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Causes, symptoms and methods of treatment of dorsopathies thoracic spine

Dorsopathy thoracic spine symptoms easy enough to determine. with In a patient having unpleasant and painful sensations in the present division, to ignore which will not work. Pathology is formed due to the deformation of soft tissues, but certain diseases can also cause illness.

Pain in thoracic spine when dorsopathy

Causes and risk factors

Chest dorsopathy has the following causes: diseases of the infectious type or injury. Wrong loads that are unevenly distributed, Deplete the body and make it vulnerable. Problems with posture can cause the development dorsopathy.

Frequent exposure to conditions of high humidity and cold air affects the condition of the body. It is not uncommon for the disease to be due to low physical activity. In some cases, the mechanism of the disease is triggered because of the difficulties with metabolism. The presence of overweight, the problems with musculoskeletal disorders and hereditary factor are the factors influencing the occurrence of pathology.

Also at risk are mainly those people who have reached 45 years of age or over that age. However, young people are also susceptible to the disease.

degenerative disc disease - the first stage dorsopathythe Disease presents several stages. In the first stage appears osteochondrosis, which is associated with pathologies of the intervertebral discs. To detect this condition is difficult at the time of diagnosis. Even x-rays cannot show the full picture of the changes. Symptoms are practically absent, only a little discomfort.

The next step is the spread of the disease on the intervertebral joints and the spine. The vertebrae are movable. The pain occur due to the influence on nerve endings.

The Third stage is characterized by rupture of the fibrous ring, resulting in the patient suffering from severe pain. Appear hernia and a variety of complications, such as kyphosis and scoliosis. Line column of the spine is significantly disturbed. The last stage of progression of disease is associated with displacement of vertebrae. This causes severe pain, causing the patient to lose his mobility. His movements are constrained and limited in nature.

slipped disc

Symptoms pathology

Dorsopathy the thoracic spine is common diseases for signs. The commonest symptom is pain, which is becoming a constant companion of man. It depends on the stage of development dorsopathies – the farther the disease has developed, the stronger the pain. The symptoms have a nagging often results in impaired sensibility of the extremities. During physical activity or while driving, there is an amplification of the sign.

So, the pain restrict movement of the patient. However, this is not only due to the development of pain syndrome. Often applied to a muscle spasm, which causes traffic disruption. Dorsopathy of the thoracic spine affects the limbs, causing symptoms to appear and in these parts of the body. In addition, the patient is experiencing dizziness and migraines. The latter is formed as a result of vertebral artery syndrome, which leads to noise in the ears.

Possible dizziness and migraine with dorsopathy

Pain characteristic of chest, can occur in nearby areas. Thus pain appears symptoms in the internal organs, especially in cardiac muscle. You need to pay attention to the fact that the most obvious symptoms appear in the later and advanced stages. To prevent the development of this condition are advised to undergo regular diagnostic activities, if it is suspected or the risk of disease.

Methods of pain

Treatment of disease is often done with the help of conservative treatment. You want to reduce the degree of manifestation of pain syndrome and to prevent the development of disease. In the later stages can be used surgical methods, if conservative treatment has not given results.

There are several techniques of removing the disease. Drug therapy used in acute course of dorsopathy. The method is aimed at normalization of metabolism, eliminate inflammation and pain. Method is the basis of conservative techniques.

Apply a spinal traction that allows you to straighten a pole to reduce the load on the disks. When manual therapy is achieved a number of results: the patient feels the disappearance of pain, the immune system is normalized, the posture improves.

Massage is also often used in the treatment of dorsopathy. It helps to get rid of tension in the muscles. As a result of applyingnormalizes blood circulation and reduces the degree of manifestation of pain. The procedure should be done only by an experienced specialist.

Physiotherapy technique includes various modalities: laser and ultrasonic beams, current with low frequency. Physical therapy is quite effective as it helps to accelerate the recovery of the patient and eliminates inflammation and pain.

Therapeutic physical culture – a common way of getting rid of pathology. Exercise strengthens the muscles and posture of the patient, reduces the load on the nerve endings, which reduces pain. Physical therapy reduces the load on the spine and normalizes blood circulation. To make the activity effective, you need to choose a complex of exercises together with a specialist. Improper use of methods can result in deterioration of the patient, and not getting rid of unpleasant pain and signs.