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Features of the symptomatology and treatment of dorsopathy of lumbosacral spine

Spinal pain in the lumbar region often indicate the presence of such diseases as dorsopathy lumbar-sacral spine, treatment of disease has a number of features due to the fact that it is not an independent disease, and appears as a concomitant symptom of other pathologies of the spine.

Problem dorsopathy of the lumbar sacral spine

When running the form and without adequate treatment dorsopathy can cause lesions of the bones, intervertebral discs, nerves, blood vessels and muscles. In the International classification of diseases, tenth revision it has code ICD-10 M53.9.


More vulnerable is the lumbar section, as it assumes all the load. The signal for the appearance of the pathology can be:

  • passive lifestyle, overweight;
  • poor diet, which causes degeneration of the intervertebral segments
  • frequent overcooling;
  • insufficient immune system of the body;
  • regular physical activity;
  • incorrect position of body during sleep;
  • spinal injury is running form;
  • diseases of the Central nervous system, cardiovascular diseases, problems with your digestive system;
  • complications of tuberculosis, syphilis;
  • cancer.

overweight is the cause of the disease

The Characteristic symptoms are as follows:

  • severe pain as a result of inflammation of nerves;
  • burning sensation and gradual numbness of the skin in the muscles;
  • reduced sensitivity in the limbs
  • impaired mobility of the spine;
  • cerebrovascular accident
  • fatigue and sleep disturbance.

Despite a number of characteristic assumptions, doctors are inclined to believe that the main causes of this type of pathology is uncontrolled and constant loads, in which the vertebrae in the lumbar region pressure on spinal discs.

Stages of development of the disease

The Symptoms appear gradually dorsopathy:

  1. Start degenerative changes in the lumbar spine with characteristic disorders of metabolic processes at the tissue level. Of cartilage damage are not observed.
  2. Appear painful sensations due to current displacement and compression of the nerve roots.
  3. With a sharp weight lifting may occur a crack in the disk, which is characterized by the appearance of lordosis of the lumbar spine. Lower back sticks forward, as a result, the person experiences severe pain.
  4. At the last stage of the disease the muscles much strain. The characteristic symptom in this period – a violation of posture as a result of displacement of the vertebrae. In vertebrate slits are the fibrous tissue and then deposition of salts.

Improper diet is the cause of the disease

In addition, dorsopathy may cause complications occurring kyphosis, lordosis and scoliosis. These pathologies can be observed displacement of vertebral discs. This is one of the types of dorsopathy. Another manifestation of the disease may be spondylopathy – inflammatory degenerative condition of the vertebrae occurring as a result of injuries, osteomyelitis, tuberculosis, and cancer. The most severe manifestation of the disease is considered the discogenic dorsopathy, which occur when the deformation of the fibro-cartilage and disc displacement.

As soon As start symptoms (dizziness, shakiness and strong jumps in blood pressure), should seek emergency medical attention. Requires timely treatment, otherwise it can cause serious brain damage. Abnormalities in the thoracic spine can be observed in greater extent in people of young age. It all starts scoliozei symptoms, characterized by pain in the spine, then there are heart palpitations and shortness of breath.


When doctors prescribe the treatment the complex therapy, which includes massage, physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises. If the disease is accompanied by such symptoms as a curvature of the spine, doctors prescribe a course of manual therapy.

Drug treatment

When the diagnosis of a malignant tumor and at the last stage of tuberculosis or lesions of internal organs physiotherapy and massage are contraindicated. The main symptom dorsopathies, manifested in severe pain, physicians try to treat immediately, in the early stages of the disease. This stage begins treatment using pain medications, which enter the body by injection or ointments.

Of Great importance in the treatment give anti-inflammatory steroid and non-steroid drugfunds.

Symptomatic dorsopathy is a painful condition during the attempted rotation and tilt of the head. At the developed inflammation affects the peripheral nerves that affects the Central nervous system of the body.

In most cases, dorsopathy of the lumbar spine affects the lumbar-sacral and thoracic departments. Sometimes it may have a combined form and grow in several parts of the world.

After determining the exact diagnosis of disease by radiography, ultrasonic examination, magnetic resonance imaging, special neurological tests the doctor-the neurologist goes to treatment. In some cases, you may need consultative diagnosis other specialists: gynecologist, surgeon and traumatologist.

A Morbid state of low intensity cleaning using non-opioid analgesics: Spazmalgon, Sedalgin. In severe cases, when there are acute nagging pain, doctors prescribe potent opiate analgesics: Tramadol, blockade with Novocaine and Midokalma. Together with taking pain medications is the treatment of warming ointments: Espol, Viprosal, Finalgon.

Massage for treatment of the disease

Often patients with this diagnosis make one mistake, which is a prerequisite for the progression of the disease. The symptoms of pain drown out many analgesics, eventually the pain decreases and the inflammation process develops further. Self-treatment patients only complicate the course of illness.

The Full course of the use of Chondroitin sulfate helps to restore the affected cartilage. In the period of restorative healing treatments and therapies, doctors prescribe vitamin complex, which helps strengthen the protective functions of the organism. Large doses of vitamin b can help improve nerve regeneration. Important and a special diet aimed at restoring the cartilage and bone tissue.

In the early stage of fibrous casing is unchanged, but with increased loads, it can break off, resulting in herniated discs. In the process of squeezing of nervous knots there is inflammation, which can cause damage to some internal organs.

Neurosurgeons are using new methods of treatment to eliminate the pain manifestations (method of radiofrequency denervation and radiofrequency destruction of facet nerves). Great importance is the wearing of corsets, which allow the patient to fix the spine in position. The corset should not be worn constantly to avoid muscle atrophy.

Treatment of mild stage

Dorsopathy of the lumbar spine during the period non-acute phase, in which remission is observed, is subjected to mandatory prophylactic treatment with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This kind of medicines are prescribed for the purpose long-term use to prevent any possible relapse. Also prescribe drugs Nimesulide, Declawed and Tsefekon.

In the treatment of great importance is given to the condition of the cartilage tissues. To prevent their destruction, the doctors prefer to treatment with chondroprotectors: teraflex, Alflutop, don. Normalization of blood circulation and metabolic processes occurs by means of the treatment of biogenic stimulants, vitamins (Milgamma, Neuromultivit), nootropic drugs (Pikamilon, Actovegin, Cavinton). Sometimes doctors prescribe sedatives.

non-pharmacological means

An Integrated approach in the treatment of dorsopathy is the use of not only drug therapy, but also other equally effective types of rehabilitation patients. Treatment with the help of a rehabilitation and Wellness gymnastics can strengthen the muscles of the spinal column, strengthen a muscular corset. The doctor shows an individual approach when assigning procedures to each patient. The effectiveness of massage notice patients just after the first few treatments. Improve blood circulation, relieve swelling and minimize pain manifestations – main results after carrying out all massage and physical therapy.

dorsopathy Diagnosis is not a sentence, it can be overcome if we adhere to all medical recommendations. The patient should use all the methods of treatment that can alleviate his condition. Along with taking medications and physiotherapy good effect to provide manual therapy, the use of phytotherapeutic methods, as well as non-traditional method of treatment by spinal traction. This technique allows to increase the distance between the vertebrae to reduce compression of nerve root.

Herbal medicine

In establishing the diagnosis of dorsopathy the lumbar region, patients often resort to alternative therapies, which include herbal treatments and natural components. For severe pain an ointment made of honey and mumijo. To prepare this remedy, it is necessary mummy dissolve and mix with honey in the ratio of 100:1 (mummy honey). Sore spots grease with this ointment for severe pain.

As rubbing patients that are diagnosed dorsopathy (herniated disc), is very good tincture of cinquefoil. It can be taken and how the medication inside. In a Cup of boiling waterthrow 2 tablespoons of grass. Insist filter means and they rubbed the sore spots. In addition, you can cook the alcohol tincture. 100 g of cinquefoil insist in 1 liter of alcohol for three weeks. A few drops of tincture added to a glass of water, take three times a day.

Using all of the above methods of treatment, we should not forget about the prevention of disease. Great attention should be paid to strengthening the immune system, try not to SuperCool and to control physical activity. At the first sign of illness you should not neglect a visit to the doctor in time of the detected deviation could be a more rapid cure than the disease in an advanced stage.