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Causes of pain in sternum, heart, hands, feet, lower abdomen, throat osteochondrosis

Pain in osteochondrosis are unpleasant symptom as they appear at the most inopportune moment and can hardly be cured with medication. Pain is highly common and hardly cured painkillers.

depending on the location of the lesion of the vertebral column formed the following symptoms:

  • sore throat with lesions of the cervical spine;
  • painful sensations in the legs when degenerative disc disease in the lumbar spine;
  • eye pain with lesions of the upper parts of the neck
  • pain in the abdomen.

pain in sternum when degenerative disc disease

One of the most unpleasant symptoms of the disease are cardiac and lumbar pain. The infringement of certain types of spinal nerves can cause not only pain, but also to other lesions of the internal organs. All these features should be considered when choosing the tactics of treatment of the disease.

Features of pain

Pain with cervical osteochondrosis occur in the ear, neck, upper extremities. Along with these symptoms there may be a violation of the sensitivity of the skin, pathology Shebalino-extensor functions of the middle and ring finger of the upper limb.

A Lesion of the upper cervical segments is accompanied by frequent dizziness, if the background of the disease is pinched vertebral artery. This vessel nourishes the blood about a quarter of the brain tissue.

Degenerative changes of the thoracic spine lead to prolonged pain in the arm, chest, neck, behind the breastbone, noise in the ears. Any sensations in degenerative lesions of the cervical spine aggravated by bending or turning head.

Heart pains on the background of cervical degenerative disc disease rarely formed. They are more characteristic of breast lesions. To distinguish ischemic heart disease from degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine, sufficient to perform an electrocardiogram. It osteochondrosis there will be no observable signs of damage to the heart muscle.

ear Pain in osteochondrosis, tinnitus, dysesthesia in the hand are formed in degenerative changes of the spine of the 2nd degree.