cyst of the brain is divided into two types depending on the type of tissue in which it was localized benign tumor. The meninges is the arachnoid and CSF cyst in the brain, in the brain tissue – retrocerebellar. An arachnoid cyst can appear as a result of inborn heredity and after illness. The most common causes include:

  • carried out a brain operation;
  • meningitis
  • anomaly of the connective tissue;
  • viral load
  • encephalitis
  • cerebrovascular insufficiency
  • other autoimmune diseases.


The Reasons cited by these as a result of medical research of neurological surgeons, which are taken as the basis in the formation of the pathogenesis of the cyst, is primarily injury and inflammatory processes.

Congenital arachnoid cyst may not show any way not to harm the brain. Acquired type requires constant monitoring with the neurosurgeon, as prone to the growth of cysts. Most dangerous is retrocerebellar type that rapidly increases in size and may be dangerous for life. This type of cyst grows on the shell, and a thicker brain. The disease can cause stroke, local infection or inflammation, the surgery.

Symptoms of arachnoid cysts is able to demonstrate:

  • headache;
  • hearing;
  • convulsions
  • nausea and vomiting
  • poor coordination of movement.

brain MRI for the diagnosis of the cyst

in addition, the cyst may cause hallucinations and clouding of consciousness in severe its course. If in time not to begin treatment illness, it can cause increased intracranial pressure and dysfunction of some internal organs. The most severe symptom, which is characterized by neglect of the disease, a complete loss of the ability to move from the opposite side of the body relative to cystic formations in the brain.

The Presence of such symptoms, as dizziness and frequent nosebleeds can lead to great blood loss, which can aggravate the patient's condition.

brain Cysts in children

The Most common, starting with the intrauterine development of the fetus, CSF is recognized as an arachnoid cyst. The rudiment of the brain in the prenatal formation is influenced by external factors: meningitis, trauma, inflammatory processes, and complications from infectious diseases, which became the consequences of tumors in the brain. If expectant mothers had the temerity to transfer these diseases, newborn children can be diagnosed congenital form of the cyst, in the future inherited.

The Main symptoms of the baby in the presence of disease can become: blurry vision, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, impaired coordination, dizziness. This happens because of the increased intracranial pressure from the growing cyst and the contents of the small volume of the cranium, unable to hold it. The location of the cyst in the spinal cord causes disturbance of visual function of the baby.

Valerian for treating cysts

In severe arachnoid cysts cerebrospinal fluid the child may experience paralysis and epileptic seizures. Usually, this disease leads to serious consequences – violation of physical and mental development. With proper identification of the cause of the disease, some types can be treated without surgical intervention.

In pediatric neurosurgical practice neurologists and neurosurgeons recommend to parents to exercise permanent supervision of the child to the doctor. Even before the baby is born, every woman needs with great attention to treat your body to keep away from inflammatory processes and intoxications.

do Not experiment with treatment of this disease and especially to think that it can be cured herbs or grandmother's methods. The use of such means of treatmentuseful only as prevention of disease and maintenance therapy in inoperable cyst. Self is the enemy of each disease, so any that appears characteristic of the disease symptom should be discussed with a neurologist.

Complex methods of diagnosis

In some cases liquor and retrocerebellar an arachnoid cyst of the brain may occur without symptoms. Their discovery happen by accident in research of the brain. If the newborn developed signs of hydrocephalus and in adults suspected neoplasms, during a physical examination by a neurosurgeon is recommended to have magnetic resonance or computed tomography of the brain. Mandatory in the diagnosis include examination of brain vessels using Doppler sonography, neurosonography.

Surgical treatment of cysts

Resulting in consequences in the form of cysts factors of external influence on the brain can be identified, thanks to these types of diagnostics, such as:

  • scanning of cerebral vessels;
  • examination of the heart;
  • determining the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • blood pressure measurement
  • testing for the presence of infection in the blood;
  • studies of the dynamics and rate of growth of cyst.

As a result of cerebrospinal fluid – the cerebrospinal fluid due to the accumulation may exert pressure on the structure of the brain and cause the child a consequence such as hydrocephalus – dropsy of the brain.

depending on what symptoms accompany the disease progression, and are determined by the size of cystic formations. The cyst is pressing against the spinal cord or nerve roots, causing increasing pain in my back, legs, numbness in the feet and hands. On the basis of diagnostic studies of the cerebral cortex, the doctors can ascertain the increase of the tumor due to filling it with lots of liquid because of the continuous inflammatory process, which became the consequence of disease.

Hemlock for the treatment of cysts

Only after a complete analysis of studies in which determined the size of the cyst and its General condition, the doctors may be prescribed a course of treatment.

Methods and techniques of therapy

Before the treatment of arachnoid cysts, which consists in the surgical intervention the doctors-neurologists provide for all, how dangerous can be the operation and what consequences it threatens the patient. This is not surprising, because the operation on the brain can, albeit minimally, carry a great threat to the health and unpredictable consequences.

Surgical treatment of cysts is preceded by a full medical examination revealing the tumor size, appears to the complaints of the patient, a new symptom of the disease, which was not observed previously. To this end, in the first 2 years, doctors recommend to carry out computer research once a year, to completely eliminate the growth of cysts. All other diagnostics are conducted at any time at the request of the patient depending on his complaints.

For surgical treatment, you must have some indications, which are:

  • the consequences of compression of the brain and new symptoms of the disease;
  • ruptured cyst
  • increase in cystic lesions;
  • seizures that are not treatable;
  • paralysis of limbs.

In neurosurgical practice widely used endoscopic surgery, characterized by effective treatment and minor injuries. The surgery is performed using minimally invasive technologies through the small holes in the skull. The consequence of such surgery is the complete lack of side effects. If there is at least one symptom involving surgery, doctors recommend not to neglect this method of treatment, which helps to avoid rupture of cysts. Many patients can this method be saved from disability and helped to avoid such consequences, as a lifelong medication.

Surgical treatment options are divided into three types: bypass surgery, endoscopic and radical method.

Bypass surgery is a perforation of the skull and sucking the contents of the cyst. Radical way involves opening of the skull and complete removal of the cyst shell. The method is characterized by traumatic consequences. The safest endoscopic method involves the introduction into a puncture of the cranium endoscope, equipped with a video camera. The contents of the cyst are removed, the walls in this method, subside and dissipate. The operation is only suitable for certain types of cysts and this is its disadvantage.

traditional methods of treatment cysts

If doctors after diagnosis found that the patient has an inoperable type of brain cysts, now is the time to use traditional means of combating disease. This will help the infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs. The Hemlock, from which the prepared oil solution, promotes the resorption of the first manifestations of kitoobraznye. This solution good and as a prophylactic. For the preparation you must take 1 part of the crushed seeds or stems of herbs, pour 500 ml of olive oil. Three weeks solution insist in a dark place. The oil was filtered through gauze and take in through the nose three times a day.

The same solution can be usedan accrual method. First, take 1 drop and increase to 40, then decrease from 40 to 1. The course will last 80 days. If necessary, can be repeated in a month. The root of Dioscorea Caucasian (4 pieces) soaked in 700 ml of vodka a week. Then drain the infusion and pour 700 ml of the new vodka. Leave for 5 days. Strain, take before meals three times a day for 1 tsp.

Nard used as protivokislotnoe great tool for many years. For preparation of medicine from this herb, you need 1 tbsp Baker's yeast pour 3 liters of warm boiled water and add 40 g of dried elecampane. All the components are mixed and allowed to stand for two days in a dark place. Take the infusion 4 times a day for half a glass for three weeks.

Wonderful preventive measure against the formation of brain cysts is the juice of burdock, which is diluted in a glass of boiled water in a ratio of 1 tsp per Cup and drink 2 times a day.

Today, an arachnoid cyst is a disease which progresses rapidly, does not spare neither adults nor children. Timely diagnosis, tolerance and caring for relatives suffering from illness, can be a great preventative measure and a protection against it. Young women who wish to find happiness of motherhood, have to understand that this is a major step into the future, and a big priority is the health of the baby. Every deviation from the norm in the period of carrying a child should be cause for visits to the doctor.