In any Russian health resorts treat low back pain

To Start preparations for the treatment of osteoarthritis in the sanatorium with the planning of travel times. As a rule, sanatoria, where help to get rid of back pain, work all year round. Summer influx of visitors more establishments located by the sea. During the cold season, patients prefer to be treated close to home.

More attention and less queues in front of offices in "low season", but then the cultural program less saturated.

Everyone chooses a rest period in accordance with the work schedule and own preferences. About the workload of the health resort you can pre-get on the phone.
Sanatorium Russia
The next step will be the design of the sanatorium-resort card. It is done in a medical facility, where the resulting recommendation of the attending physician. In the document will make information affecting future appointment procedures.

If the map is obtained, we can proceed to the choice of treatment. While taking into account:

  • the orientation of the medical institution;
  • technical equipment
  • list of treatments;
  • the cost of treatment;
  • the location of the sanatorium.

Not less important is information on access to the Internet, cultural programme, accommodation accompanying persons, the features of the kitchen.

Treatment of spinal problems is carried out using:

  • mineral waters (balneological sanatoriums);
  • healing mud (in mud);
  • of the climate (climatic resorts);
  • special equipment (motels General purpose).

In all medical institutions of sanatorium type practice diet food, massages, physiotherapy and special exercises.

Briefly describe the services in sanatoria the Moscow region, the Crimea, the Urals and Pyatigorsk.

the suburbs

"dawn" FSUE Khrunichev them. M. V. Khrunichev.

Help in osteochondrosis have in the sanatorium "Zarya" FSUE Khrunichev them. M. V. Khrunichev. The facility is located in Stupino district 85 km from MKAD.

Patients take in three residential buildings, connected with restaurant and sports complex, which are surrounded by well-tended gardens. To their services the superior rooms, one-and two-seater.

spine Treatment here is carried out using:

  • light;
  • vacuum;
  • electrical and magnetic therapy;
  • heat;
  • application of mud;
  • water treatment
  • exercise therapy.

United sanatorium "Moscow suburbs" of the administration of the President of the Russian Federation.United health center
Muscovites get rid of back pain will help in the sanatorium "Moscow suburbs", which is located in the Domodedovo district of the Moscow region. A well-groomed forest Park, fountains and the river Rozhayka create a special atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Patients are invited to stay in a historic two-storey, modern seven-storey buildings and cottages. For relaxation and treatment of all conditions: treatments, a pool, cinema room, library, sauna, Playground, billiard.

The program of treatment of osteoarthritis include:

  • physiotherapy
  • water treatment
  • therapeutic baths
  • massages
  • cryotherapy
  • mud
  • detenzor therapy (loose spine).

OK "Pine" (Rublevo-Uspensky LOK).OK
In the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region of the spine successfully treated in the sanatorium "Sosny". Picturesque landscapes suburbs, comfortable rooms, modern technical equipment, friendly staff – everything has to rest and recovery.

Patients receive full complex of procedures of the therapeutic program for the musculoskeletal system, including underwater spine traction. The minimum period of treatment – 14 days. In the resort you can bring the whole family.


The Sanatorium for the treatment of degenerative disc disease is located on the West coast of Crimea in Yevpatoriya and Saky. It is basically mud baths are used to treat spinal brine and sulphide mud.


Located on the West coast of Crimea in Yevpatoriya, 50 metres from the sandy beach. In a seven-story residential building with 370 rooms of different comfort levels. To ensure equipped with diagnostic and treatment rooms. Operate the fresh water swimming pool, sauna. In program improvement are provided:

  • physiotherapy
  • as medicinal baths and showers
  • massages for cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine
  • mud.

Patients receive three meals a day.


Located on the Western shore of the Crimea in the center of Evpatoria next to the city amusement Park, Dolphinarium and mineral water pump room. Buildings and cottages of the resort surrounded by a private Park. The health center is equipped to assist on major diseases, including the spine.

The treatment here is strictly by appointsanatorium-resort card and provide a receipt of all the necessary procedures. On vacation you can bring the whole family.


Year-Round accepts patients sanatorium "Poltava-Crimea" in Saky. The resort has a private sandy beach, landscaped green area, adjacent to the city Park.

Medical and balneary centre is equipped with modern appliances. The resort has a license for the extraction of medicinal mud Saki and its own well of mineral water "Crimean".

Here practice the unique methods of mud therapy of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar osteochondrosis. Provide a full range of procedures, appropriate standards of treatment.

Sanatoria of Urals


New balneological health resort is situated on the protected slopes of the Ural mountains in the valley of the river Inzer. "Assy" became the best project of 2005 at the all-Russian forum "health Resort-2005".

Osteochondrosis the treatment of drinking sulphate-chloride and calcium-sodium mineral water "Assinsky" and highly mineralized chloride-sodium water bath. Are all necessary treatments, including massage, exercise therapy, physiotherapy. Medical facilities equipped with the latest imported equipment.


In picturesque locations in the heart of the Urals – the floodplain of the river Usolka – for 90 years, heals from various diseases sanatorium "Krasnousolsk". Today it is a modern complex of new buildings, including residential, medical and entertainment centers.

The Type of the sanatorium – mud cure clinic. Have medicinal properties of drinking water water for external use. Many procedures are based on the application of sludge therapeutic mud.

Other types of spine treatment are performed using modern equipment and skill of manual therapists.


From all regions of Russia, Caucasian mineral waters the most advertised. Of them to treat degenerative disc disease are best sanatorium in Pyatigorsk and Yessentuki

the Museum

Here patients take all year round. Treat even complicated secondary neurological disorders osteochondrosis. In the resort there are all necessary for treatment and rest. Provided with comfortable accommodation and a balanced diet. Organized tours in the Elbrus area.

In the set of treatments included in the price included:

  • underwater spine traction
  • EHF-therapy;
  • laser, reflex and psychotherapy
  • mineral baths
  • mud
  • massage
  • exercise therapy
  • elektrootoplenie;
  • magnetic therapy.

a Spring.

In Pyatigorsk, close to the lake Failure, is the sanatorium "Rodnik". Here all year round to help visitors to get rid of pain and discomfort in the spine.

In the state of the resort's 50 highly qualified doctors. Medical facilities are equipped with latest models of equipment. Conducts diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Here, take radon and mineral baths, are treated with natural healing mud, used to doing exercises, get massages and electro-stimulation.