Action of bisphosphonates in osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is disease of bones in which they become thinner and lose their strength. It is considered a disease of the elderly.

To Cure osteoporosis easy. Here we consider the most efficient methods.
This disease can be treated with the help of drugs or without them.

non-pharmacological treatment is an addition to the main and is rarely used independently.

bisphosphonates in osteoporosis

How to cure disease without medicine

  • Daily moderate exercise. To increase bone mass doing half an hour every day.
  • Reduction in the intake of food also will have a positive impact on the condition of the bones.
  • massage Course. The techniques used in the massage, stimulate blood flow to the muscles and bones. Good blood circulation prevents the development of disease.
  • avoiding alcohol and nicotine. These substances are harmful to the periosteum and extending into the vessels.
  • Long walks in the fresh air, sunbathing. This will produce vitamin D in the skin naturally.


  1. the first group of medicines is vitamin D. This vitamin in a small amount arrives to us in the body with food, another part is produced by the skin under the action of the sun. In the function of vitamin D is regulation of the process of calcium absorption in the intestine, excreting it from the body by the kidneys.
  2. the Next group includes the hormone calcitonin. Its functions include monitoring the content of free calcium in the blood, increasing the hormone returns a portion of the mineral in bone.
  3. one of the most effective drugs are the bisphosphonates. Initially they were known as anti-corrosion agent, used in machine building and light industry. In 1968 a group of scientists became interested in this substance. The research was conducted, which revealed that bisphosphonates can contribute to the restoration of bone tissue and maintain its strength.

Bisphosphonates for osteoporosis act on the cells of osteoclasts, stopping the process of destruction of bone tissue. They simply are oppressed and not allowed to dissolve bone substance. While it occurs only in those areas that are destroyed at the moment. The reasons for this selective effect are not yet fully understood.

This group of medications is divided into two classes: simple bisphosphonates and aminobisphosphonates. Last operate more efficiently due to the fact that their nitrogenous part is not giving the drug "digested" by the osteoclasts. As a result, the metabolite aminobisphosphonates again acts on osteoclasts and induces their accelerated death.

The simple bisphosphonates include drugs such as etidronate, clodronate, tiludronate. They are effective even in the case of osteoporosis caused by cancer.

For example, etidronate (the mechanism was developed) are tableted with calcium. It is a rare occurrence of side reactions. However, in pregnancy it is contraindicated.

Aminobisphosphonates include such widely used drugs as alendronate, ibandronate, risedronate.

Alendronate (fosamax) is well established in the treatment of menopausal osteoporosis. A definite plus is that it is able to remove the pain. However, it often causes symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain. Do not use in pregnant and lactating women.

Ibandronate (Bonviva) is a new generation product with minimal side effects. Taking together with calcium and vitamin D. There is a form for injection. It is recommended as a cure for menopausal osteochondrosis. Prescribe ibandronate both as treatment and for prevention.

Risedronate (actonel) effectively increases bone density. Also be prescribed to patients receiving long-term glucocorticoids. Is taken once a week.

To Take this class of drugs to achieve the outcomes required for a long time, often years. Bisphosphonates are not only women but also men.

However, continued their research and development, as dice gets only 20% of drug. Often long-term use negatively affects the digestive organs.

  1. the Last, fourth group includes preparations of estrogen. They are prescribed for women during menopause.

get exercise, take vitamins, checkups at the doctor and be healthy!