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What ointment is best help in osteochondrosis of the cervical, lumbar and thoracic spine

Ointment osteochondrosis are appointed to relieve inflammation, improve blood flow and eliminate swelling of the soft tissues. Depending on the mechanism of action of drugs in osteoarthritis are divided into painkillers, anti-inflammatory, warming, topically irritating, homeopathic.

The Most famous of them – Bystrom, Fastum gel, finalgel, voltaren, Nise, diclofenac, Ketoprofen, capiscum, hondroksid, nikofleks. They all have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

ointment when degenerative disc disease

Effective and ointments on the basis of dimethyl sulfoxide and dexpantenol, characterized anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The most famous representatives of the group – nikoplex, capsicum and diclobene. They have irritating effects. It occurs increase local blood circulation.

Despite the fact that the application of these tools at once pronounced effect does not occur, long-term and continuous application of the ointment will certainly have a positive effect. Local drugs increase tissue repair, reduce inflammation and reduce chronic neck pain and lower back.

Heat ointments osteochondrosis increase local blood flow and eliminate swelling. They are used in combination with other drugs, injections and injections, which increases the effectiveness of treatment of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the lumbar and neck.

Homeopathic gels help to numb back and protect the intervertebral discs from further damage. Their advantage is that they improve the regeneration and metabolism of cartilage tissue. Typical representatives of the group are "traumel C", "Target T". They are well established in degenerative diseases of the vertebral column.

Another group of drugs are the means on the basis of snake and bee venoms with content of herbal extracts. They act in complex and enhance the effectiveness of other treatment methods.


ointment with cervical degenerative disc diseaseidentify the following ointment in osteochondrosis:

  • anti-inflammatory (Fastum gel, finalgel) – they contain analgesic and anesthetic ingredients;
  • warming (capsicum, nikoplex) – improve the local blood supply by improving heat transfer at the site of application;
  • integrated – have additional effects: regeneration, bio-stimulating, analgesic;
  • and annoying vasodilator (finalgon) – have a distracting effect that reduces pain sensation;
  • chondroprotective (hondroksid) – contain chondroitin sulfate, regenerating the cartilage tissue;
  • homeopathic medicine consists of natural ingredients that reduces pain and inflammation;
  • massage and manual ointments, consists of natural ingredients with the contents of Shilajit, bee wax, propolis and bee venom.

Choosing an effective drug from the above list should be based on clinical features of the disease.


Heat ointments osteochondrosis are appointed to improve local blood circulation, increase the regeneration properties of the skin and relaxation of superficial muscles. Their use raises the redness of the skin at the site of application, because the mechanism of action of these drugs is to enhance the speed of metabolism and local circulation.

To Use these drugs better in the neck injury, as in this area the most intensive blood supply of all the departments of the vertebral column. To increase the effectiveness of therapy should be wrapped neck with a woolen scarf.

Apply heat ointments better day, as they improve the tone of the nervous system. The effectiveness of the product is enhanced by the backdrop of worsening of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine. Due to the irritating heat ointments must be rubbed into the skin soft and smooth movements.

Popular warming ointments in osteochondrosis:

  1. capsicum;
  2. finalgon
  3. turpentine ointment
  4. nikoplex.

Apply the funds on her neck gently. With the appearance of severe redness, discontinue applying the medication, as this may cause severe allergic reaction.

anti-Inflammatory with an analgesic effect