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How to identify early signs of cancer of the chest

breast Cancer cells detected in men and women with equal frequency. To prevent it from progression and death, we should do surgery at the early stages of the disease.

Dangerous not only malignant, but also benign tumor of the thorax. With the growth of node compressed the surrounding tissue that disrupts the heart and the lungs. In the study of chest physicians is often possible to identify a lipoma (benign tumor of fatty tissue) and watch her for several years.

breast cancer cells

Despite the fact that the lipoma refers to a number of benign tumors, in some cases, it can lead to cancer if cell degeneration into malignant.

Oncological pathology of the thorax can be defined only in performing radiography. So do not avoid annual screening x-rays!

First signs in men

breast Cancer in its early stages in men is detected in rare cases. Only when swollen chest in the nipple and there was bloody discharge from the nipple, man turns to the doctor, so as to cope with progressive ulceration of the skin.

What are the early signs of breast cancer in men:

  • pain in the chest wall;
  • the appearance of lumps, bumps, seals on the surface of the skin;
  • increase in the axillary lymph nodes
  • additional shadows on the radiograph of the lungs;
  • coughing
  • undue increase of temperature;
  • increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate;
  • difficulty breathing;
  • nipple pain
  • weight loss
  • increased heart rate.

The Above symptoms are non-specific, so people don't pay much attention. Only when the pathology does not go away after taking medicines, they go to the doctor.

However, to notice the first signs of the tumor person can independently. You should take care of their health. Only the early diagnosis of malignant transformation of cells and radical surgical treatment will prevent the spread of disease.

tumor of the chest

Cancer of the chest cavity in men is determined later than in women. This is because they have mammary glands are not expressed, so the doctors did not examine her Breasts thoroughly to detect tumors.

There are triggers that tend to lead to cancers in the upper chest.

Among them are the following:

  • aging is one of the most significant precipitating factors. Over the years, reduced the protective capacity of the organism, the weakness of the immune system. The average age at which breast cancer is detected in men 60 to 70 years;
  • increased concentrations of female sex hormones. Representatives of a strong half of estrogens are increased in obesity and hormonal means, reduced liver function and alcohol abuse;
  • hereditary Klinefelter's syndrome is characterized by an increase in the number of X-chromosomes in the genome of the cell. Such patients doctor can determine by appearance. In men with Klinefelter's syndrome female voice, long legs and sparse hair, reduced testicle size;
  • family predisposition to malignant tumors;
  • the effect of radiation.

Patients at risk, doctors are always subjected to the following screening studies:

  • ultrasound
  • radiography
  • magnetic resonance imaging
  • taking a portion of tissue to the histology of ulcers on the skin.

we should also highlight a disease such as gynecomastia. When the disease increases the size of the mammary glands. The disease is benign but considered precancerous condition.

Symptoms in women

The First symptoms of malignant tumors are observed in disseminated disease – mastopathy. The disease is connected with presence in the breast tissue of a pathological nodule. Occurs pathology on the background of hormonal disorders and is considered a precancerous condition.

The detection of mastitis women are registered by an oncologist and undergo periodic testing. At detection of a malignant node requires urgent surgical treatment.

The Second most common disease of the breast in women is fibroids. It is a benign tumor of fibrous tissue. It is localized in the deep layer of the skin. When feeling this pathological site it is possible to note the formation of rounded, offset.

Fibroma is a benign formation that often appears on the background of chronic inflammatory reactions. The histology of this entity is an accumulation of collagen and fibrous filaments.

fibroma of the chest

How to identify fibroids

Types of fibroids:

  • desmoidnaâ;
  • positioneda;
  • cystic
  • postavlennaya.

The Symptomsdesmoidnaâ forms appear when compression of the surrounding soft tissues. The tumor is growing most often in the chest and abdomen. Education is able to rebirth in cancer.

Desmoidnaâ fibroma is more common in women. It is believed that the reason of its existence lies in chronic tissue damage.

Positioneda fibroids Symptoms observed in children in the senior school age. Clinical signs of disease are detected, and they can be detected only when x-rays of bones. In the picture is detected by the edge defect in the periosteum of the oblong form with reactive inflammatory process.

Postavlennaya fibroma localized most often in the femoral and tibial bones. The pathology is characterized by destruction of the cortical bone layer. In this case the cortical layer of tubular bone is replaced by fibrous. In identifying the symptoms of this disease doctors assess her health risks. Surgical treatment is carried out only if there is a threat to human life.

Typical symptoms of cystic type is the presence of the ribs and sternum cavities with liquid (cysts). Treatment of the disease requires estimating the probability of exposure of the tumor to the surrounding tissues. If threats to breathing and blood supply does not exist for education to outpatient observation. The operation is performed when the tumor growth or the suspicion of its malignant transformation.

Thus, breast cancer cells often hidden flows. It is diagnosed in the later stages, when ulceration of the skin or nodes on radiographs.