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Calcium supplements (pills, medications) for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis

Calcium supplements to combat osteoporosis are appointed often, but not always their use is justified. Decreased bone density occurs with many diseases, so before you start treatment of a pathology, the doctor will perform a thorough diagnosis of the patient's condition.

You Should understand that to cure osteoporosis impossible. You can only prevent further resorption (resorption) of bone structure.

calcium supplements in osteoporosis

Start to treat the pathology is possible only after x-ray or ultrasound densitometry. These methods allow to examine bone density and determine priority region and the areas affected.

Calcium for osteoporosis not prescribed, in the blood when its concentration is normal. In such a situation is assigned to hormone treatment or therapy of the causes leading to pathology.

The Disease occurs mainly in the elderly and in people with addictions: Smoking, alcohol abuse.

For the prevention of disease proposed to monitor the level of vitamin D and consume large amounts of dairy products. Milk contains significant amounts of calcium, so the need to use drugs disappears.

Group of prescribed drugs

Modern drugs for osteoporosis are divided into 4 groups:

  • vitamin D
  • enriched with calcium;
  • inhibitors of bone resorption;
  • female sex hormones.

Which drugs are rich in vitamin D

Natecal, alpha D3-Teva, oksidevit is rich in vitamin D. They are appointed for improving the absorption from the gastrointestinal tract calcium. Without these funds, even if a person drinks more than 2 liters of milk a day, in the blood he has reduced the concentration of Ca.

To remove this pathogenic mechanism, the doctors recommended to take 1 tablet of any of the above means three times a day.

A Cure for osteoporosis in this group has its drawbacks:

  • cannot be applied to patients with increased Ca content of blood;
  • contraindicated for people with urolithiasis.

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