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How to diagnose and treat bone cancer – sarcoma in clinics in Israel

Cancer arising in bone is called skeletal system malignant tumor. Usually affects the pelvis, ribs, long bones, spine and collarbone. Sarcoma of bone is considered one of the aggressive types of malignant tumors – it can quite quickly spread through the bones and metastasize early.

diagnosis and treatment of bone sarcomas in Israel

Symptoms and diagnosis

Although cancer is a disease of the elderly, but bone sarcoma most often affects children and young people. Thanks to individual approach and comprehensive selection of therapy high efficacy in the prevention of metastases in sarcoma is treatment in Israel. A lot of attention to the Israeli oncologists pay to the diagnosis of malignant tumors at the earliest stages. This is possible through the use of advanced technologies, allowing to detect even small pathological abnormalities in the body.

To date, physicians have not fully sorted out the causes of bone cancer. There is an opinion that its formation is influenced by the trauma of bones and heredity.

The symptoms of the bone sarcomas are:

  • difficulty of movement
  • pain, worse at night.

Also, there are signs of local inflammation and tumor of the syndrome of intoxication (weakness, anemia, fever, loss of appetite and weight). The presence of symptoms such as hemoptysis, lameness, urinary incontinence indicates metastasis of the tumor to other organs.

cell malignant tumors

The diagnostic methods include:

  • inspection technician
  • blood tests
  • chest x-ray
  • bone scan
  • tomogram of the affected areas;
  • mammography
  • ultrasound.

But the final diagnosis is usually put after the puncture of the affected area with the capture of pieces of tissue for microscopic examination (biopsy). In the study of biopsy material fits the type of tumor and how quickly it spreads.


Treatment of sarcoma in Israel depends on the extent of tumor spread, size, type, overall health and age of the patient. Taking into account the above factors is individually selected treatment program.

sarcoma Treatment in Israel involves the combination of surgery with chemotherapy and radiation.

The Most common and gentle technique involves surgical removal of neoplasm and affected surrounding tissue pathology. Sometimes in clinics in Israel is performed amputation of the affected limb cancer, but bone is replaced by bone graft or internal prosthesis.

Chemotherapy involves taking drugs, the effects of which stops or slows the proliferation of tumor cells.

using the radiation destroyed cancer cells, preventing relapse.