How to treat osteoporosis in the home folk remedies

Herbs for osteoporosis used in combination with medical means. As monotherapy medicinal plants are rarely used, because the effective dose of active ingredients in them are fairly small.

the treatment of osteoporosis in the home folk remedies

Osteoporosis Treatment folk remedies together with drugs for the correction of violations of the hormonal system of calcium metabolism and vitamin D3 allows not only to prevent progression of the disease, but also to strengthen the bone structure. However, current methods do not allow to fully cure osteoporosis, they can only prevent its further development.

Ideally, if the treatment will be carried out after performing x-ray or ultrasound densitometry. Methods will allow you to set the degree of reduction of bone density, to select the optimal dose of the current medications and herbal remedies.

In the world every year revealed about one and a half million cases of bone fractures caused by reduced bone density. Mostly the disease is diagnosed in females. This fact is explained by the hormonal status. Under the influence of estrogen bone formation occurs. When the hormone level decreases, this process is terminated.

After menopause, the calcium entering the blood, not digested. For the assimilation of the minerals necessary a special system. A significant role is played by the hormonal system.

There are local and disseminated forms of the disease.

In the first case, to prevent the destruction of bone will be using a hormonal medication. Local osteoporosis occurs after injury or cessation of the blood supply in the area of reduced bone density. In this situation it is necessary to apply massage the area of the injury and physiotherapy techniques in combination with preparations of calcium.

Health therapies

Medical ways of decreasing bone density:
  • application of preparations of calcium and vitamin D3
  • correction of hormonal status;
  • diet;
  • treatment of other diseases.

The Above guidelines must be adhered to in the treatment of disease. Only together with them in osteochondrosis folk remedies can be considered as an additional therapy pathology.

To fill the shortage of calcium in the bone tissue can be applied not only pharmaceuticals, but also dairy products, egg shells. Normalization of calcium metabolism is an important task in the treatment of disease.

What are the drugs appointed by doctors when bone resorption:

  1. Bisphosphonates – to stave off the destruction of bone tissue (ibandronate, alendronate, a mechanism was developed, alendronova acid). In practice, these remedies are used most often to restore vertebral fractures of the spine. However, they are effective and to prevent progression of bone resorption.
  2. Calcite – the hormone that regulates calcium metabolism and vitamin D3 in the body. At its lack there is a destruction of bones. To prevent pathology, physicians prescribe counterpart, which is secreted from salmonid fish.
  3. Progestin therapy is conducted for women after menopause or removal of ovaries.
  4. Metabolic vitamin D3 help normalize calcium metabolism.

Massage and the above drugs is the basic Foundation of medical therapy pathology. However, to improve the effectiveness of the therapy at home by taking people's money.

Before we talk how to treat osteoporosis folk remedies, it should be noted the important role of massage and physiotherapy to prevent the loss of bone structure. Methods are applied to normalize the metabolism and improve blood flow.


Massage for osteoporosis involves the following procedures:

  • starts with the stroking of the limbs
  • the next stage is kneading of the muscles;
  • vibration occurs only in areas of strong decline of bone density;
  • when the local forms of the disease should be actively to influence pathological States.

massage for osteoporosisWhen the disease in the first place should strengthen the muscles of the limbs and back. In these places often happen fractures. In older people is often observed damage to the surgical neck of the femur.

Massage is better to combine with physiotherapy. For these purposes there are 3 types of exercises:

  1. Strength – training with free weights, a chin, a chin-up bar.
  2. Moving weight – climbing stairs, walking.
  3. Stretching exercises for flexibility and stretching.

Medicinal herbs

The Treatment of bone weakness is possible to carry out the following herbs:

  • Shilajit, which for osteoporosis is recommended by folk healers. Substance used since ancient times. Usually in the form of tinctures and ointments for local use.A classic recipe: take one ball of Shilajit twice a day (evening and morning) for 20 minutes before eating. Ball size should be no larger than a match head;
  • eggshell, because it contains large amounts of calcium. Not to take advantage of this natural wealth can only be stupid people. Recipe egg simple – you need to grind eggshells and add it to a salad or soup;
  • medicinal product based on the juice 10 lemons and 6 eggs. This tool is stored in the refrigerator for 7 days. Keep the medication you need in the dark and taken orally for 1 tablespoon three times a day;
  • fish oil – a medicine that in Soviet times, the doctors recommended that the children for normalization of calcium metabolism and prevention of rickets. With the emergence of the pharmaceutical analogue of expediency in the purpose of natural remedies anymore. However, folk medicine is to be preferred to "chemistry";
  • mineral water. It must be constantly present on the table of the patient. It is desirable that the water contained a large amount of calcium. However, the use of mineral water is contraindicated in the propensity to education of stones in gallbladder and urinary bladder.

traditional medicine

Traditional medicine in reduced bone density allows you to combine several methods simultaneously or sequentially. Some features of the use of medicines in the home. Important principles of national treatment of osteoporosis:

  1. many of the recipes include sesame and gelatin, but it should be understood that these tools have a side effect. They have an astringent effect on the gastro-intestinal tract. People with diseases of the intestine, they cause constipation and diarrhea;
  2. treatment of the egg shell should be brief courses, as the shell contains large amounts of calcium that, with an increased tendency to stone formation will lead to complications
  3. mineral water with calcium has the same features. For treatment of the disease doctors recommend no more than 1 liter a day.

In conclusion, recall that traditional medicine is used only in conjunction with medical recommendations. In addition, treatment of osteoporosis at home herbs should be discussed with your doctor.

In the literature, there are many other recipes. Their use is rational only after consultation with a specialist. Good health to you!