Whether effective treatment of osteoarthritis with homeopathy

Homeopathy in osteochondrosis is used to prevent degenerative diseases of the intervertebral disc. It helps to start the natural mechanisms of tissue repair.

Treatment of osteoarthritis with homeopathy is widespread in the East. In our country, the technology never caught on. Nevertheless, some medical centers prescribe homeopathic medicines in degenerative diseases of the spine.

treatment of osteoarthritis with homeopathy

Although many doctors regarding negative medical effect from homeopathy, injections "Target T" and "Strontian carbonica" help to quickly get rid of the radicular syndrome. Mechanism of action means not scientifically examined, but in practice they show good results.

Rules of treatment

Homeopathic pills and injections start reserve capacity of the organism aimed at stimulating physiological mechanisms of cell renewal. Thus there are no side effects compared to pharmaceutical drugs.

The rules for the use of homoeopathy in diseases of the spine:

  • treatment more than 3 months;
  • worsening of the disease within 1 week, indicating the start of the recovery mechanisms;
  • at the same time with homeopathy need physiotherapy, you must also strengthen the muscular frame of the back.

The Content of active substance in homeopathic drug is low, but the remedy has a therapeutic effect. To explain this phenomenon scientists can't, but in practice the effectiveness of treatment confirmed.

Popular tools

Homeopathic medicines are the following types of actions:

  1. anti-inflammatory
  2. chondroprotective;
  3. antiviral
  4. analgesic.

These properties are such homeopathic products as "Traumeel s", "Target T", "Discus compositum", "Rus", "strontium Carbonate", "Melilotus officinalis", "Solvency".

"the Purpose of T" activates processes inside the cell, therefore, stimulates the immune system. The product contains substances to restore the structure of cartilage. The tool is available in the form of drops, ointments, injections.

"Discus compositum" is developed for the regeneration of the spine. The drug has detoxification properties. It consists of vitamins and minerals.

"strontium Carbonate" is preferable when the cervical osteochondrosis due to high blood pressure. To take medicine when the appearance of pain in the neck. Depending on the severity of pain based on a selected dilution of the drug.

Treatment of osteoarthritis with homeopathy has a right to exist. The efficiency of the method tested in practice, and the theoretical justification of the leave for the future.