Issue whether sick leave in osteochondrosis

does the hospital in osteochondrosis – a question of interest for patients with pain syndrome in the back. On the basis of x-rays according to statistics revealed degenerative disc disease 8 out of 10 patients. But with the worsening of the neurological signs of the disease you can count on getting sick.

In practice the doctors made sure that temporary disability is needed in patients, the nature of professional activity which is associated with physical work. On the background of pain any movement increases the pain and aggravates the disease.

hospital in osteochondrosis

What term sick leave when illness

The term of the hospital in case of osteochondrosis depends on the following features:

  • clinical manifestations of pain;
  • of conditions of work and profession of the patient;
  • peculiarities of treatment.

Indicative terms of stay on sick leave the patient with degenerative-dystrophic lesions of the spine:

  1. when the cervical degeneration from 3 to 7 days;
  2. severe forms of the disease with radicular syndrome – up to 3 weeks;
  3. thoracic degeneration in the acute stage – up to 18 days.

With any type of disease, duration of disability should not be less than 7 days.

The need for the extension of temporary disability exceeding deadlines is determined by the medical-Advisory Commission. Such a situation can be after the patient's surgery, or when therapy pathology does not bring positive effect.

Most doctors have to renew the period when the patient has neurological symptoms, which makes it difficult to perform normal household chores. Such patients require a third-party maintenance and installation of disability.

how Much is treated in a hospital

Treat the person in the hospital prolongs the sick list. Usually, in a specialized neurological Department are the people who need special medical procedures and intravenous therapy.

In severe forms of the disease even within 4 months, unable to achieve a stable result. Of course, so long no one will keep the patient in the hospital. He recommended light work or visit an expert medical Committee to establish disability.

Chronic degenerative disc disease can be cured within 30 days. More precisely, during this period are the symptoms of an exacerbation.

Temporary disability in diseases of the spine

A Temporary disability in diseases of the spine should be primarily to prevent physical activity. In diseases of the spinal column quiet mode is the basis of successful treatment.

Overload negatively affect the vertebrae. Physiologically the spine should reduce the depreciation burden on the lower limbs during walking or lifting things. On the background of pathology of any careless movement can cause persistent pain.

Attention! If the doctor recommends going on a sick leave in case of osteochondrosis, should listen to his recommendations. No amount of money will bring back lost health and do not compensate for the disability group, which is established already at the 2nd degree of degenerative-dystrophic lesions of the vertebral axis.

The inherent riskiness of Youth and old age – wisdom. Use the advice of their elders and take care of your spine!